Book Room Gets A Facelift!

After hours of sorting, Lynda Williams organizes the Book Room. 

Thank you Lynda, for all of your hard work!  

IMG_1173 (1) IMG_1170 IMG_1169

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Thud! Boom! Construction!





By Annabelle H.

Before construction echoed throughout the school campus and became a part of our accustomed routine, although an annoyance to everyone, the school was nothing like it is today.

Can you imagine the school with a big ol’ locker bay by the cafeteria, with no gym, the classroom numbers all jumbled up, and the school’s colors red and white?

Last year, when the construction was at its loudest, wings were fenced off and classes had to move out temporarily to different classrooms. As you could imagine it was constantly full of activity and crazy, especially to the new coming sixth graders, who were just adjusting to the new school.

Teacher Mrs. Lisa Vaona-Case was asked how the construction has affected her.

“It has been really challenging and even frustrating. The day starts with the ‘am I going to get a parking space’ experience. Then, I never know what smell, sound, or disruption is going to affect how I teach each day. It has required back up plans and quite a bit of flexibility. And, it feels like it is never going to be done,” claimed Case.

When asked, ¨What was the process like, having to pack and move, then move back and unpack?¨ Case had the following to say. 

“I am still not finished unpacking! Having to pack up twenty-four years worth of teaching materials within a week and a half notice back in March, while teaching, was incredibly stressful. I moved twice, and kept teaching all five periods everyday. Richardson teachers did all of this packing and moving, while continuing to teach and help our students. We did it all! Looking back, I’m not sure how we got it all done,” answered Case.

Although construction is not completely done, there has been so much change for our school. There’s more lockers, added classrooms, and the gym is almost done. It is said that the gym will be completed in the spring of 2018.


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There’s An App For That!

By Amber K.

Everyone is addicted to their phone. Why? Because of the amazing apps that they have have downloaded. 


TBH is a new app that everyone is gushing about. TBH is an app where there is a question and four choices. You pick which person fits each category the best. You can also see if other people chose you, but it is anonymous. ‘To be honest’ is what TBH stands for. Don’t worry, no one can see what you chose, so you can be totally honest with this app!


You can snap and chat with Snapchat! This app is an all time favorite, and it is popular for its cool filters. One of its most popular filters are the dog filters, flower crowns, and the face swap filters. Also, Bitmoji is an app that allows you to make your own Emoji, and you can use your Bitmoji as your profile picture. Snap, snap away!


Post your favorite pictures on Instagram! You can see your friends’ posts too and you can like them! You can also follow your friends and they can follow you back! If you have anything to say to your friends, you can just comment below their posts! You can text on Instagram too! Time to start posting!


Listen to your favorite music on Spotify! You can get free music anywhere! All you need is Wi-Fi and you’re done! You can also make your own playlists, and save your favorite songs. You can see what songs your friends are playing too! There is a huge variety of songs you can pick from! So get Spotify, and start jamming!

To sum it all up, there are some amazing apps out there that are really addicting and fun! What are you waiting for? Download these apps and get on the trend!

Editor’s Note:  As with all social media, it is advised for parents to see which apps your children are using. 

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Make An Impression With Fall Rice Krispy Treats

Pumpkin krispies

By Jodi Yoshihara

Eating delicious treats is fun, but making them is even better! Learn how to make a quick and easy treat that will make your mouth water!

Rice Krispies are a delicious treat to eat, but what about pumpkin Rice Krispies?  Making orange, pumpkin shaped Rice Krispies are kid friendly and is a great recipe for the Fall season.They’re so fun to make and even more fun to eat.

Just prepare your basic rice krispie treat recipe but add in orange food coloring when you put in the marshmallows. To make Rice krispies, melt three tablespoons of butter and put it on the stove under low heat until melted.  Then add a whole bag of original Jett Puffed marshmallows and melt it with the butter until melted. Be sure to flip it every thirty seconds.  Once melted add six cups of Rice krispies. Let the cereal mixture cool a bit and then shape into balls. (For exact instructions read until the end!)

Press a little Tootsie Roll into the top to make a stem and then add some candy to make the eyes and noses. You can make them look however you would like.  Just be creative! These can be Halloween pumpkin Krispies treats by making them look like jack-o-lanterns, animals, monsters, or leave off the little face and you can make these all the way up to Thanksgiving and have amazing and fun party treats.  



6 Cups Rice Krispie Cereal 3 tbs Butter 10 oz  Marshmallows (approx 1 Bag) Red & Yellow Food Coloring (to make orange color) 12 Tootsie Rolls 1 Green Fruit Roll-up (you will only  be able to find the blue/green combo)

Ingredients/recipe are from

  1. Melt your butter in a large sauce pan over low heat
  2. Add marshmallows and stir constantly until melted
  3. Remove from heat
  4. Add approx 4 drops of red food coloring & 2 drop yellow food coloring- Add until you have a nice bright orange color
  5. Mix in Rice Krispies
  6. Form small balls into the shape of a pumpkin (Tip: Add Non-Stick Cooking Spray (Pam) or Crisco to your hands before forming your balls)
  7. Cut Tootsie Roll in Half and add a half into each pumpkin while still warm
  8. Cut small leaves from the green portion of your Fruit Roll Up
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Easy Snacks To Make At Home

Mini PizzaBy Kristina J.

When you get home from school are you hungry but, you just don’t know what you want to eat? Here are some easy homemade snacks, and some can be used in your lunch!

Mini Grape Kabob- You will need Pretzel sticks and your choice of grapes. You need to take a pretzel stick and carefully put the pretzel stick through the grape

Garlic Knots- You will need store bought croissants, butter or garlic butter, and garlic seasoning. Follow the directions for the store bought croissants, and when there are done melt the butter or garlic butter and spread the melted butter on the baked croissant. Then sprinkle as much garlic seasoning as you wish!

Pizza Roll Ups- You will need store bought croissants, marinara sauce, cheese of your choice, and toppings also of your choice. (Not required) Roll out the croissants and spread your marinara sauce. Then sprinkle your choice of cheese. Now, carefully roll up the croissants. Once you have rolled up the croissants then sprinkle a tiny bit more of your cheese on the top and if you have chosen a topping then put the topping on the cheese.


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Is Coke The Right Choice For You?


People normally wonder what makes Coca Cola so addicting. Some say that there is an artificial sweetener that makes people want more and more of it. Others say that the people who drink the substance get on a daily bases. Bot what people don’t know is that all coffee, energy drinks, and Soda’s are considered a drug. Coca Cola contains Oz caffeine citrate, Oz Citric Acid, and Phosphoric Acid.

When people drink a can of Coca Cola, they are really drinking ten sugar cubes. Normally, people would throw up all of the sugar, but since Coca Cola has Phosphoric Acid, that is the thing that cuts the sugar and allows you to keep it down. The next thing you should know about this drink is that after about twenty minutes of drinking Coke, your system will start to react to the overload of sugar you just drank. Your immune system starts to break down all of the sugar into fat. This also lowers your blood sugar. In the early days Coke was made with Cocaine and that is how it got its name.

Several experiments were done on Coke. One scientist put Coke into a bottle and then placed a piece of meat into the bowl. After day one, the meat had a thick coating of Coca Cola on it. On day two, the meat had expanded and was breaking apart. Another experiment that has been done on Coke is when the drink was put into a cup and left there for a year. When the scientist poured the remaining liquid into a different cup, there was powder and sugar at the bottom. The leftover ingredients weighed about three pounds.

A scientist put whole milk into Coca Cola. They let the drink sit for a little while and when they came back the drink had separated into two different parts. At the top of the drink, the liquid was clear and and there were tiny flakes in it. On the bottom, there was a thick coating that you couldn’t even see through.

Another experiment that had been done was when people put Coke into a bowl of water. There were two kinds of Coke. One had sugar in it and the other did not. The Coke with the sugar sunk straight to the bottom of the bowl. The substance without sugar floated up to the top. When people were done with that experiment, they tried a different one. They put an egg into a glass, then poured Coke into it. When they tried to pull the egg out, the drink turned into a slime like substance that would not let the egg come outside of the glass.

Cola is not good for you.  So, the next time you are asked what you would like to drink, make a wise choice.  

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What’s In A Dream?

Garfield Dreaming

By Sally M.

Have you ever woken up from a weird dream and wondered what it means? Well, Listverse has made a list of common dreams and their meanings:

  1. Car Trouble  These dreams can haunt anyone’s sleep – even people who can’t drive. In them you’re usually inside or around a car that’s going out of control. Some of these dreams involve losing control of the wheel or driving off a cliff. Having a “car trouble” dream can mean that you are feeling powerless over something in your life.
  1. Faulty Machinery   In this dream you are trying to work machinery that isn’t working the way you expect it too. Most of these dreams include dialing a wrong number, losing connection, or even trouble dialing the number. Some people have this dream when they are feeling anxious about trying to connect with someone. It can also mean you are losing touch with reality or a part of your body or mind isn’t working properly.
  1. Being Lost/ Trapped    Having dreams about being lost usually occur when you’re conflicted on deciding how to react to a situation in real life. A similar type of dream is one where you are trapped. For example, you could be being buried alive or caught in a web. These dreams that you feel means you are trapped in real life, such as if you were unable to make a good choice.
  1. Missed a Boat or Plane     In these types of dreams you are running to catch a bus, plane, or another type of transportation only to miss by half a second. You could also be late for an important event, such as a performance or meeting. If one of these dreams come to you, it most likely means that you missed an important opportunity.
  1. Failing a Test    This dream usually comes to you when you feel unprepared for something or that you are playing the wrong part in life. In it, you are unable to pass a test. In some cases you are unable to find the test room and in others, you can’t pass the test because of lack of studying.

   4.  Ill or Dying  Most people have these dreams when they are ill, but otherwise it could mean that you are or are afraid of being emotionally hurt. If someone else is ill in the dream, it can mean that you feel like a part of yourself that is similar to them is gone. It could also mean that you want that person out of your life or that you are afraid of losing them.

      3.  Being Chased   Dreams about being chased usually mean that you are feeling threatened by a person or maybe even an emotion. It could also just be the memory of something that has actually happened to you in real life.

       2.  Bad or Missing Teeth   These dreams can appear to you as having decaying teeth or teeth falling out of your mouth. It can mean that you are afraid of being found as anything less than attractive. It could also mean that you fear being embarrassed or that you have lost power in real life.

         1.  Falling or Sinking    In these dreams, you are falling through the air and sinking in water. Dreams where you are falling or sinking usually come to you when you are feeling insecure or that you are not being supported in real life. They mostly come to you when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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Backpack Attack

backpackBy Ellie H.

Got a heavy backpack? Do you feel like your back is carrying an elephant? Every time you put down your backpack, do you feel less tense? Because of heavy backpacks, can we get scoliosis?

You must have thought of all these questions at least once, if you are tired of carrying your backpack. Your parents must be worried about your well being and you may be worried too. Let us figure out the real truth, does carrying heavy backpacks increase your chance of scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature in your spine that can lead to bad posture, and less space in your chest, affecting your ability to breath. It’s most likely to occur when the spine is growing before your hit puberty, (so if you haven’t hit puberty yet, be aware).

Most of the time, the problems are minimal, but if the problem increases, you might not have enough space in your chest for your lungs to inflate and deflate (Scoliosis, Mayo clinic). Then, you would have to wear a brace.

