Share Your School Spirit

Spirit Week

By Emily D.

Are you excited for Spirit Week next week? I know I am! Here’s the schedule so you can look forward to next week!

Monday is Meme Monday. Dress up as your favorite meme! Make sure it’s school appropriate!

Tuesday is Tropical Tuesday. Dress up like you just came back from Hawaii!

Wednesday is Wayback Wednesday. Dress up like you did in elementary school!

Thursday is Theme Thursday. Sixth Graders, dress up as a basketball player. Seventh Graders, you dress up as a football player.  Eighth Graders, you dress up as a baseball player or softball player.

Friday is Class Competition. There’ll be human Angry Birds. Watch out!

Get ready for Spirit Week! Get your outfits ready! Join in the fun and show your RMS school spirit!

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Part 2: Meet Some of the Journalism Staff


IMG_0712 (1)

                                                                Amber K.

By Harry K.

Amber K. How would you describe her… some would say “caring”, “a bookworm”, and most of all “kind”.  Those are only three of the many thousand of words that could describe Amber.  

Amber is an extremely interesting sixth grader.

If you were to see Amber during the weekend, it would most likely be at the mall.  

“The mall is fun, interesting, and cool, I go there to have a good time,” said Amber.  

If you see her there she will be shopping and hanging out with friends.  Amber´s favorite store at the mall is Forever 21.  For food she goes to Wetzel’s Pretzel. She likes to get the mini Cinnamon pretzel bites.

Amber also like lots of sports. She likes to play volleyball, and is on a volleyball team. She thinks it is fun and also thinks that it will build her confidence. Swimming is another one of her favorite sports. She goes to swimming lessons every Tuesdays and Thursdays. She likes to play tennis with her family during the weekends.

Although, Amber has a life outside of school, but Amber has one inside too.  

“My favorite books are Wonder and Out of My Mind.  I love them because English is super interesting.  Everyday I come to school, I come home with some new knowledge,” said Amber.

She also enjoys drawing and coloring. She especially like to draw fashion designs such as dresses, shirts, and pants.

Her dream college is UCLA.  Amber loves to have the sun shining and the sky blue. She likes to spend time at the beach and likes to swim at the pool with her best friends. She also enjoys taking cool and professional pictures anywhere she goes.  Amber is a true Californian.  

“The Los Angeles area can’t be beat by any other place,” said Amber.

Amber will be a positive influence in the world.  She hopes to see you around and be your friend.

IMG_0713 (3)

                                                                Emily D.

By Sarah S. 

Have you met 6th grader Emily D.? Let me tell you a little bit about her.

When Emily has free time she likes to listen to music.  She enjoys listening to “Holy Ground” by, Taylor Swift. Emily looks up to Taylor Swift.

“No matter what people think of her, she stays strong,” said Emily.

Emily’s favorite restaurant to go with her family is Truxstons. Her favorite thing to get there is Monkey Bread. She likes going to Truxtons because she gets to spend more time with her family.

Emily also loves camping with her family. They traditionally go camping near Yellowstone National Park. She likes it because she can explore all of the wildlife.

Emily’s favorite flower is a white rose. One of the reasons she likes it is because it is simple and beautiful. Speaking of beauty, another reason why she likes it is because it was the flower in “Beauty and the Beast”, which she enjoyed watching.

If Emily was going to get get clothes from one store forever it would be Kohls. She thinks their clothes are unique.

If you don’t already know, Emily got braces a few weeks ago. She loves how you can change the color of the bands.

Since she was five years old, Emily has wanted to get her ears pierced. Finally for her tenth birthday she got them pierced.

“I was worried at first but, once they did it, it only stung a little the rest of the day,” said Emily.

Now her earring collection has grown to about one hundred pairs. She loves picking out different ones for different occasions.

If you see Emily, start up a conversation with her.  You can start by complimenting her on her earring choice for the day.  


                                                              Mercy C.

By Katie S.

Have you ever met someone that once accidentally drove to Canada with her family while trying to get to Niagara Falls? This happened to Mercy C. in 2015.

You’ve probably seen Mercy walking around the RMS campus. You will also see her at the beach, playing tennis with her dad, swimming, and drawing- her future career choice would be an artist.

“I would like to become an artist in the future because I like how you can really express your feelings through something as simple as a paintbrush,” said Mercy.

Mercy has seven siblings- whose ages range from eight to thirty. She once drove across the country with some of her family, her mom and dad plus three of her brothers.

Some other things that Mercy is fond of is cats, science, the colors purple, blue, grey, waffles, maple trees, and the season autumn.

Her least favorite things on earth are bad fruit and bad weather.

If Mercy could describe herself in one word, it would be “artistic”. One word, though,  would not be enough to describe her exciting life.

Do you think you have anything in common with Mercy? If you ever see her here at Richardson she would love to tell you more about her hobbies and interests.

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Part 1: Meet Some of The Journalism Staff



                                                                  Sally M.

By Kristina J.

Have you meet eighth grader Sally M.? Sally is an eighth grade student whose favorite movie is “Deadpool”!

“I know it sounds weird that I think it is cool she likes “Deadpool”, but I have never meet a girl whose favorite movie is “Deadpool” said Sally.

 Sally would like to live in Florida.

“I would like to live in Florida, but after the hurricane is over with of course,” said Sally.

Sally considers herself awkward.“Well, I guess I would consider myself awkward,” said Sally.

One of Sally’s favorite clothing store is Hollister. She also likes wearing Nike shoes, eating ramen, drawing, and she prefers California Adventure over Disneyland.

“ I would prefer California Adventure over Disneyland for sure,” said Sally.

Even though Sally’s favorite movie is “Deadpool” doesn’t mean he is her favorite character. Her favorite character is actually “Howl” from Howl’s Moving Castle.

Sally would like to be a writer when grows up. She enjoys writing in journalism class and during her free time she likes to watch youtube.

An interesting fact about Sally is that “out of ALL my family in America, I am the only one that is under twenty years old!”

Can you believe that?! Whether you’re walking down the hall going to your next period or your walking to the blacktop for lunch and you see Sally, make sure you say “Hi”.



                                                            Harry K.

By Elliot L.

Harry K. calls himself the “new kid” because it’s his first year at Richardson and he’s in seventh grade.

He says, “Richardson is a great school.”

Even though it’s his first year he wishes that he were here for all three years.

Some of his favorite things are mashed potatoes, the brand Amazon, and the color is blue. When he was sharing his favorite time of year he said that his favorite season is winter because his birthday was is in it.  He also loves chocolate, one time when he was on a trip he bought a candy bar at every place he went to that had one.

During the weekend, Harry loves to read a good book. True to his name his favorite book  is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Although he loves this book, he made it very clear that he was not named after the book.

His favorite after school program is Model United Nations. MUN is a statewide program to teach middle schoolers how to speak in front of large groups and how world politics.

“I love MUN because I get to meet people from all around the state and make new friends,” said Harry.

If you are ever at a Model United Nations event, introduce yourself to Harry.

IMG_0710 (1)

                                                        Theodore N.

By Chloe H.

Do you know Seventh Grader Theodore N.?  He is twelve years old and his birthday is November eleventh, also known as Veteran’s day!

If you don’t know him yet, here are some interesting facts about him.

Theodore’s favorite subject is history with Mrs. Julie Yu. He loves history so much that he collects WWII  memorabilia. Theodore got them from his grandpa who served in WWII.

“I collect helmets, canteens, flags, and uniforms,” said Theodore.

Theodore’s favorite color is orange. He has played the piano for eight years and enjoys playing soccer and baseball.

Theodore had a dog and a fish. His fish’s name is Poppy that Theodore got from a festival. The beloved dog’s name is Tootsie and was found on the streets of Lynwood.

“We found her eating garbage,” said Theodore.

If he could be any animal, Theodore would be a jellyfish.

Like his parents, Theodore wants to be an orthopedic surgeon when he grows up.

