The Ultimate Guide To A Perfect Valentine’s Day

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By Karina F.

Valentine’s day is fun, but can be a struggle. Not knowing what to give, or what to do? Well, don’t fear, because this guide will give you some sweet ideas everyone will love!

A sweet way to spend time with your loved one’s is by planning a dinner to a nice restaurant, to show your love and have some quality time with that special someone. Take them out to eat their favorite food, and enjoy talking and spending time with them.

If you are looking for fun plans with the whole family, I recommend stopping at an ice cream shop, a Valentine’s Day gift exchange, or a fun amusement park! This is definitely an awesome way to spend time with family, and is fun for adults and kids!

If you are looking to surprise a special someone, consider the following list of ideas…




-Teddy Bear

-Sweet Poem

-Read a book you custom made for him/her

-Watch Netflix 

-Decorate Cupcakes

I hope these ideas can help make this Valentine’s Day super special! Make sure to tell your family how much you love and appreciate them. Spread the love this Valentine’s day!

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