“Although both boys and girls develop mild scoliosis at about the same rate, girls have a much higher risk of the curve worsening and requiring treatment,” says Mayo Clinic.

Back pain and age can lead to scoliosis. The older you get, the weaker bones you have and as you carry mildly heavy stuff, it may hurt your back or actually cause the spine to curve. Back pain can also lead to scoliosis and do you know what can cause back pain?

Heavy backpacks can cause back pain and eventually increase the chances of scoliosis. So, try to limit the amount of things you’re carrying and take out heavy books or water bottles. Take out extra pens or pencils to decrease the size of your pencil case.

Remember to always straighten your back and take it easy. Now, you know that the chance of being diagnosed with scoliosis can be increased by carrying heavy things on your back.

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Coming To Theaters Near You

By Amber K.

Grab your popcorn and your soda, because it’s movie time! There are some great movies that are coming out that are must-sees! Everyone loves movies, so let me tell you about the new movies that are soon coming to theaters!


Tons of people love the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. But it gets even better! Director Stephen Chbosky is directing a movie based on the book! Wonder is about a middle school boy named August Pullman who was born with facial differences and just wants to be a normal person with a normal face. When Auggie (August) goes to school for the first time, he learns that everyone is unique and that you should never give up, even when you think that all hope is gone. This touching movie comes out on November 16, 2017.


When you think of a bull, the first thing you think of is probably “dangerous”, “fierce”, or “feisty”. But Ferdinand the bull is the opposite. Ferdinand, the main character in the movie Ferdinand, is a gentle and sweet bull. John Cena, an American professional wrestler, plays Ferdinand, the main character. In the movie, Ferdinand has to free himself and his friends from his capturers, and go back to his family and his home. Ferdinand comes to theaters on December 15, 2017. This is a heartwarming movie about love, faith, and friendship.


Venture into the colorful journey of Coco. According to IMDb, an aspiring musician Miguel teams up with charming trickster Hector on an extraordinary journey through the Land of the Dead. Miguel dreams to be a musician like his ancestor although his family´s ban of music. This movie comes out on November 22, 2017, so make sure to get your tickets!

There are plenty of movies to keep us entertained.  Which will you choose?  

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Dodgers Lose To The Astros In Game 7


By Dominic B.

On November 1st, the Dodgers lost the 2017 world series against the Astros in Game 7 at Dodger’s stadium. The score was five to one.

The Astros scored two runs in the first inning and three more in the second. The Dodgers scored their one run in the sixth inning.

George Springer from the Astros,  was named MVP (most valuable player) with five home runs in the World Series.

This World Series had the most combined home runs in MLB (Major League Baseball) history, with twenty two.

Overall, it was a very entertaining series to watch. Better luck next year to all teams.

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Student Council Kids


Amanda M. – Secretary

Katie C.- Vice President

Carly F.- Treasurer

Jenna G.- President

Thanks to these ladies for making a difference at RMS by being on the School Council. 

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Some Of The Best Remain Anonymous

By Katie S. and Kristina J.

Many students at Richardson are very smart and work very hard in school. Some students, though, really stand out. One example of a good student that always tries to reach their goals, who will remain anonymous, is a seventh grade girl.

This seventh grader is very smart and works exceptionally hard in school. She is in hyper-compacted math, which is eighth grade math and Algebra One combined. You may find her at recess sitting down somewhere studying for her next math quiz, or doing her extra credit homework. She is also on the RMS Leadership team.


She has won many awards from her teachers during the awards assemblies, and she has gotten honor roll every quarter. Outside of school, she is very serious about playing tennis. In the future she hopes to become a professional tennis player. She is currently ranked 57th in Southern California.

Another person who works very hard in school and does their best in all of their classes is a sixth grade boy, who will also remain anonymous.

This sixth grader is a very hard worker and does his best all the time. Last year, when he was in fifth grade, math wasn’t really his thing. But, that did not stop him from trying. He still did his best to get to where he needs to be, and now he is in sixth grade and he is in Mr. Fujii’s accelerated math class!

These students are unique and exceptional. If you want to be recognized for your talents in the classroom, there is an awards assembly coming up soon at Richardson. You can be recognized by your teachers for your participation in class, and many more things!

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Story Corner: “Forgotten”

Stuffed Bear

By Ellie H. and Sally M.


The huge hospital light blinds you as you’re finally born into the world. You hear crying from these strange people holding you, but what you don’t know is that they are happy. Happy that you’re finally in their lives, happy that you have finally arrived.

You realize during your first couple of nights, that it can be lonely when you sleep on your own. So, you cry as loud as you can and you suddenly see familiar faces filled with worry come check on you. Then you let out a giggle, maybe even a cute smile because now you’re not alone. They will now never leave you.

But, the next night you wake up and find nobody around. The stars are twinkling, the wind is whistling, and that scary tree outside your window frightens you. You cry again. Thankfully, the familiar faces come back. They look tired. Bags droop from their eyes, they walk instead of running to your crib, they groan and yawn as if checking on you was an unwanted task.

“It’s your turn,” she says.

“Ugh, I had a long day at work today,” he groans.

You hear a sigh and somebody eventually comes. But you realize they can’t keep doing this, they don’t want to do this, and you cry even louder.

That’s when they finally decide to give you a friend. A fuzzy friend. A stuffed animal whale you would call ,”Wally.”

Wally sings you to sleep at night, goes on adventures with you, eats with you, and watches Sesame Street with you. It’s always you and Wally, never just you. You’re older now and have grown to being independent. You choose your own clothes and sometimes model them for Wally. You learn how to play and talk to people to school, maybe even bring Wally to show and tell. Wally fills your life with happiness and teaches you to be independent.

When you get a scrape, Wally is there for you to cuddle. When Wally is in the washer, you miss him a little. When Wally is missing, you frantically go find him.

But as years pass, you don’t want Wally anymore.

Wally is hidden under pillows when friends come. When he is mentioned, you grimace and shoot your parents a look. When people tease you about Wally, your face turns red. Wally is an embarrassment and you decide he needs to be forgotten about.

You grab Wally one last time. Give Wally a hug and thank him, but eventually throw him into your closet, knowing that Wally will never see the light of day again.


I had an incredibly dull life once. I sat on a shelf for hours and hours, watching my friends leave me one by one. One day, these two people came up to me and looked me up and down.

“Do you think she’ll like it?” she asked. The man next to her nodded with a smile and they grabbed me off the shelf.

I was paid for and put into a bag and they took me to their home. I didn’t know who “she” was, but I was hoping she really would like me.

It turns out “she” was a baby. I’ve seen them in my old home a lot. I never really knew what they did, but they always cried. They must get upset easily.

The woman put me into her crib. The baby stared at me for a while before declaring my name.

“Wally,” she said. She reached for me and squeezed me tight. I didn’t know that, over the years, she would become my best friend.

Time passed and we grew distant. She would be gone for seven hours everyday at who knows where and she couldn’t play until hours after she came back. Sometimes she would let me watch her work, but it was all just numbers. It seemed pretty useless.

But even when she had work to do, she would find time to play with me later. When she got a cut, she would hold me tight. When she didn’t know where I was, she would find me and hold me tight. When she slept, she held me tight.

But eventually, she didn’t want me anymore. The baby grew up. And she didn’t want me anymore. She had friends over and she would cover me up with pillows. I thought we were playing hide-and-seek, but no one was looking for me.

One day, in the middle of working, she set down her pencil, stood up, and walked over to me. I thought she wanted to play, but she just held me with a slight sad look in her eyes.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Goodbye.”

I didn’t understand why she was saying goodbye until she put me inside her closet. I’d been in here before, but it was never this dark. I was in there for days before realizing that I had been abandoned. And eventually, I was forgotten.

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Turner, Uber Driver In Her Spare Time?

pasted image 0

By Emily D. and Skye R.

Have you met Mrs. Wendy Turner? Maybe you’ve seen her in classroom twelve or watching her kids play sports. If you haven’t met her, here’s a bit about Turner!

Turner has three kids. She has two sons, ages thirteen and eight, and an eleven year old daughter. She has no pets. Her favorite after school activity is driving her kids to their sports. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her family.

“After school, I’m usually busy being an Uber driver for my children,” said Turner.

Do you like to travel? Turner does! During summer break, Turner likes to travel to tropical places. She also likes to travel during spring break. She doesn’t like to travel during winter break, though. She’s been to Europe, Germany, France, and Japan, too!

We asked Amber K. and Christina J, two students of Turner’s, what they like about her. They think that she’s fun, outgoing, nice, and funny. They also like her food labs. When Turner was in middle school, she liked math and science! Turner has been a math and science teacher for seventeen years!

Turner’s favorite sports team is the Dodgers. She likes to watch all sports, but watching her kids play sports is her favorite.

Mrs. Turner’s favorite color is hot pink.” It’s so pretty!”

Mrs. Turner’s favorite foods are breakfast burritos, and her favorite restaurant is Benihana.

Turner is looking forward to getting to know her students. Whether you see her at Benihana or at a sports field, say,”Hello,” to Mrs. Turner!

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Photo Album: Halloween

IMG_0352 (1)





IMG_0345 (1)

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Meet Ms. Markovich

image1 (1)By Skye  R. and Emily D.

Ms. Stephanie Markovich is another teacher we interviewed. Here are some crazy facts about her!

Markovich’s favorite color is hot pink, which fills her classroom. She loves it so much!

We were wondering what Markovich did for summer (which is probably what everybody else did too). She said that she didn’t go anywhere but she did do a lot of hiking in Back Bay Newport.

Markovich likes to eat at home rather than out because she doesn’t like to eat unhealthy that much, although her favorite food is french fries. What she usually likes to make at home is spaghetti.

She has two dogs, four geckos, and four chameleons. She really surprised us with this wild answer.

Markovich likes to spend time with friends and family as well as travel around the world when she isn’t teaching.

Markovich went to Cal State Long Beach for college. She said it was fun and exciting!

Markovich is an ELA teacher, so we wondered if she liked ELA when she was in school.

“It has always been my favorite subject,” said Markovich.

Since we know that Markovich enjoys traveling, we asked what her favorite place that she traveled is. It was Costa Rica. She loved it so much and it was so fun.

She enjoys speaking with student’s parents, because then she can help build communication with the family.

Markovich lives in Huntington Beach, which is an hour drive from Richardson! She lives next to the beach, and in her spare time she usually goes there twice a month.

Besides Costa Rica she has been to New York, Chicago, Boston, and Hawaii.

If you didn’t already know, Markovich loves the Angels! She usually goes to games twice a year, but has never been on the green screen!

Markovich’s absolute favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory, and her favorite food to get there is Pasta Di Vinci.

What she is looking forward to this year is getting married. She has already picked out her dress for the wedding in July!

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Go Dodger Blue!


dodger stadium 2By Elliot L.

The Dodgers have just won Game 6 of the world series, forcing a Game 7 against the Houston Astros.

Game 7, tonight will be played at 5:20PM, at Dodger’s Stadium. The starters pitching will be Lance McCullers, for the Astros and Yu Darvish, for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have a big advantage in this game, according to many. The Dodgers had a better overall record than the Astros and the Dodgers will be playing at home. But, the Astros have a better record away than at home.  Who will come out on top?

Go Dodgers, Go!

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Student Perspective: Cotillion, A Fun Way To Learn Etiquette

CotilionBy Skye R.