One of Theodore’s hobbies is building model trains.

“I enjoy building lego model trains and real steel lionel trains,” said Theodore.

Theodore loves fried lobsters, Kitkats, and cheese pie. He unbelievably speaks Greek fluently. Theodore goes camping with the Boy Scouts every month.

Theodore has been to so many places. Greece, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, and Albania are just a few places he has been. He is surely going places!

Theodore is a really funny person so, if you ever see him be sure to say “hello”.



                                                       Elliot L.

By Amber Khe

Do you know someone who can be described as athletic, likes Kendrick Lamar, and their favorite TV show is Teen Titans Go?! Well I do! His name is Elliot L. He’s a very interesting person, so I’ll bet you want to hear more about him! Stay tuned to find out!

Sixth Grader Elliot L. is an athletic and sporty person. In fact, his favorite clothing store is Nike, and his favorite shoe is Nike also!

Speaking of sports, Elliot loves to play basketball and likes to shoot some hoops during his free time.

Because of his love for sports, his favorite movie is The Flash.

“I like it because the main character is fast and athletic,” said Elliot.

Elliot’s favorite actor is even Grant Gustin, the man playing the main character in The Flash.

A few other interesting facts of Elliot is that his favorite color is black, and he has a cat named Lucky, and a dog named Loba.

If you want to meet Elliot, check the basketball court, you’ll probably find him there. Say “hi” and maybe you can shoot some hoops with him. He might even be able to give you some pointers! I won’t be surprised if Elliot grows up to be a professional basketball player!

IMG_0698 (1)

                                                          Dillon M.

By Yewon K.

Have you met Seventh Grader Dillon M. yet? He is a talkative guy (so he says) guy with a friendly personality (if he likes you). Here’s a few facts about him.

Dillon’s favorite color is blue and his hobbies are playing basketball, tennis, and video games, and his favorite video game is Injustice 2.

“I enjoy playing sports and videogames with my friends because-I do,” said Dillon.

His favorite singer is Kendrick Lemar, and his favorite YouTube Channel is “Logan Paul Blogs.”

“I think he has good content,” said Dillon.

His greatest accomplishment is talking his parents into or as he says, “hacking the parental system” to give him fifty bucks a month as his allowance. FIFTY!

His version of a perfect world is being rich with tons of sports cars. He likes electronics more than reading by a little bit.

“I just want a world without problems-and a lot of sports cars!” said Dillon.


                                                           Genesis O.

By Ellie H.

Have you ever stolen anything from your family and gotten to know a president personally? I can tell you who has, Genesis O.! Who is she exactly? You might have seen her along the halls, walking a dog, drawing, playing golf, and hanging out with her best friend Sophia. F. These are just some of the hobbies she enjoys doing in her spare time.

She has goals and envisions her future, but the best thing she has over some in her life is taking care of her dog, Nelly, for a whole week by herself. You may all be wondering why, but she believes that it taught her how to be a more responsible person and now she can take care of her dog in the future.

Her love for dogs is undeniable and she would love to be a dog for a day. Genesis’s dog is a mini schnauzer and her undying love for her dog, inspires her to be a pet rescuer.

One moment that has impacted her life is when her brother left for the military. Not only does she miss him, she also has goals for herself this. She wants to get good grades this year and eventually go to college to meet new people.

Her biggest goal is to become successful in life and live with her family.

Genesis believes that she’s interesting and one word to describe her is weird.

Something to know about Genesis is she once stole her brother’s Beats and he never found out, she hopes he eventually doesn’t too! Shh!

Her favorite snack is Cheez-its with lime, which she enjoys snacking on, on the way to Mexico, her favorite place to visit. Speaking of Mexico, her fourth generation grandpa was actually the President of Mexico!

If you ever see Genesis around, start a conversation with her. Maybe she might tell you the amazing achievements of her grandpa.


IMG_0717 (1)

                                                          Alex P.

By Annabelle H.

Have you ever met Alex P. before? Well you have probably seen her with her signature red sweatshirt and short hair walking down the halls. If you haven’t, well here is a bunch of facts that will help you get to know her better.

Did you know that Alex’s role model is Squidward? She loves the fine tunes of his clarinet and his common love for art and his anger towards the world.

Her dream job is to be an author. I can imagine her writing the sweet tales of Squidward riding off into the sunset on Gary, leaving his lunch break from the Krusty Krab.

Alex has many dreams and accomplishments, but something she’s really proud of is, eating the entire giant bag of pirate’s booty.

Something she has been wanting to do, but hasn’t have the guts to is try dancing octopus. Which is a live octopus  served on a plate, eaten while its squirming.

Something she can’t live without is food. She especially loves mac and cheese.

Her favorite show to binge watch is SpongeBob Squarepants, whenever she has time, you know what she’ll be doing.

If Alex was described in one word, she would be described as “Fabulous” according to her best friends.

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Student Council Kids Perform at Behavior Assembly

By Ellie H.

Positive behavior is an important key factor in every school.

“What is positive behavior?” You may ask.

Well, positive behavior is an affirmative quality or attribute that can improve the general welfare community of a school. Some examples are helping each other with school work, complimenting each other on your way to class, and making sure we are being respectful to everyone.

Why is this so important? Positive behavior is a big part of school. It’s one of the reasons why our school community is so close and we all know each other. If we treat each other with respect, fairness, and be understanding, we will look forward to going to school more everyday.

Let’s think of positive behavior as a charm bracelet. For every positive interaction you have with your student body (saying hello, etc.) the whole school’s bracelet gains a charm. For every positive interaction there is on school, we’ll start gaining more charms.            

In the end, we’ll have a full charm bracelet. In other words, a better community at school, and a better environment to talk to new people and learn.

After all, aren’t full charm bracelets prettier than bracelets with nothing on them?

That’s why our school held the positive behavior assembly. This assembly was a collection of many skits, and the actors were students from our leadership team.

These four skits represented major lessons for positive behavior. They consisted of many morals such as don’t listen to peer pressure, be respectful, stop bullying, and to not cheat or plagiarize.

“We wanted to bring up major issues at school that we believed were wrong,” said Seventh Grader Alyssa C.

Other students felt their experience as students helped.

“Especially as students, we really can see what happens around the school and we just want to address them,” said  Eighth Grader Jenna G.

Positive behavior is really important to the leadership students.

“I hope our assembly really makes students second think themselves before they do something bad,” said Seventh Grader Carly F.

Other students agree.

“Positive behavior is important because we want everyone to be set up for success and the bad attitudes shouldn’t become a habit,” said Jenna G.

You heard it from the Leadership students! Hopefully, positivity can spread around our school as fast as a bullet! Remember to add onto the chain of positivity because the more there is, the better the whole school will be in the end.

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The Latest Hiss Slithers Back!

If you are reading this, you are making history!  Journalism has come back to Richardson Middle School.  We are a yearlong elective class that consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  

The journalism class is dedicated to the craft of writing, editing, Cartoon Snake Related Keywords & Suggestions - Cartoon ...photographing, filming, and documenting life at Richardson Middle School.  The Latest Hiss is written for students by students with the exception of a few guest writers.

Please enjoy reading through this online newspaper and if you have a suggestion for an article, please send it to Mrs. Leslie Bezich at  If you like to write and have written something for consideration in the paper, please send it along to the same email.

Are you a photographer?  If you have taken some interesting and fun photos, please send them in for consideration in the paper as well.  Please note that if a student’s picture is taken, it must be one of our RMS students, others don’t have permission to be used in the paper. 

Please check out this site often, as new posts will be made throughout each week.  Happy Reading!

IMG_0681 (1)

Look for upcoming articles about our fabulous Journalism Staff!  

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Looking Ahead: What’s on the Calendar?

September 26-Back to School Night

Parents:  Be sure to go on PowerSchool to get your student’s schedule.  You may also want your child to write out their schedule and draw a map as our room numbers have changed.  

