Poetry Corner: True Love


By Jodi Y.


You think of the true meaning of love

The swaying feeling in your stomach

Like the currents in the ocean

The warm feeling in your body

Like the sun hitting your face

You feel like never letting go of that person

Never giving up on them

Even when times get hard

Above all the clouds

There is always the sun

There will always be a point

When the waves grow fierce

Just to bring you down and drown you

There will always be a point when the clouds stay longer

And feels like the sun may never come out again

A point when the sand turns cold

But in the end

The ocean will always be there for you

No matter the size of the storm

You can count on it to bring you happiness

Even on a cloudy day

This love is alive

Like the sand dollars

Beneath your feet

Find your true love

Happy Valentine’s Day

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