Cotillion is a fun way to learn etiquette with your friends! Also you can practice for dancing when you’re older!

The first Cotillion this year was on October 16, 2017. I attended it along with some of my other friends.

First we did the Waltz, which is two steps left, come together. Then two steps right, and come together.

Then, we added three steps once you come back to the middle, and it kind of looked like a shimmy.

There were three extra boys without dates, so after a little bit of dancing the boys would tap another boy on his shoulder to ask for a dance with the girl.

Then we played a game. How you play is you use the same dance as before, but you would be stepping on a felt rectangle. They take a rectangle out each round and when the instructor says switch, you switch rectangles. My partner and I won along with my friends.

If you get a red stamp, you get a two dollar bill. If you get a blue stamp you get a piece of candy or a prize (only if you win a dance do you get stamp).

The Dress Code: Girls- You have to wear a dress that covers your knees or it is right above it.

You can’t wear heels, but you can wear wedges. You also have to cover your shoulders. If they are exposed, you have to wear a jacket over them.

Sandals are not acceptable, you don’t want to have your feet stepped on. With shoes there always has to be a back strap.

The Dress Code: Boys- You have to wear a formal suit and tie. Deck shoes are required for formal attire.

Near the end of Cotillion there is cupcakes and drinks for dessert. On the last Cotillion they provide dinner for you there, and you’re at a nicer location.

Proper etiquette-  At a table you should never have your elbows on the table. Never say anything rude or interrupt when someone is talking or complimenting you.

For example, when someone compliments you on your dress and how it looks very good on you, your response should not be ,“Of course it does,” your response should be ,“Thank you,” and compliment them back.

You can say something like, “I think your tie looks very good on you.”

There are several students from RMS who attend.  I interviewed a fellow Cotillion member and friend asking if she likes Cotillion and why.

“I love Cotillion because it is a fun way to be with your friends and learn proper etiquette and dancing!” exclaimed Karina F.

If you are interested in Cotillion you can sign up for next year online. My friends and I go to Gollatz Cotillion at the Redondo Beach Women’s Club. The registration fee is $208.00, but when you think about that for five fabulous evenings for $41.60 per evening, it’s a reasonable cost.

To learn more about Cotillion, visit

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Tips To Improve Brain Memory


By Marina M.

These study tricks and tips will help your brain remember information quicker and easier.  Here are a few tips to try for expanding brain memory. 

  1. Take a walk before a test or exam. It has been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power.

2. This may make you look a little crazy, but try to give it a go! Speak out loud instead of simply reading in your head. You are 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it out loud instead of reading it over and over in your head.

3. Reward yourself with a treat. There are many ways you can use a reward system into your habits, so you learn how to study for exams and tests more efficiently.

4. Drawing diagrams can help you to visualize information that can be hard to describe. This creates a memory in your mind that can help you on your tests. The test may even ask to draw a diagram or label. So, start practicing your drawing!

5. Always use flashcards for key points, key concepts, and vocabulary.

6. Listening to the right kind of music can help you with studying. The correct types of music can lead to more productive studying by elevating your mood. Classical music is the best choice for studying.

Discovering new ways to study and trying different methods can help find what really works for you.  If what you are doing isn’t working and you are noticing that your grades are not what you would like them to be, try one of the above techniques and see if it makes a difference.  You never know.  You may find a new way to study and do better in school. 

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Poetry Corner: “Fall Poem”

Pumpkin Scape 2

By Karina F.

That wonderful feeling of fall spreads around

Smiling, laughing as leaves drift to the ground

The smell of pumpkin spice sends a smile

As leaves keep falling, stacking into a pile

The sight of pumpkin patches send a call

Warning everyone it must be fall

That cold weather starts to cover the air

While we sit by the fire with those who care

Apple picking, baking, pumpkins galore

I’ve never felt a feeling better or more

Jumping into thousands of leaves

That autumn we know, stealing our hearts like thieves

Not a single road of worries in our way

Except for a trail of leaves and the sky of grey

As the sky clears up and leaves drift away

“Where is fall going?” I would say

No more pumpkins, not at all

Oh well, I guess I will wait until next fall.

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RMS Gets Into The Halloween Spirit

IMG_1043 IMG_1047 IMG_1068 IMG_1074 IMG_1059IMG_1052


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Fall Harvest Festival To Be Held On Halloween


By Marina M.

Do you have a creative costume that you would want to share with our school? Then join the Halloween contest. On October 31st you can participate in this event made possible by the Leadership team.

The contest will be held on the yard. So after you eat your lunch, come down and sign up! If you don’t want to participate, then come to see all the creative costumes. You might even get an idea for next Halloween.

The Leadership team will have teachers as the judges. They will judge you for your creativity.  Make sure your costumes are school appropriate, and no masks or weapons.

If you want to sign up for the Halloween contest, there will be a sign up sheet by Ms. Beck’s  classroom, which is room seven.Pumpkin 2

Leadership is also having a Fall Harvest where there will be games and booths provided for everyone. This will also be on the yard.  

Don’t miss out if you want to show off your amazing costume! Everyone is welcome to the Fall Harvest and Halloween contest so don’t miss out on the fun. Thank you, Leadership team, for hosting these events for our school.

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McCullen Temporarily Fills Assistant Principal’s Shoes

20171030_113118 (1)

By Elliot L. And Dillon M.

Do you know Mr. Ian Mc Cullen, our new Intrim Assistant Principal?

McCullen is currently filling in for RMS Assistant Principal Krystal Alcala who should be returning in Quarter 2.  

McCullen thinks that good qualities of any Assistant Principal are being organized, hardworking, and having an overall good attitude.

Before becoming an Assistant Principal he was a math teacher and a resource teacher for people with disabilities. He says he really enjoys helping kids.

When our Principal Mr. Drummond, asked him to fill in for the role of  Assistant Principal, he accepted and thought it would be a good experience for himself. But not everyone can be an assistant principal, you need an Administrative Credential and prior experience in teaching.

Other than at RMS, McCullen has worked at Hull MS, Drevno Community Day School, Shery HS, and Bert Lynn MS.  He loves to interact and work with kids helping them to learn and problem solve.  

If he could be anything except an assistant  principal, he would be a surf instructor because he would be doing two of his favorite things, surfing and being with kids.

Did you know his favorite place is Malibu Beach?

“I love the sunshine and surfing the waves,” McCullen said.     

Along with that his favorite colors are blue and green. McCullen also is happily married and has four kids, a cat, a bunny, and ten chickens.

If he had to pick a favorite teacher or aid, it would be our secretary, Mrs. Lorraine Santa Ana.

“She is really hard working and the school wouldn’t be able to run without her,” he says.

If he were to sit down and just read all day long, he would read Where the Red Fern Grows. He also would watch Game of Thrones if he had the chance.

Editor’s Note: McCullen will be heading back to his “regular” job soon at the District Office as Program Specialist for Special Education in Middle School.  Get to know him before he leaves. 

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Student Perspective: Phone Accessories Are A Must-have

By Karina F.

Phone cases and popsockets are all a big part of having a phone. It really makes your phone more than ordinary and really adds a bit of your personality to your  phone. Here are some of the popular phone essentials lately.


Popsockets have hit the charts! They are very useful for doing all of our watching, filming, and recording! They give an awesome grip and give your phone a pop of color. Some popular designs for popsockets include….

  1. Galaxy popsockets! These spacey themed pop sockets brings a pretty swirl of color to your phone.
  2. Watercolor is such a nice ombre of colors and brings a pretty design to every phone!
  3. Marble is so cute and comes in all different awesome designs and colors, definitely a go to popsocket!
  4. Quoted popsockets are such a nice way to brighten the day and make you smile.
  5. Tropical popsockets are so trendy and cute! Leaves, pineapples, and palm trees give a happy feeling and remind you of paradise!
  6. Glittery popsockets we just can’t deny! They add shine and really sparkle your world!

Phone cases, we all need them! They add so much to your phone, while protecting and perfecting them! Phone cases have gotten really cool with new textures, designs, and awesome quotes. Some of the trendiest phone cases include…

Phone cases

  1. Clear cases are great to show off that Apple sign as well as the true color of your phone!
  2. Liquid cases are really cool and over the top! Having a fish tank or ocean with sea creatures is definitely a win!
  3. Rose gold is such a pretty color and makes your case shine, and at the same time is such an elegant color.
  4. Marble is swirling, awesome! Such a simple design but really gives a nice texture and adds pizzaz to your phone case!
  5. Holo! Holographic cases are so shiny, so sparkly, and it’s like having so many different colors in one case! They reflect different colors and will wow tons of people!
  6. Roses are a trendy and beautiful flower. They are so nice and look really pretty on your phone.

With all of these awesome phone accessories you will definitely be in with the latest trends! Trendy phone accessories are great. Think about investing in one! It’ll surely jazz up your world!

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Introducing iPhone X

iphine x

By Dominic B. and Theodore N.

Apple is releasing the newest product in their long line of iPhones, the brand new iPhone X. This is Apple’s most powerful iPhone yet.

This new phone is powered by a A11 bionic chip, which powers the iPhone X. It is the most powerful engine ever in a smartphone.

The phone comes in two different colors or finishes, Space Gray and Silver.

The X comes in a height of 5.65 inches, a width of 2.79 inches, a depth of 0.30 inch and a weight of 6.14 ounces. The display is 5.8 inches diagonally. This phone is slightly larger and heavier than the iPhone seven or eight, but smaller and lighter than the eight plus or seven plus.

This iPhone, unlike all of the previous models, is unique. It has no home button and therefore it is all screen. To go to the home screen, you simply slide up from the bottom.

With the iPhone X having no home button, Apple needed a secure way to enter the phone, hence, the face ID. With the face ID, you can enter your phone by simply aiming the camera at your face. The phone even adapts to physical changes, but, for this to work you must be looking at the camera directly with your eyes open.

Every year, Apple introduces a new and great camera with their phone. The iPhone X is no exception to this rule.  It looks better, and has 10x optical zoom for pictures and 6x for videos.

With the iPhone X comes a new kind of emoji, the animoji, which will mirror your movements onto the emoji.

With all the new features on the iPhone X, It definitely tops all of the previous models created by Apple. Welcome to the future.

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Samsung vs. Apple: Which One Is For You?

Samsung vs. Apple 1

By Andrew Y.

Samsung and Apple have done it again by creating two phones that are debatable to be the best phones out there.

The Samsung s8+ has many advantages, such as the battery life being more extended than the iPhone 8.

If you are a photographer or like taking pictures, the s8+ has the option to change the resolution or quality.

It can also be used for a huge amount of time, thanks to the cooling system that was built into the s8+. It has the ability to be used all day without feeling like your hand is burning.

The design of the s8+ is slim, but has a huge screen, being 8.2 mm by 5.8 . The s8+ can fit into your pocket easily with your wallet so it doesn’t stick out

The Samsung s8 cost more than the iPhone 8 by $60. The iPhone 8 is $880 with 64GB (or the amount of storage on your phone) , and the Samsung s8+ is $940 for the same amount of storage.

Unlike the iPhone, the Samsung s8+ does have a jack to plug headphones into so you can listen to music. The iPhone 8 does not have this jack, so you must use wireless headphones, or an adapter so you can plug the headphones into the charging port.

 The iPhone 8 is slightly thicker and heavier than the 7.