Back to School



October 6-PTSA Membership Dance

Be sure to join the PTSA so you may attend this dance.  This will be the first dance of the year.  All grades are welcome!

October 9-Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be available online after 6PM.  Grades should be checked by parents and students regularly to avoid any surprises.  

October 9-10- Pupil Free Days

Teachers will be meeting.  


November 1- Quarter One Ends

Report Cards will be out the following week.  (Nov. 8th)

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Math Competition Club Welcomes All Students

Math Competition Club is back!  All students are welcome to come to Room 21 on Mondays from 3:00-4:00 to tackle challenging math problems and prepare for upcoming math contests.  There is no need to sign up, just come to Mr. Fujii’s room on Mondays.

*Taken from the RMS Daily Bulletin.

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Join the Richardson 2017-2018 PTSA!

PTA Membership Logo 2008/09

PTA Membership Logo 2008/09

The PTSA’s strength is in its membership!

Joining Richardson’s PTSA shows you support the work the PTSA does for our students and our school.  Membership gives YOU the right to vote on PTSA motions, and your card gives you great discounts at Staples, Legoland, California Academy of Sciences, Enterprise, and more.

(For more see California PTA website,

Becoming a member is easy!

Fill out the membership envelope (in the office) with your name and address.  Enclose cash or check made payable to Richardson Middle School PTSA.  Each membership is just $7.  Return your membership to the school office.


PTSA Membership Only Dance

Friday, October 6th, 3pm-5pm

RMS Cafeteria

*Student membership and permission slip are required to attend this dance*

Membership cards will be issued at the door for those who already joined and paid the membership fee.


Questions?  Contact:

Eileen Hong –

VP Membership

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Out With The Old, In With The New

Above, you will find the newest Latest Hiss posts.

Image result for up and down arrows


Below, you will find the older Latest Hiss posts.

Happy Reading!

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8th Grade Students Honored

Eighth grade students were honored on Wednesday, June 22.  Awards were given in several categories which included,  Most Improved, Outstanding Student, and Honor Roll.  Congratulations 8th Graders!

IMG_1287 IMG_1292 IMG_1297


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Locker Clean-up Days: Wednesday Through Friday

All students are to clean out their lockers this week.  Be sure to throw away papers, return books to proper places, and take home anything you want to keep.  Thank you for taking care of your belongings properly.

Locker Clean out

8th Graders- Wednesday

7th Graders -Thursday

6th Graders- Friday

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8th Grade Activities Coming Soon

Attention All 8th Graders

The following is the list of events that will be held the last week of school in honor of your promotion to high school.   We are so proud of all of  you that have worked so hard at RMS!

Tuesday-6/21- 8th Grade Picnic  12-2


Wednesday-6/22 8th Grade Awards (Attendance by invitation only)  1-2 PM


                                  Promotion Rehearsal @RMS  8-10AM

Thursday-6/23    Promotion Rehearsal @ South High  10-12


                        Early Dismissal- 12-1  (Depending on how the rehearsal goes)

                        Promotion Ceremony  6-7PM @ South High


                        Promotion Dance  8-11 PM  (Place to be announced)

grad dance




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RMS Students Zoom Into First Place

rocket carsWe would like to congratulate the winners of the All Middle School Race and STEM Night at Hull Middle School last Friday.  Of all the students in the five middle schools that participated, three Richardson students built the fastest rocket cars: 1st place: Matthew J., 2nd place: Andrew S. and 3rd place: Brennan L.  Congratulations to all who participated – it was a great time, and we’ll do it again next year!

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Words of Inspiration


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Student Perspective: Words Make A Difference

“You Look Weird”

This is the story of how I learned how I’d live my life. It was a sunny day, towards the end of my seventh grade year. A boy told me something- he told me I looked weird.

Up until that point, I had had a friend. This friend was constantly making subtle remarks about how I was a “twig” or “lacked curves” or my personal favorite- I was an “anti-social dork” who “needed a life.” Now I’m not denying that all this isn’t true. In fact, I believe in every word.

I am a twig. I am a lanky, tall, scrawny person. Fact.

I do lack curves. I’m a middle schooler for goodness sakes, is this SO abnormal?

I am anti-social. I prefer a good book, or perhaps taking my time studying.

I am a dork. I like anime and I love to read and write- I can’t see why this is an insult.

I do need a life. Otherwise I’d be dead.

The insults never really got to me (probably because I’m normally a horribly apathetic person), however the malice in my so-called-friends voice did. I felt as if I had somehow caused my friend to hate me! However, “logical me” quickly told “hormonal me” to shut up. I knew that my friend was in the wrong, but I began to look at myself differently. Was what my friend saw truly what others thought about me? A twig-like, anti-social… dork?

Back to the boy who told me I looked weird. Now you may be thinking he was being mean, or was further wounding my self esteem- but you’d be completely wrong. This boy was one I wouldn’t consider a friend or foe. My feelings towards him… I was indifferent. He was just another kid to me, and still is.

That day I dressed in a different way than I usually had. I was the kid who simply hated fitted clothes, who got cold easily, and prefered to be comfortable. I dressed in a simple anime related t-shirt, baggy pants, and a two-sizes-too-big pullover sweatshirt. That was what I was comfortable in. I liked it. I hated anything that hugged my body. It was just uncomfortable for me!

That day I wore a fitted, thin sweater over an elastic tank-top, along with black leggings. Yuck. I got many compliments on my top. In all honesty, it kind of hurt how pretending to be someone I’m not earned others approval! Every compliment caused a pang of dread to echo throughout my chest. It was like who I truly was… was being insulted!

During one of my classes, while my friend was complimenting me on my shirt, the boy was opening windows. You know, using that giant wooden stick thing? He stood behind my friend and I, I suppose he couldn’t help but eavesdrop. He turned and looked at my fidgety, uncomfortable self and told me “You look weird… Not in a good way.” Then walked away.

At first, I thought it was too good to be true. The boy had never once even mentioned my appearance. I smirked slightly to myself, suddenly feeling like I wasn’t the only one to think the clothing change simply wasn’t right! It wasn’t me! I was trying to be someone I wasn’t, a slave to society.

That day I decided I’d live my life as me.

That I’d live being myself.

All because of a boy who told me I looked weird.

Editors’ Note:  The above was written by a seventh grade student.  We are all reminded that our words make a difference.  Choose yours wisely and be respectful to one another.

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8th Graders Beat Teachers 6-3

On May 27th, at lunch, the winners of the noon league Kickball Tournament, the 8th Graders, played the Teachers in a game of Kickball.

“Quick shout-out to all our Kickballers today—players and supporters!  The kids were having a lot of fun, so THANK YOU all for coming out!  Final score was 6-3, but we had a solid showing out there–some dynamite outfielding by Joelle Conner, a couple rough-and-tumble runs by Waynesford Sheu, and strong skills at first base by Jeff Oden,” said Mrs. Ryan Beck. “We’ll get ’em next year!  :)”

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Spirit Week: June 1-4

Monday-  Memorial Day, No School

Tuesday-Pj Days

Wednesday-Fan Day  (Dress in clothes of things/people of which you are a fan.)

Thursday-Why is that in my closet?  (Wear something that you have in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time.)

crazy hair

Friday-Crazy Hair Day and Luau

Luau will be held from 3-4:30. This will be the last dance of the year.  Come join us!

Tickets are $2 presale and $3 at the door.



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South High Announcement: Colorguards


Interested in joining South High Colorguard?  Auditions and workshops will be held on May 23-May 27th, from 3:30-5:30 pm, in the South High Cafeteria.  If you are interested, please join us at the info meeting to learn more.  Parent information meeting on Thursday, May 26th at 5:30 pm.

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Registration Begins for Torrance Flag Football


Torrance 2016 Flag Football:  Resident registration begins June 7.  Non- resident registration begins June 14 and ends September 6.  Teams will be formed by grade and school.  For more information get a flyer from the office or your PE teacher.

