Did You See The Super Blue Blood Moon?


By Luke C.

On Wednesday morning, a very rare Super Blue Blood moon appeared in the sky.  But what is this exactly?

This lunar trifecta is actually a combination of three different lunar phenomenons, the Super Moon, Blue Moon, and the Blood Moon.

The moon will first be a Supermoon, a phenomenon that makes the moon seem bigger than it really it is.  This is caused by the elliptical orbit of the moon around  the Earth, and this is when the moon is the closest to the Earth, causing its supposed increase in size.

Also, it will be a Blood moon, or a complete lunar eclipse.  This is a phenomenon where the earth eclipses the moon and makes the moon seem red, which explains the “blood” part of the phenomenon.

Finally, it will be a Blue Moon, or the second full moon of the month.  The first was on New Year’s day, making this month also special in the lunar watching community, as it starts and ends with a full moon.

So, to recap, people will see a huge red moon that is also the second full moon of this month.  This combination is very rare, as it requires the three different phenomenons to occur at the same time, and as all three phenomenons are relatively rare, the combination happens approximately every 150 years.  So the next Super Blue Blood moon will occur on the year 2168.

The moon appeared at 6:57 PST, or Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles, so you had to get up early to see it.  However, The West Coast was be one of the best places to see it, as the East Coast couldn’t see it for very long.

So, if you woke up early to see this spectacle, I hope you had a good time watching this lunar spectacle.  For those of you who didn’t you can always visit the NASA page or Youtube to find videos on the trifecta.  Happy lunar watching!

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