Our phones now are able to have a lot of apps, the iPhone s8 just makes that even more relevant.  

The iPhone 8 has either 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB while it is also loaded with 3 GB worth of RAM (or the amount of apps and pictures).Samsung vs. Apple 2

The iPhone 8 in graphics can compete with the Samsung s8+. It also has a 5.1 inch by 5.5 inch screen.

The resolution on the 8 is 1,242 x 2,800 (or the graphics). On the contrary, the camera falls short compared to the s8+, the s8+ has 30mp and the 8 has 12mp

The colors are still the standard Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, as well as Rose Gold color, while the s8+ comes in Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, Coral Blue, and Grey.

There are the facts and comparisons about both of them, now you can pick which is better, the Samsung s8+ or the iPhone 8. What do you think of those two phones? Which one is better for your needs?

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Dodger Trivia: Did you know…?

Dodgers GifBy Theodore N.

Did you know the the LA Dodgers were in Brooklyn originally until they moved to Los Angeles in 1957.

The Dodgers were founded in 1883 this makes them the third oldest MLB team.

The Dodgers were the first team to have a African American player, that player was Jackie Robinson and his number 42 is a famous retired number for the LA Dodgers.

The Dodgers have won six previous World Series, 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, and 1988.

Dave Roberts is the current manager and was born May 31, 1972 (age 45),in  Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Before managing the Dodgers he was the manager of the San Diego Padres.

The Dodgers are considered to be the best MLB team by many to be the best team currently because they have the best normal season record, at 104 wins and 58 losses.

The Dodgers Home uniform is white with the red number of the Player, Dodgers in blue across the shirt with a blue hat, and blue socks.

The Dodgers Away uniform is light grey with the red number of the Player, Los Angeles in blue across the shirt with a blue hat, and blue socks.

Editor’s Note:  Did you know that Mrs. (Daco) Loewen named her daughter Brooklyn.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  

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Women’s National Soccer Team Wins Two Games

By Annabelle H.

Did you see the game? The U.S Women’s National Soccer Team just played this Thursday, October 19, and Sunday, October 22, in New Orleans. What a game!

“The U.S WNT last played in New Orleans, in the final game of 2015, which was also the farewell game for U.S. legend Abby Wambach, a 1-0 loss to China PR.”

U.S. Midfielder Carli Lloyd, made her first appearance in the second game after suffering a left ankle sprain playing for the Houston Dash, in the NWSL. Also known as the National Women’s Soccer League.

Twenty-one-year-old U.S. Midfielder, Andi Sullivan, also came back, from a torn ACL, from playing in a college playoff game.

Sadly, two of our own players were not able to play due to injuries. Tobin Heath, Midfielder, is out with an ankle injury and Defender Taylor Smith,  is out with a shoulder injury.

But on the bright side, the U.S.A. won, 3-1.Soccer

The first goal goes to Midfielder Julie Ertz, midfielder, in the twenty-third minute. A fantastic diving header into the goal off of a corner, giving U.S. the lead.

In the 40th minute, Forward Alex Morgan shot an incredible left-footed shot inside the box, into the back of the net, from an assist from defender, Kelley O’Hara.

With an added five minutes, Korean forward, Han Chaerin, scored from outside of the box, giving Korea a goal.

Into the second half, the forty-eighth minute,  Forward Megan Rapinoe, drew a penalty kick. With a couple of minutes to think, in the fifty-first minute Megan Rapinoe scored the last goal of the night.

Unfortunately,  forward Mallory Pugh had to come out of the game due to a hamstring injury. In result, Mallory couldn’t play the rest of the game and the second game against Korea Republic. U.S. soccer also announced that Midfielder Andi Sullivan returned to Stanford for a match against Oregon State. To fix the two absences, U.S Head Coach Jill Ellis, called up Midfielder McCall Zerboni to play.

Now let’s talk about the second game, the game that everyone has been babbling about. The game where Carli Lloyd made her first appearance since her injury, the game that the U.S. scored six goals and let no goals in!

In the third minute, Defender Abby Dahlkemper, took a corner from the left side and drove a ball all the way to the far post, where  Midfielder Sam Mewis, powered a header into the goal. In the twentieth minute, Mewis scored another goal!  Midfielder Lindsey Horan shot a driven ball to the goal, which was punched out by Korean Goalie Kang Gaae, and Mewis scored off of the rebound.

Fifteen minutes later, in the thirty-fifth minute, Alex Morgan passed a clean ball to Forward Christen Press, where she made space to shoot the ball. And stroke the ball into the upper right corner of the goal.

In the added minute of the first half, Abby Dahlkemper took a corner, but on the right side, and Julie Ertz headed the ball into the goal again! Just seconds before the whistle blew to signal the end of the first half.

The fifth goal was scored in the second half, in the sixty-oneth minute, when Megan Rapinoe slipped past the defenders on the right side, dribbling up the field, and drawing out the defender. That was when she sneaked the ball to Forward Lynn Williams, who took a shot and scored.

Ok, don’t worry this is the sixth and final goal, I promise. In the eighty-third minute, seven minutes away from the end of the game, Rapinoe served a ball to the goal, where the goalkeeper cleared out. Which went right to Lindsey Horan, who passed the ball to U.S. Midfielder Allie Long. Who sent it back into the goal!

Congratulations to the U.S Women’s National Team for winning two games this past week and letting in only one goal!

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Crazy California Climate Continues

By Luke C.

It’s Autumn right now, but it felt like it was still summer in Southern California last week. On Tuesday, Los Angeles actually had a record temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  But why is this happening?  It’s because of reasons like the Indian Summer and Global Warming.

An Indian summer, according to, is , “a period of mild, dry weather, usually accompanied by a hazy atmosphere, occurring usually in late October or early November and following a period of colder weather.”Weather map

This weather pattern happens for  a short period of time, then is replaced by the cool autumn breezes.  This is identical to the current weather pattern this week.  Before the heat, there was cooler weather for about a month, then the temperature rose.  On Sunday through Wednesday, the temperature increased from the 90s and 100s, then dropped to the 80s on Thursday through Saturday. Then finally the 70s starting on Sunday.

But it’s not just the Indian summer, either.  Global Warming might increase the heat of the Indian Summer.  According to The Press-Enterprise, global warming has increased the temperature of Southern California by 8-10 degrees fahrenheit.

This means any weather in Southern California will be 8-10 degrees hotter than usual. Since a typical Indian Summer was about 85 degrees in the coastal areas, it spiked to the 90s and 100s because of Global Warming.  The Inland Empire area is usually in the 100s in a typical Indian summer, so it rose to the 110s last week.

Some also say that this is connected to the recent fires in northern California and possibly to the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.  This makes sense, since they all point to Global warming as the reason for the increasingly powerful natural disasters.  Global warming keeps temperatures high, making fires more common.  It also increases the chance of hurricanes, since hot weather causes and fuels them.  Countless other disasters and extreme weather patterns get worse because of this.

So we have to be careful, from both the current weather and the weather to come.  We also have to be careful to keep the earth cool, for both the environment and us.

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Do You Have The Music In You?


By Kristina J.

Have you ever felt like you just want to stay at home, have a lazy day, and play some music, but you don’t know what song to play? Well, here are the top 20 songs of 2017! I am sure you’ll find one you like.

The first song on the list is Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

The second song is Attention by Charlie Puth

The third song is Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato

The fourth song is Slow Hands by Niall Horan

The fifth song is No Promises by Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato

The sixth song is Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes

The seventh song is Thunder by Imagine Dragons

The eighth song is Too Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith

The ninth song is Havana by Camila Cabello

The tenth song is Mi Gente by J Balvin & Willy William ft. Beyonce

The eleventh song is Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

The twelfth song is Friends by Justin Bieber

The thirteenth song is Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

The fourteenth song is Location by Khalid

The fifthteenth song is Despacito by Luis Fonsi

The sixteenth song is I’m The One by DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber

The seventeenth song is It Ain’t Me by Selena Gomez ft. Kygo

The eighteenth song is Humble by Kendrick Lamar

The nineteenth song is Something Just Like This by Coldplay

The last song is Believer by Imagine Dragons


Hope you found a song you can use when you’re with your friend and you want to party!


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Student Perspective: Social Media…Friend or Foe?

Social Media 2
By Kristina J.

Did you know that social media can cause pre-teens and teens to use drugs and alcohol? Yep! It’s true. The relationship between teenagers, social media, and drug use found that 70% of teenagers that are within the ages of twelve to seventeen that use social media also use drugs.

Those who interact with social media on a daily basis are five times most likely to use tobacco, three times most likely to drink alcohol, and two times most likely to use Marijuana; which is a type of drug. 40% out of the 70% admitted they have seen pictures of people using drugs under the influence of social media.

Unfortunately social media makes us compare ourselves with others. When people look at pictures of pretty girls or handsome boys, they tend to compare themselves to them. People also like to compare famous people’s lives with their own.

In 2012 a team of researchers from the UK did a survey on social media users. 53% of people said social media has changed their behavior. 51% out of the 53% said their behavior changed because of lack of confidence.

Also, two-thirds of people admitted to having difficulty relaxing when they are unable to use their social media accounts.

I am not saying to never use social media ever again. I am just asking you not to let it take over your life. It shouldn’t be your first priority. Your great just the way you are, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

For more information, visit the following website:

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DIY Your School Supplies

By Marina M.

Need some cool and cute ideas for school supplies?  These don’t  take much time at all and they are creative things for school with little money and effort.  From crafty pens to pencils to fun  DIY notebooks and organizers.  These cool crafts will keep you in style.

To make a DIY SuppliesDIY pencil pouch you take a plain case and you can buy from Amazon, then take some sharpies and make any cute designs you want to put on it.  You can put all the pens, pencils and more.

If your locker is plain and you  need something to put on it then these will be perfect, emoji locker magnets.  You will need circular yellow magnets, sharpies, and a black pen.  Draw your favorite emojis and put it on your locker.

These DIY handmade bookmarks can take ten minutes to do and you can use them for all your books.  You will need decorative paper to make it look cute, yarn, anything you want to put on it do decorate the way you like, scissors, and a hole puncher.  Cut the paper rectangular and make the corners round and use the hole puncher to make a hole on the top of the bookmark.  Then tie the yarn into the hole and decorate your bookmarks with things you love.

Do you want some pencils that are cute and festive?   Well try doing this DIY confetti pencils at home.  The materials you will need is pencils, white spray paint, painter’s tape, hole reinforcement labels, colored acrylic paint, and paintbrushes.  Tape any parts of the pencils that you don’t want spray painted white, spray paint your pencils white.  Once your pencils are completely dry, start sticking your reinforcement stickers along the length of your pencil.  Start painting your confetti spots.  Once your spots are completely dry remove the stickers.  And there you go cute and festive pencils.

This denim covered can is perfect for markers, pencils, pens, and scissors.  Use scrap fabric and recycled blue jeans to make this fun pencil holder for school or your desk. A fun recycling project for any age.  You will need a can.  Then cut a piece of your old jeans and wrap it around the can.  Decorate it with scrap fabric and make it how you would like.

All these DIY are fun activities you can do at home.  They make the simplest things into something that makes it look fun and festive for anyone to enjoy.

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Student Perspective: What Makes A Good Student?

A Student

By Katie S.

There are many fantastic students here at Richardson. Have you ever wondered what makes them so admirable? Are they nice? Hard-working? Passionate?

