Student Perspective: Body Worlds

Body Worlds
Opinion #1

By Andrew Y.

Have you ever been to the California Science Center? If you have, do you think that you have explored everything?  I guarantee that you haven’t, since they have recently put in a new exhibit called Body Worlds.

Body Worlds is an exhibit where people willingly give their bodies for people to visit and study them.

The process of getting the body ready for public viewing is called Plastination. First a pump to remove all the blood out of the body. Next, they cut the skin and fat from the body so most of the muscles are showing.

Third, they take the rest off the body by putting it in an acid called acetone, which  dissolves all the  fat and water that remains in the body.

Fourthly, they put the body in the way they want it to be set up with pins and needles. Lastly the body is hardened with heat, light, or gas. This whole process takes about 9-11 months, depending on the pose and body.

Even though this is a very interesting exhibit, what I have seen I can’t “unsee” and it was somewhat disturbing.  I recommend that kids in grades eight or higher should see this exhibit.

Why should only teenagers should go see this exhibit? You may be asking, well it exposes all of the body’s parts and in my opinion we should have be older and more mature to go see this exhibit.

It is a very good experience.  It not only shows the human body but also a baby’s body, a baby that wasn’t born and died in the mother’s stomach.
It is sad but also very interesting to see our body, and in one point in our life we all should go see this exhibit for ourselves.

Opinion #2

By Theodore N

Body Worlds is a exhibit that displays plastified real bodies in different poses. Many people have different opinions about how old you should be to enter this very wonderful exhibit. I personally recommend that you should at least be eleven years of age and be mature.

This exhibit travels around the world, and it comes to the California Science Center roughly every ten years.

I think that we at the age of 12-13 should be exposed to this exhibit, because teens and pre-teens should be mature enough to see an adult exhibit. We learned about all our body functions and body parts in the 5th grade, and watched the puberty video.

We have been exposed second hand to the matter of body parts, and now with this exhibit we can experience this first hand.

The exhibit also shows dead babies in different stages of life. If you would not like to see this room you can go around it. There’s usually a security guard warning you that there are dead babies inside. Also, there is a reproductive area which you have to be eighteen years or older to see.

These body donors have donated their bodies for science and educational use, so let’s make their dream come true and use their bodies for education.

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