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Q3 Students Honored

6th Graders



7th Graders




8th Graders


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Attention 8th Graders: Graduation Speech Tryouts

Attention 8th graders interested in giving a speech at the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony: come to the audition on Monday, May 23rd, at lunch in Room 17 (Mrs. Yu’s room).  Bring 2 typed copies of your speech and your lunch.  You cannot have earned lower than a 2.0 GPA and no N’s or U’s.

3d human give a lecture behind a podium

3d human give a lecture behind a podium

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Attention 8th Graders: South High School Activities


South Summer Athletics Registration tomorrow May 18 and Thursday from 5:30-6:30 in Room F-4.  This is an opportunity for you to register for the summer program and ask any specific question.


South High Intermediate Dance Auditions May 24th from 3:30-6:00 pm in SHS small gym.  Learn audition material for the Intermediate Audition.

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RMS Runners Up In Trash Free Lunch Challenge

On May 11, Grades of Green came to lunch to award RMS with a check for $750 for being one of the runners up in the Trash Free Lunch Challenge.

Congratulations to the Environmental Club and Ms. Mandy Mason.  Thank you to all of the students and teachers who did their part to help win this award.

IMG_0510 (2)

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Peak Inside The Classroom: 2016 Presidential Caucus

Students in Ms. Stephanie Markovich’s, Ms. Sara Pearlman’s, and Ms. Stacia Arnold’s English/Language Arts classes worked on a special project.

“For several weeks, students worked on a unit centered around the current presidential primaries. Our students have been learning about the candidates, the issues they stand for, and the process of becoming an informed voter, ” said Ms. Arnold.


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Girls in Engineering Make Fish Tails


Under the direction of Ms. Edithza Mesta and Ms. Lisa Case, girls were taught how to make leg and tail prosthetics for animals.



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Summer Reading Lists Are Out

summer reading

Torrance Unified School District asks that students read a book over the summer.  Here is the suggested list.  ELA teachers may have students write about their selection in the Fall.

Incoming Sixth Grade Reading List

  • The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick (visual media)
  • The Young Man and the Sea by Rodman Philbrick (realistic fiction)
  • The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (mythological fiction series)
  • Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos (Newbery Medal Winner 2012)
  • Harris and Me: A Summer Remembered by Gary Paulsen (historical fiction)
  • I Lived on Butterfly Hill by Marjorie Agosin (historical fiction)
  • Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty (mystery)
  • The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford (classic)
  • Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass
  • The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam by Quang Huynh (autobiography)
  • Parrots Over Puerto Rico by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore
  • The Longitude Prize by Joan Dash (non-fiction)
  • The Pinballs by Betsy Byars (realistic fiction)
  • Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline Cooney (fiction)
  • The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks by Katherine Paterson (folktale)
  • 13 Gifts by Wendy Moss (humorous fiction)
  • Books of your choice!

These books have been recommended by the School Library Journal. You can read their reviews and those by the American Library Association on Most books or authors published before 2004 can also be found on the California Department of Education site Recommended Literature for Kindergarten Through Grade 12— For titles of 2014 award winning children’s books, see the American Library Association website- Awards and Grants,

Incoming 7th Grade Reading List

  • Elijah Of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis, 2008 Newbery Honor Book
  • The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child by Francisco Jimenez (autobiography)
  • Dogs on Duty: Soldiers Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond by Dorothy H. Patent (nonfiction)
  • Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool (realistic fiction)
  • Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson
  • Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff by Jennifer Holm (fiction)
  • Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
  • Chained by Lynne Kelly
  • My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulson(autobiographical)
  • Revolution is Not a Dinner Party by Ying Chang Compestine (historical fiction)
  • 10 Plants That Shook The World by Gillian Richardson (science)
  • The Skin I’m In by Sharon G. Flake (realistic fiction)
  • Last Shot: Final Four Mystery by John Feinstein (realistic fiction)
  • The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Deedy (fantasy)
  • Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman
  • Books of your choice!

These books have been recommended by the School Library Journal. You can read their reviews and those by the American Library Association on Most books or authors published before 2004 can also be found on the California Department of Education site Recommended Literature for Kindergarten Through Grade 12— For titles of 2014 award winning children’s books, see the American Library Association website- Awards and Grants,

Incoming 8th Grade Reading List

  • Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different by Karen Blumenthal (non-fiction)
  • Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson (historical thriller)
  • Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson (historical thriller)
  • Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (science fiction)
  • Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin (fiction)
  • The Prophecy Keepers by Melanie Bryant (fantasy)
  • Phantoms In the Snow by Kathleen Duble (historical fiction)
  • Cinder: Book One of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
  • Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata (historical fiction)
  • Lincoln’s Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin (historical thriller)
  • The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and The Struggle for Equal Rights by Russell Freedman (non-fiction)
  • So B. It by Sarah Weeks (realistic fiction)
  • The Black Pearl by Scott O’Dell (historical fiction)
  • Son by Lois Lowry (companion to The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger)
  • The Great Wide Sea by M. H. Herlong
  • Books of you choice!

These books have been recommended by the School Library Journal. You can read their reviews and those by the American Library Association on Most books or authors published before 2004 can also be found on the California Department of Education site Recommended Literature for Kindergarten Through Grade 12— For titles of 2014 award winning children’s books, see the American Library Association website- Awards and Grants,



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Leadership Raffles Off Big Bill’s Bicycle

The Leadership Class will be selling raffle tickets for a custom-made bicycle generously donated by Big Bill.  The proceeds of the raffle will go toward the Leadership Class, as well as two



local organizations that support children.  Ticket prices are: 1 ticket for $3, 2 tickets for $5, and 10 tickets for $20.  Ticket sales will end on Friday, May 13, and the winning ticket will be drawn by Big Bill!

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Earth Day To Be Celebrated On April 22nd


Earth Day will be celebrated on the RMS campus, on Friday, April 22nd.  Come out to the field at lunch to learn all of the buzz about bees.  Everyone is welcome!

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Attention Parents of Incoming 5th Graders: Parent Night To Be Held

fam news

5th Grade Parent Night is next week, Tuesday, 4/26 at 6PM in the RMS Cafe.  Come and hear all about what RMS has to offer your students.

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Attention 8th Graders: SHS Drill Team Tryouts To Be Held

South High Drill Team Tryouts info meeting: Tuesday, April 26th @ 3:30 in Y-3 and Parent Meeting @ 6:30 pm in Y-3.


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Singers Wanted

Attention 8th graders: do you have a great voice?  If so, come and audition to be the singer of the National Anthem at Promotion Night.  You will sing acapella.  Bring your lunch to Mrs. Yu’s
Room 17 on Monday, May 2nd and be the next Richardson Idol?


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Open House Scheduled

Open House will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd.  It runs from  6:00PM-7:30PM.  Students and parents are free to walk through classrooms.  Food trucks will be here for dinner.  Please join us to see what students have accomplished this year!

open house

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Attention 8th Graders: SHS Cheerleading Tryouts

Eighth Graders, come join South High’s award winning Cheerleading Team.  Informational meeting today at 6:30 in the South High library Monday, April 18 in the upper gym.  2016-2017 tryout rehearsals April 18-21 in the South High upper gym 3:30-5:30 pm.  Evaluations April 22 at 3:30.  Call backs will be at 8:00 pm.  Go Spartans!

cheerleader cartoon

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Words Of Inspiration


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Attention 8th Graders: Bluegrass To Be Held On Friday


8th Graders:  Learn all about high school life at South High School.

Bluegrass will be held on Friday, April 15th.  This is open for all 8th Graders.  Students will meet at the end of third period and will be escorted over the bridge to South High School. Clubs will have booths to pass out information about high school life and sell food to those in attendance.  Students will need to bring money to buy food.  Have fun, 8th Graders!

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Rattlesnakes in the Library: Book Review-I Will Always Write Back

I Will Always Book Cover

Book Reviewed: I Will Always Write Back

By Caitlin Alfirenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch

Review By Richardson MS Student, Katie C.