Maybe you, too, are one of those great students, or possibly would like to become one. Here is what one teacher has to say about it.

“A good student should come to class ready to learn, have a positive attitude, and be willing to put in extra effort,” said  Mrs. Ryan Beck, who teaches Leadership and P.E. at RMS.

Richardson teachers have high expectations for their students. Parents do, too.

Many say that “students should always do their homework and be on top of their assignments.”

Sixth Grader Samara S. is a good student and works hard in school. “Good students follow directions, listen well, and complete their work on time,” she said.

The purpose of school is to learn and to be successful later in life, and for most, this includes going to college and getting a good job. Some characteristics that many colleges look for in a student are leadership skills, commitment, openness, ambition, curiosity, and a good work ethic.

One similarity that all “A” students have is the desire to accomplish great things, and the determination to work hard, learn a lot, and get really good grades.

Hopefully everyone at Richardson is determined to do good in school. Teachers appreciate students that participate, are respectful, try their best during class, and put thought into their assignments and complete them on time.

Do you think these characteristics of a good student describe you? Not everyone has all of these qualities, but every student at Richardson has a story, and everyone has a goal. Whatever that goal may be, these qualities will help you get there.

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Student Perspective: Future Inventions


By Sarah S. 

I know many of us middle schoolers and even teachers or parents can think of some things they wish someone had invented. For example, it would be awesome if everyone had their own personal robot to do their homework for them! Well… maybe that was a bad example, but let’s be honest, we were all thinking it.

Okay, so a robot to do your homework is out of the question. Maybe we could have a robot to do something nice for the environment, like picking up trash or sucking up pollution to stop global warming, even though we should not be littering or polluting in the first place. Or maybe the inventions could do something nice for the community. An example is helping the elderly and even starting fundraisers. It would be easier for a robot to do all of these things for us, but we should be doing most of these things ourselves.

Here are some things that my fellow classmates think should be invented.

How about a computer that projects a holographic image or video so you can take notes while watching it?

“I think many people can get a lot out use out of this”, said Seventh Grader Genesis O. She thinks this would be a very effective way to take notes, and it will save you time.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if there was invisibility spray? You could just spray some liquid all over your body and you would be invisible to everybody. You could sneak up on your friends and give them a scare on Halloween. Maybe even pull a prank on them.

“This would be a fun product to use with your friends,” said Sixth Grader Jayhee S.

If a teleportation device were invented it would be selling out in no time. I know many of us don’t like being late to class, dinners, or events; so with this product you will be sure not to be late again. It would be awesome if we had a door that can transport us to places we need to go. It wouldn’t be a very good way to get exercise, but you can still exercise other times.

“You wouldn’t have to rush to places because you would be there in just seconds,” said Sixth Grader Mina G.

All of these product ideas would be really fun and very useful in everyday life. There are many things that some of us could use today. If you have ideas about things you would find useful to be invented then you can talk to the Journalism Staff and we will take it into consideration about writing another article.  

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How Can We Conserve Water?

By Katie S.

Water conservation is very important in Southern California. We have experienced many droughts over the past century, the most recent having just ended this year. Southern California receives very little rainfall, so we are thankful for El Niño, which occurred last winter. It brought heavy rains and ended the drought. To prevent another drought, we must do everything we can to conserve water.

There are many things you can do to conserve water in your bathroom. One thing you can do is to turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Water comes out of the average faucet at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. That’s a lot of water you can save if you turn off your faucet off as often as you can, whether that’s while brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or doing anything else.Water

Instead of wasting water by washing your car with a hose, convince your parents to head to a car wash that recycles water. Plant drought-tolerant plants at home, such as succulents or other water-wise ground cover. Water outdoor plants early in the morning or late at night in order to lose less water to evaporation. Even better, try to water them with recycled water that you have used earlier that day.

Try to take short showers. Inefficient, older shower heads can use as much as five gallons of water per minute. Try investing in more efficient fixtures, such as water conserving shower heads and faucets, or even a low-flow toilet. Don’t run your dishwasher or washing machine until it’s full, either.

Another way to conserve water, even if you don’t realize it, is by using less electricity. Power plants use thousands of gallons of water to cool, so by conserving electricity you’re conserving water, too.

The average American household uses four hundred gallons of water per day. Do your part to reduce this amount by conserving water any way you can.

For more information on how you can conserve water, visit

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Shake, Rattle and Roll: Are you prepared?

Emergency KitBy Katie S.

Earthquakes are the most dangerous and likely natural disaster to happen here in Southern California and in Mexico. As you probably know, a major earthquake occurred in central Mexico several weeks ago, and scientists are now warning Los Angeles residents that the nearby San Andreas fault seems overdue for a major quake.

The deadly earthquake that shook Mexico on September 19, 2017 was a 7.1 quake that occurred on a fault within the Cocos plate. The area it struck was built upon an ancient dry lake bed, which quivered like jello during the earthquake, increasing the vibration of the earthquake.

The day the earthquake hit Mexico was the 32nd anniversary of an earthquake that hit Mexico city in 1985, which had a death toll of around 10,000 people. To commemorate the deadly quake, a national earthquake drill was held on the anniversary, at around 11:00 am, two hours before the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck.

The drill was fortunate, and the timing of the quake was surprising, but still, the death toll of this recent earthquake now stands at about three hundred and forty-five. Two hundred and fourteen of these deaths came from Mexico City.

Mexico is now recovering, and seismologists predict a “Big One” is overdue to hit Southern California. Scientists cannot yet forecast earthquakes with any precision, but are warning residents to be prepared for a powerful earthquake sometime in the near future.

The “Big One” is an earthquake predicted by scientists that will possibly have a magnitude of 8.0 or greater. It will certainly be deadly and will cause over one hundred billion dollars in damage but we can be prepared. 

Everyone who lives in California should be prepared for the big, powerful earthquakes. But they definitely don’t happen every day, nor every year. Many are so small you can’t even feel them. But just in case a monster earthquake does hit Southern California, every family should be equipped with an earthquake kit.

In your earthquake kit, you should have many gallons of water, non-perishable food, a working flashlight, a dust mask, a portable radio, a first aid kit, a whistle to alert help, medications, emergency cash and whatever else you feel your family might need. 

Earthquakes are common in California. Don’t be caught unprepared! Talk to your family about making your emergency earthquake kit today.

Editor’s Note:  In order to prepare for earthquakes at school, drills are held. On October 10:19AM, a school-wide earthquake drill was held.   An “earthquake” was announced.  Students got under their desks and when the “all clear” single was given, students were escorted to the field and lined up in their classes.  Roll was taken and turned in so students could be accounted for and teams of adults were set out to find students who were not on the field.

RMS drills are used for earthquakes, lockdowns, and fires.  Please take these drills seriously when they are called. They can save your life!

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All Girls Welcome!


By  Theodore N.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) were founded in February 10, 1910. The founders are Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, Daniel Carter Beard, Ernest Thompson Seton and William D. Boycel.

This program is about teaching boys about recreation in the outdoors and respecting nature. The BSA has this system of badges that require you to do different activities to earn they are called Merit Badges 21 they are required to earn Eagle Scout, the highest rank of Boy Scouts. 

Now this has changed  because of, Mike Sarbaugh,  the C.E.O. of the Boy Scouts. He held a vote with his volunteer council to vote on letting girls in the Boy Scouts.

Today the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) opens a new chapter in our history with a unanimous vote to welcome girls to Cub through Eagle Rank,” said Sarbaugh.

Boys and girls will have separate packs and troops, but pack and troops may be co-ed if troop masters allow it.

The learning curriculum and rank advancement will not change, and neither will the uniform, but the styling will change so that girls can also wear it.

The only change that will occur will be a change in the Youth Protection Policy. The most important change will be that when boys and girls are present in a Boy Scout activity, there has to be both a male and female leader present. Both leaders or volunteers must be registered in the BSA.

Welcome girls to Boy Scouts!

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Student Perspective: Furious Fires

Disneyland fires

By Sally M. and Ellie H.

Imagine coming home from school only to find nothing but ashes, burned up debris, and maybe a couple of recognizable items from what was once your bedroom . This is what many people have been facing recently due to over thirty fires in Northern California.

Over 900 people have been reported missing since Sunday, October 8. According to BBC News, “A few missing persons have been found, but most are still under investigation.”

“These fires have destroyed structures and continues to threaten thousands of homes, necessitating the evacuation of thousands of residents,” said Governor Jerry Brown. “President Donald Trump has approved of a disaster declaration for the fire-ravaged state, allowing federal emergency aid to be sent” (“California Fires: Thirteen Dead in Wine Country”).

These fires are among the deadliest in all of California’s history and have burned down many wineries, homes, and even some marijuana farms. Fires in Napa Valley have sent smoke about 60 miles south to San Francisco.

Even fires in Anaheim made the skies in Disneyland impossible to breathe in. Annual pass holder Nate Griffey said to BBC that “You did have to watch out so you didn’t get ashes in your eye and make sure you didn’t inhale.”

These terrifying flames burned more than 1,500 homes in total and caused 31 deaths (Fire Coverages, LA Times). These fires covered more than 210,000 acres in total and caused many major road closures (Fire Coverages, LA Times).

The blazing wildfire unfortunately spread to the neighborhood of Anaheim and many million dollar homes are lost. If you were there, you would have saw thousands of families packed in their cars and literally being chased away from their homes by the fire (Canyon Fire).

Thankfully, many firefighters and neighbors spread the word of the fire, when the alarm on people’s phones failed to inform the people (CNN News). Many people were seen driving around and knocking on people’s doors, to inform families to evacuate (CNN News, Facebook).

Cindy Carcano explained the experience she had, “People fled to the beaches, there were people huddled on the cold asphalt, and some slept in their cars. We were so thankful that Ginocchio Restaurant were there to help. They served 300 meals for free to many of us” (Fire Coverages, LA Times).

The ashes that you found on your car, in your face, and on your windows used to be parts of someone’s home. Thousands of people have lost everything they had and many firefighters are risking their lives to contain the fire. All of our prayers go out to the victims and we hope they can find shelter and food.

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Student Narrative: “Flawed”


By Sally M.

Indecisive. Unintelligent. Competitive. Everyone is flawed. Everyone has one major flaw. And it’s out for everyone to see.


That’s what I’ve been labelled as. Literally. When I was two months old they tattooed it on my arm for the world to see.

You see, the thing with this is that people see your flaw and judge you.

I’ve been rejected and I’ve rejected. My label constantly made me feel bad about myself. Meeting Ruby changed all that.

I was walking across the street when I noticed her walking beside me.

“Hello.” she said.

I guessed she was talking to someone else so I ignored her, but soon realized we were the only ones crossing. Once we crossed the street I kept walking down the sidewalk to get to my bus stop. She kept following me, so I tried to peek at her arm to see what she was labelled as.

“Trying to judge me already?” she laughed.

I looked down, embarrassed.

“It’s fine. You could’ve just asked you know, I would’ve told you.”

I decided that she’s a good person and I didn’t want to know her flaw because it might ruin my perspective of her. I shook my head and we kept walking.

“I’m Ruby, by the way.”

“Hazel, nice to meet you.”

We kept walking and after a moment of silence, I decided to tell her my flaw.

“Stubborn.” I said, “That’s my label.”

“Um… Strong-minded.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You and everyone else sees ‘stubborn’. I see ‘strong-minded’.”

