Fujii Makes A Difference

By Karina F.

Mr. Michael Fujii, as we all know, is an excellent math teacher. He teaches 6th and 7th grade math and is awesome at it! But besides his love for teaching, he loves many other things! Get to know him better, and learn what else he loves to do!

IMG_0128Fujii loves his family. They have always been a big part of his life and are very important to him. “We always get together and I am always comfortable around them,” said Fujii.

Fujii loves teaching, and is very good at it. He loves watching his students learn and grow. “I have built so many relationships with kids and I want to make a difference in kids lives and in the world,” said Fujii.

Music has also been a big component of Fuji’s life. “Even when I was little, I gravitated towards the TV where movies with songs in them where playing,” said Fujii. When he was younger, he played piano, then guitar, and lastly, he played drums.  

If you didn’t know, Fujii went to college at UCLA! So of course he loves UCLA! “I had a great experience there, and some really cool classes. I  grew up a lot there!” said Fujii.

Fujii loves his friends as well. If you know Fujii, he loves to laugh, and his friends sure make that possible! “I have really good friends, and we are always there for each other,” said Fujii.

Food, food, and food. Who doesn’t love food? Well Fujii loves food. Loves it. He likes to watch cooking shows which have made him want to try new foods. “Ever since I have gotten into food shows, I have wanted to try new foods, and experience new cultures,” said Fujii.

Fujii also enjoys watching sports. It is very entertaining to him. Fujii enjoyed playing sports such as soccer and basketball when he was younger. “Sports are what we do as a family,” said Fujii.

Fujii is such an amazing person and teacher. It’s really interesting learning about everything besides his teaching career. Next time you see him, say hi and get to know him!

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