Have you ever thought you would make someone’s dreams come true? Not small ones, like winning first place in a science fair, but actually helping that person attend college, a dream that that someone never imagined doing? It happened to two best friends who didn’t ever see each other for six years. But through hard work and determination, their goal was reached. It was to make each other happy and to meet each other with their dreams reached. Truly, they both changed both of their lives forever.

It all started out with one letter. One letter that a boy in Zimbabwe, Africa was lucky to receive. One letter that a girl in America sent, unknowing that this would be much more than a classroom assignment. Unknowing, that she would help one poor boy and his family who lived in a place where no one cared. Unknowing, that she would save many lives. That she would build a tight friendship, that she would end up calling him her brother. But she did not know all of this. She imagined he lived like her, a boy living in a two story house with a three car garage and a closet full of clothes.

In truth, he lived in a shack, didn’t have a car, and only one pair of clothes. So she was surprised and rather confused when she received a letter from him which told her the Nike shirt that she gave him or his birthday “greatly increased my wardrobe”. Caitlin felt she must know more of this boy and especially what he looked like. So she sent him a letter with a few photos of herself telling him that she wanted some pictures of him too. Little did she know that he only had one picture of himself, and that he was very embarrassed to show that he was poor. Later on when she gave him a dollar for a keepsake, she asked for his Zimbabwean dollar and more photos of him. Frantic, Martin gave her a cheetah print bracelet to keep her happy until he could figure out a way to take more photos of him and for the dollar?

It was worth twenty-five Zimbabwean dollars. Instead of a keepsake, he ended up using it to keep his family alive. Questions piled on top of Martin every time Caitlin sent him a letter: How am I going to take pictures? How am I going to explain that I can’t because I barely even have money to write her a letter? How am I going to tell her that I got expelled from school due to family finances? How am I supposed to explain that I’m not only poor, I’m nearly homeless? Finally, how will you think of me then?

When Caitlin wrote to Martin three times and he hadn’t answered, she got nervous. Martin felt her anxiety, because the next time he sent her a letter, he wrote on a ice cream wrapper because he had no money for paper. His words finally let Caitlin truly know his life: that he was pouring tea and carrying luggage to feed his family, and that he couldn’t go to school because he couldn’t pay his fees. Caitlin was heartbroken that someone couldn’t go to school even if they so desired. Caitlin immediately took action by sending packages of clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, and much more. Learning about Martin made Caitlin feel much more ashamed of the way she treated poor people at her school.

Want to know what happens?  Read this book to find out more about the strong bond that brought them together.  This is a nonfiction story.  That means it is true.

Editor’s Note:  Have you recently read a book that you would like to recommend to others? Please write a book review and email it to Mrs. Bezich at  Be sure to include your name and don’t give away the ending.  We don’t want any spoilers.  Happy Reading!  

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Contest Winners’ Essays: How Did Mr. Drummond Break His Arm?

Snoopy Writing

The following are the winning essays from the writing contest held in March.  Thank you to all who participated. Our next contest will be poetry.  Watch for it coming soon.

Broken Arm

By Bailey K. I.

Mr. Drummond made his last goodnight to Richardson and left in his car home. After dinner with his family, Drummond went into a deep sleep. Suddenly, he felt a cold breeze on his face and heard a loud humming noise. He was lying on the ground, not a person in sight, with wounds dotted on his skin. Weirdest of all, he was dressed in a teal bodysuit with a black cape, on the front were the words “Rattlesnake Man”.

“Nice to see you again Drummond,” said a mysterious voice.

Drummond got off the ground.  The mysterious voice came from his worst ally, Mr. Mosley, principal of Calle Mayor.

“What are you doing here Mosley?” said Drummond.

“I am not Mosley, I am Bulldog Man!” he yelled while punching the air with one arm. “Now it is revenge time!”

Drummond and Mosley were good friends until the Calle vs Richardson Basketball game. Mosley shot up in the sky with his long red cape and let out a giant bark. Drummond fell back to the ground and covered his ears. Around Drummond’s arms were buttons.  He touched the biggest button and aimed at Mr. Mosley. Rattlesnakes shot out and wrapped around Mosley’s arms and legs.

“You got me now but let’s see about this,” Mosley said.

Mosley let out the loudest bark and the rattlesnakes came zooming back into Drummond’s arms without a warning. All the sudden weight on Drummond’s arms made him fall to the ground, he slowly closed his eyes and passed out.

“Hello,” a lady in a nurse’s outfit said.

“Oh, it was just a dream,” Drummond said.

He looked down and saw a white cast on his arm and a teal bodysuit with a black cape, on the front of the suit were the words “Rattlesnake Man”.


How did Mr. Drummond Break his Arm?

By Cait C.

Once upon a time… there was a team of spies who wore the color of burgundy. They were the Burgundy Spies. Their names were Magellan (AKA Mr. Drummond) and Columbus and they traveled all around the world in search of crimes when one day, they found one.

“Magellan, we have an emergency. The princess unicorn fairies were flying up the rainbow into LaLa Rainbow World when the snorting pig dragons took their corn on the cob,” Columbus announced.

“Well Columbus, you know what to do. Meet me at Popsicle Forest so then we can enter the Rainbow Portal to LaLa Rainbow World,” Magellan stated.

“Will do Magellan!”

Columbus and Magellan had safely traveled to the Popsicle Forest and had began to climb up the same rainbow that the princess unicorn fairies had flew up when they had been robbed.

“We are in the clear! Two minutes until we reach LaLa Rainbow World!” Columbus  announced proudly.

The Burgundy Spies strutted on up the rainbow. Little did they know that they were about to be greeted by the mean snorting pig dragons.

“Oh no! Not the snorting pig dragons!”

The dragons marched right up to the spies and pushed them off of the rainbow. Columbus had landed on a cotton candy cloud, but Magellan had landed on the pop rocks. He did survive, luckily, but he sadly broke his arm.


Bionic Humans

By Lisa L.

Beep! Beep! I groaned as I struggled out of bed for another mission. I grabbed a handful of protein pellets and munched on them while I read the mission alert. I reluctantly let Shelley know I wouldn’t be at school. Bionic robots were attaching our space colony. I brought my exoskeleton, a robot that fights at my command and boarded 17-BI. I plopped on my seat and hit the flight button.

Shooo… My ship whispered as we landed on Gieitia. It is located in a dome in which oxygen is recycled. My first move was to evacuate everyone immediately with Exo.

¨Hey. Who are you? You are bionic. Must. Be. Eliminated.”

¨Uh oh,¨ I thought. I managed to duck as the first laser was fired.

¨Exo! Quick.  Lung capacity.  Breathe!¨

Instead of attacking the robots, he blew towards me. I yelled as I activated my force field. I guessed that they had an override app in their bionic chip. I was outnumbered.

Then I had an idea. As much as it pained me, it was necessary. I slowly pressed the trigger in my mission suit and Exo exploded. When I first made Exo, I installed a self-destructor in case people steal Exo for reasons other than helping people.

The robots were furious and attacked me. They hit a chandelier that fell on my arm. I screamed in pain, and used molecular kinesis to lift it up. I dragged my crippled arm and hurried into a secret lab. I added another bionic ability to my bionic chip: override app.

I ran over to where the robots were looking for me and made them destroy each other. Then I returned home, treated my arm (I had to get a cast), and went back to being Principal Ian, not Bionic Superhero Ian.


The Magic Mirror

By Victoria B.

In a land, very far from here, a man named Mr. Drummond lived in an isolated, small cottage.  He raised sheep for a living.  For each one of his sheep, he got paid twelve cents.

One day Mr. Drummond decided to take a walk down a trail he lived near.  Around three minutes into the walk, he spotted himself.  He thought it was some sort of long lost twin, but he realized that it was a mirror he was looking into just in front of him.  It wasn’t any ordinary mirror.  It was the most beautiful mirror anyone could ever imagine.  It had a gold frame and diamonds scattered throughout the glass.  