“But my tattoo-”

“Only knows negativity. The people that label everyone lack imagination. Our tattoos tell us who to be and we act like what it says because we think we’re supposed to. It’s not who we are. It’s what we think we have to be.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well, if someone was labelled ‘emotionless’ in a world where people labelled clumsy are clumsy, they probably won’t say how they feel. If there weren’t any labels, don’t you think that person would try to express themselves?”

“Well, I guess so. Is that why you see ‘strong-minded’ when everyone else sees ‘stubborn’?”

“Yup. I see what people would be if we didn’t have labels.”

“So what about ‘bossy’?”






“I never thought about it that way.”

“No one ever does.”

We got to the bus stop and I didn’t want to leave, but I knew I had to get home.

“Oh, I have to go now.” I said.

“Oh, alright. Bye then.”

She turned to leave and as she did I saw her tattoo.


I saw abandoned.

The bus came to a stop in front of me and the doors opened. I hesitated and the bus driver asked if I was coming on.

I looked back at Ruby walking away and I wondered where she was going. Home, to her family? Or maybe home, to no one at all.

“Excuse me? Are you getting on this bus or not?” the bus driver asked again, annoyed.


I turned back to Ruby. She was about to turn the corner. I couldn’t catch up to her anyway.

“Yeah, sorry.”

I got on the bus and sat down. It passed by Ruby and I saw her tattoo again. It said the same thing, except the ink looked boldened.

I felt as if my own tattoo had changed.

‘You abandoned her’.

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Personal Hygiene Matters


By Theodore N. and Marina M.

With the hot weather, the need for personal hygiene becomes most important.

We all sweat because it is our body’s way to cool down and yet we spend 18 billion dollars trying to stop the sweating.

Deodorant contains some anti-bacteria powder to stop the stink before it occurs.

Sweat can be acted upon by skin bacteria to produce odoriferous compounds so cleanliness is important to remove sweat as well as the bacteria that caused the odor.

Being clean is important, so always take showers, wash your hair, and wear deodorant despite the weather. 

It is just the “neighborly” thing to do!  

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Group Costumes Scare Up Fun

Emoji costumesBy Marina M.

Do you still have no clue what you want to be for Halloween and it is in less than one week? These are some really cute Halloween costumes you can do as a group with your friends for girls and boys.

Girls?  Do you want to do group costumes with your friends, but you guys just can’t decide what to do.  Well maybe you can be Emojis.  All you get is plain yellow shirts.  Each person can pick an Emoji.  For the heart eyes emoji you would print out two big heart eyes and the black smiley face.  If you want to make it cuter, then you should wear a yellow or black tutu.

Do you have a group of seven people?  You can be the Seven Dwarfs!  All you need is a t-shirt that has every dwarf’s personality and then you could just get the belts and wear beanies.  

Do you like social media?  Then just be social media with all your friends! Each person pick a media logo and print it and put it on white t-shirts.

Some things you can do with two people are angel and devil, Mario and Luigi, Mike and Sully, M&Ms, fruits, or super heroes.

There are so many fun and last minute ideas you can do with all your friends.  From having a small group to a big group, these DIY costumes would look super cute and you will be in style.

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Halloween Holds Tradition

Happy Halloween

By Kristina J. and Samara SN.

Did you know that Halloween’s original name was All Hallows Eve? You would think that it would have stayed Halloween right? Well, I guess not.  

Halloween was originated with the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain. People would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as a time to honor all saints and martyrs, the holiday All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The day before All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve and later Halloween.

Over time Halloween evolved into a secular, community-based event characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating.

In a number of countries around the world, as the days get shorter and the nights get colder, people continue to usher in the winter season with gatherings, costumes, and sweet treats.

Celts who lived two thousand years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the U.K and Northern France celebrated their new year on November 1st.

The night of October 31st they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned.

To commemorate the event, druids built huge sacred bonfires, where the people gathered to burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic deities.

The Celts wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins. They attempted to tell each other’s fortunes.

The course of the 400 years that they ruled the Celtic lands, two festivals of Roman origin were combined with the traditional celtic celebration of Samhain. The first festival was Feralia, a day in late October when the Romans traditionally commemorated the passing of the dead. The second one was a day to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees.

Pope Gregory III later expanded the festival to include all saints. May 13th to November 1st.

Halloween was much more common in Maryland and Southern Colonies. But, as the beliefs and customs of different European ethnic groups as well as the American version of Halloween began to emerge. The first celebration in America included ¨ Play Parties,¨ public events held to celebrate the harvest, were neighbors would tell stories of the dead. Festivities also included mischief of all kinds.

Taking from Irish to English traditions, Americans began to dress up in costumes and go house to house asking for food or money, a practice that eventually became today’s trick-or-treating.

In the late 1800’s there was a move in America to mold Halloween into a holiday more about community and neighborly get-togethers than about ghosts, pranks, and witchcraft. Parents were encouraged by newspapers and community leaders to take anything “frightening” out of Halloween.

By the 1920’s and 1930’s Halloween had become a secular, but community based holiday.

Trick-or-treating was a relatively expensive way for an entire community to share the Halloween celebration. Families could prevent tricks being played on them by giving out small treats to children. Today, Americans spend an estimated $6 billion annually on Halloween, making it the county’s second largest commercial Holiday.

Well, now you know how Halloween came to be. I know the last thing you want to do is learn more then you already do, but when you are learning about something fun, is it really that bad?

Happy Halloween Everybody!


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Go Dodgers, Go!

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers, National League Champions! 

dodger symbol 

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Did You See The Total Eclipse Of The Sun?

Solar e

By Andrew Y.

August 2017 kids all over the United States got a glimpse of how the moon covered the sun for two to twelve minutes. The last time we saw it was in 1979.

Many scientists don’t recommend looking into the solar eclipse with the naked eye, because it could hurt your eyes so use the proper eclipse glasses.

If you didn’t want to go buy a pair, you could have DIY (do it yourself)  with six simple steps.

1st You need an empty cereal box a piece of white paper,

2nd Trace the bottom of the shape you want, next cut it out.

3rd Tape the inside of the box to the bottom close the top of the box.

4th Close the top of the box,

5th Cut two holes on the left and right side.

6th Last, place tin foil over the holes.

From 9:48 a.m. till 12:05 p.m. people in the United States saw this amazing sight, many kids did not even knowing what they’re experiencing.

Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina were some of the best places to go and see the eclipse.

The solar eclipse is ancient, surprisingly it was recorded as late as July 28, 1851.

A solar eclipse is when the sun is completely covered by the moon and our earth goes into a state of darkness for several minutes.

On the other hand a lunar eclipse is when the moon covers the center of the sun that is the main two differences between lunar and solar eclipse.

The next solar eclipse will be April 8, 2024. How old will you be?

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Run, Forest, Run

Marathon, black silhouettes of runners on the sunset

By Alex P.

Do you like to run? There’s a club for that! RMS is introducing a Running Club and they’re having their first meeting at 3:15pm to 3:45pm in the cafeteria after school on Wednesday. This club is going to be great for all you runners out there. If you want to check it out you can go but you don’t have to join if you don’t want to. The Running Club’s first run is on the October 25th.

The Running Club meets after school every Wednesday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm so remember to bring your running shoes! But maybe running isn’t your kind of thing. RMS is also introducing an Environmental Club they meet every Monday. The Environmental Club aims to make Richardson Middle School a more environmental-friendly place. Last year, they participated in a trash-free lunch; their goal was to reduce the amount of trash our school generated.

If you’re not into either of those clubs you can check out more. Go to to check them out. You could join Drumline, Game Club, or Jazz Club to name a few. To find the clubs just go to the Richardson website hover your mouse over activities and it says clubs on the second tab.

Information for Environmental Club was taken from

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What Will You Be For Halloween?

Harry Potter

By Emily D.

I remember last Halloween I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to dress up as. Are you stumped, too? Well, here are a few ideas on what you could dress up as for this great, fun holiday!

Do you want to do something fun with your friend?

  1. Are you into Harry Potter? I am! All you need is a black bathrobe, a white collared shirt, and a tie! Your tie should be the colors of the house you’re in. You can add details, too. For example, if you’re being Harry Potter, you should draw his scar and throw on circular glasses. You’ll look magical!
  2. Dressing up as social media is so easy and fun! Twitter is a great app to dress up as. Get a blue dress and then just print out a white bird and stick it on your shirt.  You can also dress up as Snapchat. You can get a yellow dress and then put a ghost on your shirt. You’ll look amazing!
  3. Superheroes are super fun to dress up as a famous superhero is Spiderman. Get a plain red onesie and draw the web all over it. Another one is Superman. Just get a plain blue onesie and put his logo on it. Now you’re ready to save the world!

Do you want to do your own thing?

  1. Since Halloween is bringing back the dead, you can be an angel! To be an angel, get a long white dress, a white headband, glue, and two white pipe cleaners. Take the headband and glue on one of the pipe cleaners to make it stick up. Then make the other pipe cleaner into a circle shape and glue it to the top of the other pipe cleaner. You’ll look heavenly!
  2. I love fruit. Fruit is yummy and it’s cute and easy to dress up as one! A popular one is a strawberry. Just get a plain red dress, and draw dots all over it. Then get a green headband and some fake flowers from Michaels. Cut off the leaves, and glue the leaves onto the headband. You’ll look so sweet!
  3. Witches are definitely a go to for a Halloween costume! Just get a black dress and a witch hat. You can add makeup to make it even more realistic. Watch out for this wicked witch!

I hope you have a few ideas to look great on Halloween night! You’ll look awesome! By the way, read Amber K. and Karina F.’s article to find out some more DIYs for Halloween!

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Feeling Sick? Go To The Health Office

  • Students – Please be aware that you are not allowed to call your parent directly if you are not feeling well. Please go to the Health Office first.


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8th Grade Hearing and Vision Testing To Be Held


  • Attention all 8th   Graders: We will be conducting vision and hearing testing this Thursday. If you wear glasses or contacts please make sure you wear them Thursday of this week.

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Student Poetry: Popular

By Ellie H.

I’m nothing compared to the popular kids

I refuse to believe that

Other people can become popular


It’s true that

Doing drugs

Makes you cooler than

reading books


I’ll tell you this

Once upon a time

Working hard got you recognition

But, that is not the mission


Using foul language will be the norm

I’d be mistaken if

Saying,”please,” and, “thank you,” has a positive impact

I agree that

Our generation is becoming more disrespectful

It’s untrue that

There are people like me in the world



Will continue to reign over



My peers exclude and disrespect people

It will be an embarrassment if

good always wins



is cooler than

making friends


I’m not willing to stand up for myself


I can’t expect to become popular


It will be evident that

Nice people can gain popularity

Is a lie

Only breaking the rules makes you popular


Nobody looks or listens to me

Because I cannot accept under any circumstances that

One day I’ll be liked by everyone

Popular people will change the generations, unless we choose to reverse it


(Read up from this line and reverse it)

Editor’s Note: Did you write something that you are proud of and would like in the newspaper?  Just send it to Mrs. Bezich for publication consideration.  

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Fun Fall Activities For All


By Karina F. 

Summer is long gone and fall has arrived. Those long summer days in the sun where so much fun. But we can make fall just as exciting, and fun with some awesome fall activities to keep you busy and always hyped!

