Did you know…?

The Latest Hiss was created in 2001.  It was first designed using Pagemaker.  It then went to Indesign CS2.  Today, it is online.  If you are reading this, you are part of history in the making.  This is the first time Richardson Middle School has had a newspaper online.

In addition, should you happen to come across a QR (This is in the shape of a square and is done in black and white.  It looks a bit like a maze.) in a window at RMS, just use your smart phone to scan it.  (Shop Savvy is a good app for this use.)  This website will come up once the QR is scanned.

You may also come across a song title.  Click on it and you may listen to the song as you read.  Or, you may come across a video.  Click on the arrow and see us in action.

Welcome The Latest Hiss to 2016!  You’ve come a long way, baby!

School Principal

Ian Drummond

Assistant Principal

Katie Schenkelberg

Staff Photographers and Writers


Leslie Bezich

Technical Wizard

Rob Johnson

Newspaper Advisor

Leslie Bezich