Poetry Corner: Love Is Everything

By Amber K.

Even through the hardest times

Even in the rain

You can always find something to love

Something that’s worth the pain


Even when the darkness comes

Or when the night gets scary

There will always be someone

Who loves you and is caring


Love can be always be found

Anywhere in the world

Love can heal you, help you

Love is so profound


Love can be in the shape of anything

A person, rock, or a tree

It can change anyone

Even you and even me


Love can be the best medicine

The best advice, or song

Love can write a story

And can help when things go wrong


Tell someone something kind

Just a word or two

It won’t cost you anything

So start to be a better you!


Spread a little love

To everyone you see

It may change someone’s life

I will guarantee

hearts sun

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