The first autumn inspired activity you can do is a fallacious photoshoot! Get  friends, camera, props and start snapping! Go to a local park, or even your backyard, and get some fake leaves, a Starbucks cup, or fairy lights as sweet props to get into that #fallvibe! Some cute outfit ideas as well are comfy clothes such as scarfs, cute sweaters, jeans, and lace up boots. Definitely a cute idea, the pics turn out really cute and remind you of how fun fall can be!

Let’s pumpkin spice it up with pumpkin party picnic! Get a blanket, some fall treats, and grab a friend to a have a really fun picnic. You can do it at the park or anywhere with a grassy patch. Maybe even try it at a pumpkin patch! It’s just a really nice way to hang with a friend, have a taste of autumn as well, and get that fall feeling on!

Another super fun way to fall in love with that autumn vibe is to put on a fall bake sale. It is so fun to bake some tasty fall treats with flavors like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, caramel! Try treats such as pumpkin bread, caramel apples, muffins, cinnabuns, or fall cakes. Set up a fall inspired stand that says bake sale on it. I am sure the sweet smell of delicious treats will warm the air and spread the fall spirit.

Try new things! Try doing fall activities that you have never done before, whether it is a game, eating something, or wearing something. Try a new food fall themed, like pumpkin spice candies. You could also try to make a fall decor piece, or maybe try a fall inspired makeup look, for all of us girls out there!

Fall might seem as exciting as you think but once you get to know it better through fun activities it really becomes a super fun season in which is contagious! Hope you got some ideas, and got into the #fallvibe!

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What Are Kids Up To Now?

By Ellie H. and Harry K.

Kids, mainly teenagers, are extremely unpredictable. Who knows what we are doing these days? If you compared the things we do today to the 1900s, one word to describe it would be , “Wow”.

Children have gone totally crazy with trends from arm movements, to 100 layers of everything. Let’s talk about what kids are paying for these days. Yes I know we don’t like to bring the topic up, but fidget spinners.

diamond spinner

There are so many types. They range from diamond encrusted ones to ones with superheroes on them. They cost from three dollars to hundreds dollars and their amazing ability is to just spin.

This trend can be found all around at schools and countries. Nobody has talked about anything else.

If you think this trend is whack, have you heard about 100 layers of anything?

100 layers

Some trends have taken over youtube entirely and this is applying 100 layers of anything to themselves. Some examples are nail polish, hair spray, lipstick, and eyeliner. Many Youtubers have dedicated many hours to applying 100 layers of something and uploading it. Some people have even decided to put their own twist to this trend and put 100 layers of glue on their faces or hands. (We do not recommend this because it can hurt your skin and causes serious rashes.)

Have you ever head of fur nails.  This crazy trend has become a huge deal among the young in this decade.  People will spend large amounts of money to glue fur to their nails. From crazy colors to leather, people will buy anything.  The great thing about fur nails is that your hands will always be soft.  If you search this up on the Internet you will see incredible designs that you would have never thought was possible. This is just one of the trends this year.

Fur Nails OneOur generation is constantly changing and thinking of new things to spend their time on.  

In a few years, we may view these trends as “Horrifying”, “Ugly”, and “Just plain out weird,”  but we enjoyed these exotic, strange, and weird trends now.

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Local Pumpkin Patches Ready For Visitors


By Emily D.

I am so excited for Halloween, aren’t you? Not only because of the costumes, the decorations, and the candy, but the pumpkin carving too. But where are you going to find a pumpkin. Well, here’s a couple places you can find some pumpkins!

At Trader Joe’s, you can get a traditional orange pumpkin for $2.99. You can get pumpkins in unusual colors or shapes for $5.99. Or you could get the little mini pumpkins for 99 cents. It’s such a great deal.

There are also plenty of pumpkin patches near us. One very close is Shawn’s Pumpkin Patch. This is in Santa Monica. It has lots of fun activities there. The location is 3443 S. Sepulveda Blvd. You can also call (323) 325-6314. It’s guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Another one is Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch. Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch opens October sixth and ends on the thirtieth. On Sunday through Thursday, it’s open from nine A.M. to eight P.M. On Friday and Saturday, it’s open from nine A.M. to nine P.M. It’s located on 10100 Jefferson Blvd in Culver City. Their phone number is (310) 276-9827.

Last weekend Green Hills Memorial gave out free pumpkins. It’s probably pretty scary to be going to a cemetery during the Halloween season, but you can get a free pumpkin. They hold this every year, did you get yours?

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Did You See The Great Pumpkin?

Union 76 Pumpkin

By Emily D.

Have you ever heard of the Union Seventy-six? Or the great pumpkin? If you haven’t heard of this, here’s a little bit about the World’s Biggest Jack O’ Lantern!

The World’s Biggest Jack O’ Lantern is in Wilmington. A three-million gallon storage tank is painted to look like a pumpkin. It’s been around since 1952. Because of it’s size and location, it can be seen for miles. If it were be filled with actual pumpkins, there would be enough to make 26,800,000 pumpkin pies!

They also hand out kettle corn! The refinery expects 20,000 people to go see the Jack O’ Lantern up close. You can see it and get the popcorn on October thirtieth and thirty-first from 6 to 9 p.m. 

To paint the pumpkin they need more than 100 gallons of orange, black, and white paint. That’s a lot of paint!

It’s located on 1660 Anaheim Street, Wilmington, CA 90744, between the Harbor Freeway and Gaffey Street.

I can’t wait for the thirtieth and thirty-first! Make sure to stop by and see the biggest pumpkin in the world!

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Student Perspective: Should School Start Later Every Day?


By Elliot L. and Dillon M. 

A later start is much needed at Richardson but, how will it affect us students?

“People have other stuff to do other than school, kids are rushed in the morning to go to school, during breakfast you can take your time,” said Eighth Grader Ellie H.

But, Sixth Grader Skye R. thinks differently.

“I don’t want to get out at four, which would be the time we get out if school started late,“ said Skye.

We have late start for an hour before school starts for a group called ‘professional learning’,” which is an hour for teachers to meet together and discuss new ideas.

“There is a bit of discussion going on but, it’s unlikely we’ll get a later start any time soon,”said Assistant Principal Ian McCullen.  

Studies have been done about kids not getting enough sleep before school. Most of the studies say that kids from six to thirteen need at least nine hours of sleep. That means that if you want to get up at 6:30AM every morning you need to go bed at 9:30PM in order to meet that minimum.  

The problem most kids have on school days is not getting enough sleep. This can reflect poorly on schoolwork and behavior. Most middle schoolers are accustomed to going to bed late for a number of different reasons and it’s affecting them. Kids can’t give it 100% every day at school, but a late start could fix that. People could get more sleep and, be more well-rested. This would possibly benefit the learning community and improve the overall grade average.

But the downside is that afternoon activities that take place at four would have to be moved back which will get in the way of other important things. A lot of people have sport practices right after school and kids also might not have enough time to do homework. Kids might be forced to stay up even longer than they are presently.

Also, a lot of parents work early hours so, they don’t have a place for their children to go after they leave for work. As a result, they are forced to bring their children to school early.

Many people have different opinions about having late start everyday or just sticking to the daily schedule.  What do you think?

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The Great Pumpkin Hunt Comes To Palos Verdes

Crow Botanical GardensBy Chloe H.

Want to do something fun for Halloween that is close by?  Check this out.

On October 1st- November 30th South Coast Botanical Garden has The Great Pumpkin Hunt! Come with your family to 26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274.

Help find the missing pumpkin patch.

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Organize Your School Supplies


By Sarah S. and Marina M.

Do you want to keep all your supplies organized for school? By following these tips you can keep your papers and supplies organized for school and your everyday life.

It is always a good idea to get a binder to keep all of your supplies in one place. It helps to use folders or dividers to separate your work for every class.

Remember to put your papers back in the right place so you will know where they are when you need them later. It also helps to go through your binder once in awhile and clean out papers that you don’t need anymore.

A good way to keep supplies such as pencils, pens, scissors, glue sticks and erasers organized is by using a pencil pouch. Using a pencil pouch will help you keep your supplies together. You will also know where your things are when you need them next.

Having a pencil pouch with multiple pockets allows you to separate your supplies for easier access.

Keeping track of what needs to be done when is important. Having a planner will help you know what assignments you need to do and the upcoming events. It will help you to remember important dates and turn your projects in on time.

However you choose to organize your things, you need to make sure to put things in the right place throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to spend a little extra time each week to clean-out your binder and/or folders and make sure your supplies are where they belong.

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Smile For The Camera!


Don’t forget make-up pictures will be this coming Monday, October 16th. You can come by the office to pick up an order envelope or ask your teacher.

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Do It Yourself Halloween Tips Shared

By Amber K. and Karina F.

Halloween is coming up, and everyone wants to know what to dress up for, how to decorate their homes, how to make delicious spooky treats, and how to carve their pumpkin! Get spiced up with this a guide on DIY Halloween Essentials so it can get your creative juices flowing and your Halloween spirits lifted!

Spooky Treats

Treats are a big part of the Halloween vibe! We all want to make cute treats inspired by some of our favorite Halloween spooks. So here are some delicious treats to get you ready and excited for Halloween!

  1. Creepy Krispies-Rice Krispies decorated as your favorite Halloween creatures!
  2. Cookie graves-Cookies of your choice decorated as graves.
  3. Spider and skull pops-Cake pops decorated as Spiders and skulls.
  4. Graveyard Brownies-Brownies with frosting and candy to decorate to make it look like a graveyard!

Cute Costumes

If you don’t have a costume for the biggest night of the year, don’t worry! These costumes are easy, cute, and perfect!

  1. Have the berry best strawberry costume ever!- Wear an oversized red sweater with white dots and a headband with green leaves!
  2. Be bad as a devil but cute as a button!- Dress in all black with a headband which has horns, and a little trident!
  3. Magical unicorns are good for little 3-year olds to 30-year olds!- Get a rainbow tutu, a pink shirt, a headband with a sparkly horn, as well as some sparkly rainbow makeup.
  4. Everyone wants to dress up in a sweet costume! Well nothing gets better than this cute Skittles costume!- Get a colored over-sized shirt and slap a white “s” sticker on the shirt, and you’re done!

For more information on costumes, check out Emily D.’s article on Halloween Costumes!

Halloween Decor

I don’t know about you, but I love to get my house spooked up for Halloween and our trick-or-treaters! Well this can help you get the coolest decorations ever and creep some people out!!

  1. Gallon Ghosts; if you don’t have pumpkins, these are a great replacement!- Get an empty gallon, draw a spooky face, and pop some Christmas or fairy lights inside!
  2. Spooky Spiral a easy way to dress up your door for Halloween is to cover it in a DIY spider web! – Get some white string and start covering your door in crazy patterns, and also get some fake spiders to add on to the spooky cute theme! 
  3. Mummy Mania these awesome jar decor will really light up your Halloween and add a cute touch- get a mason jar and wrap it with toilet paper, stick on some googly eyes and put some candles inside to light up the night.
  4. Scary Vases a nice way to spice up your Halloween is with this awesome candy vase – get a empty vase and fill it with candy corns and other fun Halloween themed candy, and stick some fall colored flowers in it as well. Boom! The perfect creeping cute vase decor!

We hope these DIY Halloween essentials helped you get ready for Halloween! Thanks for reading and have a great Halloween! #besthalloweenever!