As he was admiring the mirror, he touched the glass, and his hand disappeared.  It was like his hand was never there.  He stepped into the glass, and that was it.  He was gone.  

He closed his eyes, frightened.  Seconds later he opened them.  He recognized the place where he was transported.   Wonderland.  

As a kid, he remembered hearing stories about Wonderland, but he never would have thought it ever existed.  He started to walk.  As he did so, he heard someone behind him.  He started to run.  Run for his life.  

He tripped over a small white rabbit.  When he felt a card shape man stab him with a spade staff until he blacked out.  

When he gained consciousness, he saw a queen.  The Queen of Hearts.   She demanded, “Cut through half of the bone in his arm.  He should be lucky I’m sparing him, and send him back to his world!”

Her servants did just that.  He woke up in his bed, not knowing of the adventure he just took part in, and he lived happily ever after…except for his broken arm.    


Mr. Drummond’s Mythical Mischief

By Amanda M.

One sunny day, Mr. Drummond was riding on a unicorn. He didn’t see where the unicorn was running to, and he fell into a cheesecake time machine.

“AHH!!!” Mr. Drummond said scaredly.

The unicorn finally landed on top of a giant doughnut. He looked at a tall billboard sign.

“Unicornlandia Cheesecake Factory?” Mr. Drummond said surprised.

“Yes,” said the unicorn on which Mr. Drummond was riding.

Mr. Drummond was about to faint because he was very confused. Then, him and the unicorn flew into the factory. As they entered, the automatic-graham cracker doors, Mr. Drummond saw his favorite type of cheesecake.

“Is that a Double-Marshmallow Creamilicious with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle cheesecake?” asked Mr. Drummond excitedly.

“Yes, how did you know?” said one of the unicorn cheesecake factory workers.

“Well, if I can smell it, I can find it!” Mr. Drummond said very happily.

The unicorn majestically sprinted towards the delightful cheesecake, as Mr. Drummond was barely holding on.

“YEE-HAA!” said Mr. Drummond.

Suddenly, the unicorn tripped over a large cherry, and mr. Drummond flew off the unicorn.

“Ouch! My arm!” said Mr. Drummond, in pain.

The unicorn police rushed over, and wrapped Mr. Drummond’s arm in bright pink wrap.

“Sorry, this was the only wrap we could find,” said the unicorn police.

“It’s ok,” said Mr. Drummond.

After Mr. Drummond was taken to the Unicornlandia hospital. There, he was getting treated. One of the unicorn doctors said that Mr. Drummond had a broken arm.

“Aw man,”  Mr. Drummond replied sadly.

With that news, Mr. Drummond received a Double-Marshmallow Creamilicious with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle cheesecake slice. One of the unicorns carefully took Mr. Drummond back to the cheesecake time machine and Mr. Drummond went home.


Unicorn Magic

By Megan Y.

After breakfast Mr. Drummond and his three lovely children went outside to have some fun. Rose was practicing ballet. Caleb was jumping around and acting like a ninja. Jenna was obviously pretending to be a superhero.

That’s when it all happened… Jenna accidentally slipped and smacked Mr. Drummond and he fell to the ground. Then all of a sudden, POOF! Sparkles were everywhere. In all those sparkles a rainbow unicorn popped out of nowhere.

“Ouch!” Mr. Drummond shouted in pain.

“Hello! Nice to meet you. I am Marlanda the Unicorn doctor. It seems as if you are in  pain,” said the rainbow unicorn in a very sweet voice.

“Dad! That’s the tooth fairy!” squealed Rose in excitement.

“Excuse me, but may I ask why you are here?” Mr. Drummond asked.

“I am Marlanda, a doctor, and I came to get the pain out of your body,” she replied cheerfully. Mr. Drummond didn’t know what to do, should he really trust a unicorn as a doctor? But his arm felt really numb and he couldn’t resist the pain.

“All you need to do is lay down right here and I will sprinkle the dust on you,” she said. Mr. Drummond did as he was told. His children was just standing there in confusion. As soon as he layed down Marlanda sprinkled the magic dust on his body.

“I don’t  think the pain is going away, in fact, I think the pain is getting worse,” Mr. Drummond said with fear.

“Impossible! Wait, uh… I think I accidentally sprinkled the wrong dust!” the unicorn replied.

“What! I knew that I shouldn’t have trusted you,” he said with anger in his voice.

“Sorry,” she said. Just like that, she disappeared, and now Mr. Drummond was stuck with a broken arm.


Mr.Drummond And The Game

By Aidan A.

This is how the greatest hockey game ever played happened. Ian Drummond, the star player of the L.A. Kings, was running late to the final game of the season. It was the Kings against the Ducks. This game wasn’t going to be like any ordinary hockey game, it was going to be played in the sky. The only way to get to the floating stadium was by plane. All of the players were already the waiting for their star player to arrive. Unfortunately, Mr. Drummond was stuck on a plane and was really late because of air traffic.

When Mr. Drummond finally arrived he was greeted by his coach who rushed and said, “Where were you?  You are thirty minutes late.”

He was especially grumpy and when Mr. Drummond tried to explain, his coach rushed him to the locker room to get ready. Once Mr. Drummond was done getting into uniform, the team skated out onto the rink and the game started. Once they dropped the puck, Mr. Drummond smacked it towards a teammate that shouted, “Pass”.

Unfortunately, an enemy player came up and stole the puck. The Ducks skated down the ice and shot it into the goal.

A teammate came up and said, “That was fast.”

The rest of the game,  they trailed the Ducks by two to three points. Eventually, it got tied with forty seconds left. The Ducks had the puck and moved in for a shot. Mr. Drummond then crossed in front and stole it. He moved up the rink with a pursuer behind and lined up for a final shot. Mr. Drummond smacked the puck and scored. Unfortunately, Mr. Drummond lost balanced and broke his arm on the ice. Mr. Drummond sacrificed his arm for the win!

Did you know…?  Mr. Drummond really hurt his shoulder at a Kings Game because he tripped over something at the Staples Center.  He was wearing a sling, but seldom needs to wear it now.  He is on the mend.  We believe the essays students wrote helped the healing process by brightening his spirits.  Thank you.  🙂

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Peak Inside The Classroom: Kissner’s Class Makes Rockets Out Of Water Bottles


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Student Council Behind The Scenes


Did you know… that Student Council members are responsible for creating, setting, up and taking down pep rallies, dances, college days, and spirit weeks among other things?  These students, along with their teacher/sponsor, Mr. Michael Fujii, make school fun.  Thank you for all you do, Student Council and Mr. Fujii!  

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RMS Makes It To Finals In Trash Free Lunch Challenge

Congratulations to Richardson MS students and teachers for being named as finalists in this year’s Trash Free Lunch Challenge!  Great job to Mandy Mason for leading this charge on campus! 


The following letter came from the Trash Free Challenge team.

Dear Trash Free Lunch Challenge Participants,

Thank you to each of you for taking part in this year’s Trash Free Lunch Challenge! It was such a joy for our team to read the final applications that came in and learn more about your programs and accomplishments. Each school really embraced this program and customized it to their campus, and we are so proud of you!

After reading the submitted applications, it is clear that all of the schools who participated in this challenge truly exceeded our expectations. It was no easy task selecting the top schools.

After careful selection, we are proud to announce the 6 finalists!

Elementary School category (in no particular order): Jackson STEM, Collegewood, and Will Rogers Learning Community (Santa Monica)

Middle/High School category (in no particular order): Will Rogers (Long Beach), Richardson, and La Merced

Congratulations finalists! I will follow up with each of you individually to discuss the logistics of judging day.

