Student Perspective: Making Money As A Middle Schooler

Money 2

By Kristina J.

Have you ever been stuck in a pickle because you need to get a birthday gift for someone and you are out of money? That has happened several times to me, but I was able to make money by doing a few things around the house, a few things for the family, and even for my neighbors.

Chores aren’t the most fun thing to do, but it is worth it when you get something in return. One chore you can do to make some money is washing dishes. I know washing dishes isn’t very fun, but like I said before, it is worth it! Another thing you can do to help around the house is some yard work such as mowing the lawn, planting some new plants, or even just watering the lawn. The last chore suggestion is taking out the trash. Simple, yet hard work for your nose. Don’t worry, something that always helps me get through all my chores is listening to music!


Another way you can make some money is to walk dogs. If you have neighbors that have pets that need to get out, you offer to walk their dogs for a small price. You’ll be helping two people out, yourself by making some money and your helping your neighbor by walking their dogs, so they don’t have to do it. It is also kind of fun, you can listen to some music while you’re walking around the corner. 

The last way you make some money is to have a lemonade stand! I know it’s a cliche, but it is still fun! You can get a few friends to help you, a speaker for music, and some lemonade, then boom! There is your lemonade stand. You’re having fun with friends while making money. The only bad thing is that you will need to split the money you make, but it is still totally worth it!

I have done all of these before and it is totally worth it! Most of them are easy and fun with friends and music. I hope you found a way to make some money!

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