Each school was a rock star in their own way, and in reading the applications, we would like to award the following recognitions:

Bud Carson MS: Green Leaders of Tomorrow Award

Furgeson ES: Most Inspirational Program Award

Holy Innocents K-8: Best Community Involvement Award

Jefferson ES: Greenest Cafeteria Award

Phelan ES: Best Green Team Award

Portola Hills ES: Best Sorting Station Award

Vejar ES: Best Student Led Education Award

Willard IB ES: Best Composting Program Award

William Green ES: Best Education Video Award

Congratulations to these schools! Your Program Manager will be following up to schedule a time to visit your school to present you with your award, as well as your Trash Tracker White Board.

This program would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors. We thank the following:  Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, City of Santa Monica, Lush Cosmetics, Northrop Gruman, Chevron, Ukonserve, County of LA, Go Green Lunch Boxes, Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, Legend Socks, Terracycle, Bubi Bottles, Eco Lunchbox, and Deckopedia.  The Challenge would not be possible and so successful without their support and contributions!

From the bottom of our hearts at Grades of Green, we would like to thank all of the schools who participated this year. You are all winners in our eyes as you are now environmental leaders in your communities and an inspiration to other schools around you. Keep up the amazing work, we look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future!

Warm Regards,

Robyn, Allie, Nicole, Anjuli, Cathy and the entire TFLC team

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Mr. Drummond Wears Kilt To School


Mr. Drummond promised to wear his kilt to school and speak in a Scottish accent if our students raised $8,000 through our Rattlesnake Challenge.  Students raised the money and Mr. Drummond wore the kilt!  Thanks, again, to all who participated.

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Congratulations To The “How Did Mr. Drummond Break His Arm?” Contest Winners

IMG_1231 (1)

The “How did Mr. Drummond break his arm?” writing contest was held two weeks ago.  153 entries were collected and six people won!  The top winner was Bailey K. whose essay was read over the public announcements speaker for all to hear.

Other winners included: Aidan A., Victoria B., Amanda M., Lisa L., Cait C., and Megan Y.  Students were treated to lunch with Principal Drummond and their essays will appear on this website soon.

The real story behind Mr. Drummond’s cast is that he was at a Kings Hockey Game and he tripped over something landing on his left shoulder.  He now wears a sling and hopes to heal in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to all who participated in the writing contest.

Our next writing competition will be a poetry contest to be held in the middle of April for Poetry Month.  We hope all of you will participate.  Listen for details in upcoming bulletin announcements and on this website.

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Rattlesnake Field Day: Thanks To All Of Those Who Participated


Photos taken by Stephen B. and  Ashley E.

Our Rattlesnake Challenge was a huge success and we hope you enjoyed Field Day! Additionally, with your help we were able to meet our school-wide fundraising goal of $8,000…which means that Principal Drummond will be wearing a traditional kilt* and speaking in a Scottish accent all day this Friday! Way to go, Rattlesnakes!!

kilt*Kilt- any short, pleated skirt, especially a tartan wraparound, as that worn by men in the Scottish Highlands. (For more information, click on the following  link.) 

Where is Scotland?



Did you know that the game of golf originated in Scotland and quite often Scottish Bagpipers are hired to play at sunset on courses all over the world?


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Attention 8th Graders

Ninth Grade Course Selection packets are available from Mrs. Holtz, Mrs. Yu, or the office.


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RMS vs. Calle Game To Be Held


The RMS vs Calle Basketball Game is tonight, March 29th, at 6:00 pm in the South High gym.  Come cheer on the Rattlesnakes!  Go Rattlesnakes!

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8th Graders, Smile For The Camera!

The 8th Grade Panoramic Picture will be taken on Wednesday, March 30th. Get your order forms from the office or your Social Studies teacher.


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Congratulations To Our Honorary Service Award and Special Person Winners!

IMG_4219 IMG_4222 IMG_4224 IMG_4226 IMG_4229 IMG_4232 IMG_4235 IMG_4236

The award winners were Jim and Betsy Delurgio, Debbie Holzbauer, Lisa Maddocks, and Sara Pearlman.  IMG_0704


IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0702

This is the second time Ms. Pearlman has won the Honorary Service Award for her dedication to Richardson Middle School students and community.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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Words of Inspiration

never-give-up Mouse

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Looking Ahead

Save The Dates

3/11  Progress Reports Posted-Grades will be posted on Parent Connect.

smile face computer

3/13  Daylight Savings-Turn your clock forward an hour.

Daylight Savings 1





3/14 College Week-Visit the hallway booths to learn about your favorite college choices.  

Mon-Wear College Hat

Tues.-Wear College Jerseys

Wed.-Wear College T-shirts

Thurs.-Wear College Sweatshirts

Fri.-Wear UCLA or USC Gear


3/17 St. Patrick’s DaySaint Patricks 2

3/19  Choir, Int. Band and Adv. Band Forum Festival/Knott’s Berry Farm Trip


3/29  RMS vs. Calle Basketball Game– South High School Gym 6PM

basketball 1

4/3-4/8  Spring Break 2016

Spring Break





5/21  Int. Band, Adv. Band, Drumline & Tall Flags -Armed Forces Day Parade 2pm

Armed Forces

Come out and stand on the curb to watch the parade.  Fun for the whole family!

6/21 All RMS Music Groups- Armstrong for Spring Concert 6:30pm

Drum cartoon

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Summer School Schedules Available Now

South Bay Enrichment Academy summer school class schedules are available in the office.

summer school

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College Week Held March 11th-18th

This week is College Week, March 11th-18th.

Here are the spirit days for the week:

Mon: Wear College Hats

Tues: Wear College Jerseys

Wed: Wear College T-shirts

Thurs: Wear College Sweatshirts

Fri: Wear USC or UCLA Gear

College Map

The Leadership Class will be hosting a College Fair on Wednesday and Thursday at lunch in the main hallway.  Come learn about over 40 different colleges from all over the country, and begin learning about the application and financial aid process.

Note: Submission was taken from the school bulletin.

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A Message From The Principal

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Essay Contest Announcement


How did Mr. Drummond break his arm?

In 300 words or less, write an essay explaining how Mr. Drummond broke his arm.  Be creative!  Use your imagination and come up with the story of how it happened…the more outlandish, the better. Did it involve unicorns, superheroes, aliens, bank robbers, etc.?  The crazier the story, the better chance it gets getting picked as a winner.

Submit/Share your essay on a Google Doc with Mrs. Bezich. The top five essays will be published on this website. The essay winners will also be invited to have lunch with Mr. Drummond.  Essays are due March 18th by Period 3.  Happy Writing!

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Pi Day To Be Held On Monday

Pi Day

This month’s Pillar of Character is Trustworthiness.  This month, we are focusing on putting trust in our fellow classmates along with learning to trust ourselves.

This Monday March 14th, (Pi Day), the Leadership Ambassadors are hosting a lunchtime activity called “Trust The Crust”.  This is an obstacle course that includes two people on a team.  One partner is responsible for taking the other partner that is blindfolded through the obstacle course.  They have to trust that their partner is going to direct them in the right direction.

At one point in the obstacle course, there will be paper plates filled with whipped cream and your partner has to eat the whipped cream as fast as they can. So, come and join us for Pi Day celebration and a bring a friend you can trust.  Remember the Pi we are talking about is the number, but whip cream is still involved. If you have any questions , please ask Mrs. Beck in Room 23.

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Mesta Wins Rattlesnake Award!



Richardson’s own Edithza Mesta is the first 2016 recipient of the prestigious Richardson Rattlesnake Award! This award is given to the teacher who has stood out for their exceptional achievements both in the classroom and in the Richardson community. So what are some of Richardson’s favorite things about Mesta?

“She’s enthusiastic and gives you another opportunity to get a better grade. Plus, she’s always positive and not negative or mean,” said seventh grader, Omar I.

Other students enjoy her class as well.

“She’s very considerate. I just transferred from Michael Fuji’s class to hers, and she helped me and allowed me to make up all of my quizzes. She’s very open and plays fun math games with us!” exclaimed Rami A., a new addition to Mesta’s  fifth period class.

Mesta makes learning fun.

Seventh grader, Stephanie G., stated, “Mrs. Mesta always jokes around with our period and is really nice and almost always smiling.”

Fellow teachers have praise for Mesta too.

“Mrs. Mesta has been following math standards and Common Core strategies from day one. She uses technology, multiple levels of depth of knowledge, and has very high numbers of student engagement,” praised fellow math teacher, Stephany Nakamura.

Mesta is in her second year at Richardson, and has already made a name for herself on campus. From her interactive chemistry lessons to her exciting math games, Mesta works hard every day to engage, challenge, and help her students grow as learners.

“Mrs. Mesta incorporates fun activities into the lessons, and they’re really engaging. I haven’t really liked math in the past, but the fun lessons help me appreciate math more, and I like it better than I did before,” said seventh grade math student, Izzy M.

Aside from her outstanding teaching skills, Mesta brings joy to both her students and fellow staff members through her friendly smile and the donuts she often brings to share. Thank you, Mrs. Mesta, for all that you do!

Did you know…?

Mesta has skydived before.

If Mesta wasn’t a teacher, she would be a pediatrics doctor.

Mesta runs half marathons.

Submitted by Stacia Arnold.

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Reusable Lunch Bags Contest Winner Announced

Drum roll please…Ms. Mesta’s Homeroom has won an ice cream party for bringing the most reusable lunch bags.  Congratulations to Ms. Mesta and her class!

Enjoy your ice cream!


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Did You Know…?

Did you know that March 9th is National Meatball Day?

Meatballs were originally made to hide vegetables in and since have become a staple food among several nationalities of people.  Celebrate the day and have a meatball!


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Environmental Club Makes A Difference

IMG_1566The Environmental Club is helping to keep RMS environmentally aware.  Bring a trash free lunch and earn a green ticket to be put into a drawing. Thank you Environmental Club for making us aware that everyone’s actions make a big difference!

Photo Courtesy of  Jessica Albrigo and the Yearbook Staff

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SAT To Reflect Common Core



The SAT has been redesigned to reflect how Common Core is being taught in the classroom.  This will be the first revision since 2005.  The new version of the SAT, one determining factor for college entrance, will be out for students this year.

Read more about it in the Daily Breeze at


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Words of Inspiration

IMG_0194Are you surrounding yourself with people who help you become a better person?

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Tall Flags Win Award

IMG_0426 (1)

Congratulations to RMS’ Tall Flags Team.  On Saturday, February 27th, they were in a competition held at West High School.  They took home a Third Place Trophy.

Go Rattlesnakes!

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Richardson Has Talent!

Note:  Due to copyright issues, this video has been muted by Youtube.

Thank you to Mr. Buby’s Digital Film class for the video and the pictures.

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Rattlesnakes Get New Look

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Celebrate By Reading

Did you know that March 2nd is

Nationwide Reading Celebration Day which is held on

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday?


Celebrate by reading a good book!

“Oh, the places you will go!”

Dr. Seuss would have been 112 this birthday!

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Peak Inside Of Mr. Petito’s Classroom

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Say Cheese!

Spring Portraits will be taken on Tuesday, March 8.  Forms available in the Main Office if you wish to have your portrait taken.  Return your form on Picture Day.


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Basketball Tryouts: Be Part Of The Team

8th grade boys and girls basketball tryouts will be held February 25th and February 26th after school on the basketball courts.  We are getting the team together for the RMS vs Calle Game on March 29th. Everyone is welcome to go to the game.

Go Rattlesnakes!




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Play Games, Make Friends

Games                 Mrs. Hunnel invites all students to Room 29.

“I open my office on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for playing board games. We hang out chilling. It’s a nice place to just relax and share funny stories, ” said RMS Counselor Stephanie Hunnel.  

Come on in and make a new friend!

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What’s In Your Lunch?

Just a reminder-

Are your lunches staying trash free?  

Trash Free Lunch 1Trash Free Lunch 2 Trash lunch               Trash Free

Be sure you are keeping trash out of the bins and pack a Trash Free Lunch every day.  

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The Latest Hiss Slithers Back!

After taking a year and a half hiatus,  The Latest Hiss school newspaper for Richardson Middle School has returned.  We are back online!

In order to get the most out of this online newspaper, you may need to know a few things.

First of all, students’ names are only used with their first name and last initial because they are minors and after all, we are now on the World Wide Web.

In addition, you may find a picture with an arrow on it.  Click on it and you should be able to view a movie.  Yes, moving pictures and everything go with some of the stories. But know, also, that you may click on a still picture to enlarge it too.

You may also come across a song title.  Click on it and you may listen to the song as you read the articles.

In order to find this site easily,  QR codes are placed around campus.  (A QR Code is in the shape of a square and is done in black and white.  It looks a bit like a maze.)  Just use your smart phone to scan it.  (Shop Savvy is a good app for this use.)  This website will come up once the QR is scanned.

Lastly, we hope that you enjoy the new The Latest Hiss and we look forward to sharing many more stories with you about Richardson Middle School.

The majority of our work is done through email.  We truly are history in the making and keeping up with the world of technology.

Please click around this website and enjoy reading about the amazing people that make up Richardson.

Should anyone have any questions or story suggestions, please drop Mrs. Bezich an email at

Did you know…?

The Latest Hiss was created in 2001.  It was first designed using Pagemaker.  It then went to Indesign CS2.  Today, it is online.  If you are reading this, you are part of history in the making.  In 2012, The Latest Hiss was put in this format on WordPress.  After a short hiatus, this online newspaper is up and running again.

Welcome The Latest Hiss to 2016!  You’ve come a long way, baby!

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Welcome to Our New Principal, Ian Drummond

IMG_0107New Principal Ian Drummond comes to RMS from Mira Costa High School.  Watch this site for more information to come.  In the meantime, welcome Mr. Drummond.

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RMS Students Honored At Grade Level Assemblies

8th Graders

Click below to read what was written about each student for the special awards.

8th Award WriteUps

7th Graders

Click below to read what was written about each student for the special awards.

7th Award WriteUps

6th Graders

Click below to read what was written about each student for the special awards.

6th Award WriteUps

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Where In The World Are We?

Can you name this place?  


Photos Taken By Kayla Bezich

Answer:  El Matador State Beach in Malibu, California


If you have taken pictures of an interesting place and would like to see them in the newspaper, please share them with Mrs. Bezich at   Thank you.

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M+U+F+T+I=Mufti (Originally Posted on April 25, 2013)

By Nathaniel A.

Did you know that Ms. Arshia Mufti  is one of the first teachers to teach at RMS?  She has taught at Richardson for eighteen years. She is a big help to RMS because she helps students who need extra help with math.

“The best part about teaching is the students, the challenges of dealing with individual learning styles and the diversity,” said Mufti.

Mufti attended schools in other countries. She went to school at Saint Joseph’s College and Punjab University, both in Pakistan. She also attended Central Missouri University and California State University Dominguez Hills.

In her spare time, Mufti reads, plays Sudoku, enjoys puzzles and paints.  Her most recent paintings are of people’s dogs.

She also spends time with family and friends. She has one son who lives in China.

Mufti’s favorite television show is Sixty Minutes and her favorite movies are Lawrence of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago. She likes foods from different parts of the world, and currently, sushi is her favorite!

“If I weren’t a teacher, I’d like to paint or work with disadvantaged people around the world,” said Mufti.

Mufti encourages everybody to ask questions about math or anything else. She says, “I love to listen and talk”.

So, if you see Ms. Mufti on campus, say hello and start up a conversation.  She would love to chat with you!

Thank you, Ms. Mufti, for making such a difference at RMS for students as well as your peers!

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Reading For Pleasure: New Book Club Begins

Book Club Poster Edit

If you enjoy reading, or would like to learn how to enjoy reading, please join the Book Club that meets in Room 30 every Wednesday at lunch.  Books will be chosen by students for all to  enjoy.  Happy Reading!

If you have questions, please ask English/Language Arts Teacher, Ms. Arnold.

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