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What’s In Your Trick-or-Treat Bag?

By Katie S. and Genesis O.

Have you been wondering what will be the candy to grab this year? Make sure to stash your Halloween treat bags with RMS’s favorite Halloween candy.

Is it Hershey’s? Kit Kats? Snickers? Skittles?

Fifty people were interviewed at Richardson, and these are the top ten favorite Halloween candies:

  1. Kit Kat
  2. Twix
  3. Hershey’s
  4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  5. Snickers
  6. Jolly Ranchers
  7. Candy Corn
  8. Blow Pops
  9. Sour Patch
  10. M&Ms

Seventh grader Sophia F. is one of the many people at RMS who likes Kit Kats.

“I really like Kit Kats. I look forward to eating them every Halloween,” said Sophia.

Mr. Ian Drummond, the Principal of Richardson Middle School, though, has a different opinion.

“My favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because I love how they come in all different sizes. I feel less guilty eating the little ones, but then I end up eating about twenty of them,” said Drummond.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups came in fourth place on the top ten list, but they are still one of the most popular Halloween candies and are very tasty.

Maybe you’re favorite candy didn’t make the top ten list. That’s okay. This Halloween, make sure you try new candies that maybe you thought you didn’t like. They might surprise you!

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Part 6: Meet the Journalism Staff


                                                         Marina M. 

By Sarah S.

Have you met 6th grader Marina M.? If not then let me introduce you to her.

Marina enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, but that’s not all she can do. She practiced gymnastics and ice skating for several years when she was in elementary school.

Marina enjoys watching YouTube. The most inspirational YouTuber to her is Luhsetty. She inspires her because she gives helpful tips for everyday life. Also, she inspires people to love themselves.

Marina loves all animals, but she has a special place in her heart for dogs. She thinks they are a great pet to have and she especially loves them for their loyalty, knowledge and playfulness.

Marina’s favorite restaurant to eat at is The Cheesecake Factory. Her favorite thing to get there is the Chicken Madeira.

“I love how all of the different flavors go together so well,¨ said Marina.

It is so savory and she gets it every time. She loves their bread with the blue cheese dressing. She cannot go without getting her favorite meal. The funny thing about Marina loving the Cheesecake Factory is she doesn’t like cheesecake.

Usually Marina wears her hair in a braid or bun when she is at school, so it’s hard to tell how long it is unless it is down. On special occasions she wears it down, and it is really long.

Get to know Marina!  She’d love to talk to you.

IMG_0702 (1)                                                         Chloe H.                         

By Theodore N.

Do you know any  new 6th graders?  Chloe H. is new to RMS and she came from Riviera Elementary.  Chloe was born on March 22 . Chloe is  ¨excited¨ to start the year.  

¨I look forward to having lockers this year and storing all my textbooks in them,” said Chloe.

Chloe is left hand dominant and her favorite color is purple.  Chloe reads Harry Potter and has a collection of wands that she makes herself.

Chloe also discussed what she wants to be when she grows up.

¨I want to be a teacher because I get to help children learn new things,¨ said Chloe.

Chloe was born and raised in Torrance. Chloe has a sister named Ellie. Ellie is in the eighth grade and Ellie is in the Naval Cadet Program.

Chloe’s family is Chinese and the food that they cook is traditional, but Chloe says her favorite food she prefers macaroni and cheese.

Chloe loves seals and has been to Morro Bay to see Elephant Seals.

Chloe plays tennis. She has been playing since she was four.  Her dad is her coach and as well as her sister sometimes.

Chloe wants to live in Michigan because she likes the lakes and she thinks that the lakes are peaceful.

IMG_0706                                                           Andrew Y.

By Dominic B.

Andrew Y. is a seventh grade student at RMS. When he was asked to describe himself in one word, he replied “funny”. Let me tell you, that is true.

He is twelve years old and has one sister.

Andrew has a dog that is a Terrier mix named Teddy.

His favorite color is blue because it reminds him of the ocean, which he enjoys.

Despite his young age, he has been to Mexico, Egypt, and Greece.

“I like Egypt because of the monuments I have seen, and the mummies that were once kings,” said Andrew.

Along with English, Andrew can also speak Arabic and Spanish.

His favorite school subject is math because he dreams of being an engineer, and loves the challenge.

When asked what his dream colleges were, Andrew said, UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine University.

Andrew’s favorite sport is basketball because he has been playing for such a long time.

His favorite animal is a Koala.

If he could live anywhere in the world, Andrew would live in Hawaii because of how beautiful it is there.

The thing that Andrew is most proud of in his life is getting his black belt through many years of hard but rewarding work.

His favorite sport is basketball, which he has been playing for five years.

Andrew was born in Torrance, but raised in Manhattan Beach, until about six years ago when he moved back.

The candy that Andrew enjoys most is Twix.

To Andrew, The Flash is the best television series.

The Flash is one of the most action packed shows ever on tv!” said Andrew.

If you ever want to talk to someone who has their black belt, can speak three languages, and has been to three different countries, not to mention is friendly and funny, try finding Andrew.

IMG_0718 (1)

                                                           Annabelle H.

By Alex P.

Have you seen Annabelle H.  walking around campus with her long luscious locks and her extremely long legs? If you haven’t and would like to get to know her better, here are some interesting facts about her.

Outside of school, Annabelle plays soccer, which is her favorite sport. She has been playing for seven years. For the last five years, she has been playing Club Soccer for LA Galaxy.

Her favorite type of food is butter noodles, which she is obsessed with, if she could, she would eat if for the rest of her life…breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Speaking of food, her favorite dessert is coconut macaroons. Anything coconut, she likes.

If she could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Hawaii. Her dream is to live in a tiny house with her best friend in Hawaii.

 Annabelle’s favorite type of dog is an Icelandic Sheepdog. She has been desperately wanting one for a long time. She already has one dog as well, his name is Cosmo.

Fun fact, she is 5”6 and taller than than her mom, which is not that shocking.

Out of all the seasons of the year, her favorite is fall. She loves cuddling up in blankets and watching Netflix, with cold weather outside, and leaves falling from the trees.

“The best part is wearing long sleeved sweatshirts,” said Annabelle.

If you ever come across Annabelle make sure to say “Aloha” and start a conversation with her!

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Lunch Benches



                                              Photos By Luke C.

By Seventh Grader Luke C.

On Tuesday, October 3, Principal Drummond made a new school-wide rule for the lunch benches.  This was that all kids had to sit at the lunch bench area at lunch and was made to decrease trash around the school and make the jobs of the security staff as well as the janitorial managers easier.

This new lunch bench rule is to first keep all of the students in the same area.  Before the end of construction around the cafeteria, there were only a few benches in a small area for a large student population, which led to students sitting all over the school to have enough room.

This increase in kids sitting in the halls has had an impact in the security staff of Richardson.  According to William Beretta, kids were harder to keep track of and manage since they are sitting in many different places.

“It’s a mess when there’s kids sitting from Wing A and Block 3 to Block 2 and Wing E,” said Beretta.

This has also led to an increase in trash around the school.  The increase of kids sitting all around the school has led to them leaving their trash also all around the school and has made the jobs of the janitorial staff harder.

To fix this problem, the school has established a new rule that made all students sit in the lunch area and eat their lunch there.  After they have eaten, the students should go out to the field.

According to Interim Vice Principal Ian McCullen, the new rule was to tell kids to sit at the lunch benches to keep kids supervised and decrease trash around the school campus.

“This rule was to tell students that they had to sit in the lunch bench area during lunch and was made to make sure kids are supervised and have less trash around the school,” said McCullen.

This new rule has succeeded in making the jobs of the security and janitorial staff easier. It is keeping kids safer because they are in designated areas where there are adults.  It has also made the lunch area more comfortable since the school has additional seating to making this new rule doable.  The lunch area behind the cafeteria has also been reopened giving students much needed room to eat their lunch.

So, students, follow the new lunch rules and it will make RMS a cleaner and safer place!

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Part 5: Meet the Journalism Staff

     IMG_0716                                                           Kristina J.

By Sally M.

During your life, you’ve probably met a lot of different people. But have you ever met someone whose real name is not what everyone calls them by? Well then, say hello to Kristina J.

Kristina’s favorite music artist is James Arthur, but she gets “Skateboard” by Jacob Sartorius stuck in her head a lot.

“One of my favorite songs is ‘Skateboard’. I listen to it pretty much every night before I go to bed,” said Kristina.

Kristina’s favorite place to travel is Palm Springs and her favorite way to travel is by car. In her free time, you might find her watching Fuller House (when she’s not reminiscing about her trips to Palm Springs).

However, if she had a whole day to do whatever she wanted, she would spend it at Universal Studios with and only with her friends.

If Kristina could be any animal, she would be her favorite, a dog. If she could trade lives with any celebrity, it would be Selena Gomez and if she had to be a writing utensil, she would be a pen. The Disney/Pixar character she relates with most is Riley from Inside Out. If she had a food to describe her personality, it would be a potato.

Kristina prefers neon colors over pastel colors and would dye her hair dark blue if she could. If she had to describe her personality as a color, it would be turquoise.

Kristina’s lucky number is four and her favorite class is science because they get to do a lot of fun, hands-on activities. Her favorite quote is “Knowledge is power” because it motivates her.

Something weird she’s good at is imitating a grandpa (her friends can confirm).

Kristina’s real name is Sarah, but she goes by her middle name because her mom has always called her by Kristina.

So the next time you see Kristina, make sure you say “hi” and ask her to do her grandpa imitation. 

IMG_0709 (1)                                                         Skye R.

By Karina F.

Don’t tell me you haven’t met Skye R.! She is currently a Sixth Grader at RMS. If you didn’t have the chance to meet Skye, here are some facts about this girl who knows how to work it.

We all know Skye has a great sense of style. Her favorite clothing brand is Brandy Melville.

¨Their clothes are just so cute and affordable!¨ said Skye.

As well as Brandy Melville, Skye’s go to outfit has to be ripped jeans, a cropped shirt, and her black Nikes. To go with her outfit, Skye’s favorite hairdo for everyday is dutch braids.

¨It makes me look pulled together and neat,¨ said Skye.

Skye loves to surf, so there is no surprise that her favorite hangout spot is the beach! She likes to swim, shed some waves, and hang out there. When she is at the beach there is a lot of dolphins no wonder they are her favorite sea creatures!

Skye is a food fan, but one of her favorite foods of all time is spam musubi hands down.

¨I love spam musubi so much! My go to place is TNT, just no sour sauce,¨ said Skye.

Skye doesn’t only eat food. One of her other favorite things to eat is candy, especially her favorite, extreme sour bites.Skye is a traveler. Considering her love for traveling, Skye’s favorite vacation spot is Greece, can we blame her?

“Itś so nice there. The water is so warm and shallow! The food is absolutely divine!” said Skye.

Skye not only likes airplane traveling, but road trips are fun too. Her favorite road trip games are Sweet and Sour, as well as Would You Rather?. Sounds like fun!

Summer is gone and now comes school. But we will always love it, especially Skye. Skye’s favorite season is Summer and loves everything about it. Skye prefers shorts over pants any day. We are living that California life!

Skye’s favorite subject is math. Along with school, Skye when she is older, wants to go to Oxford College. Put on your shades everyone, because Skye´s future’s looking bright. Skye is a really hard worker, but her greatest accomplishment is getting into Accelerated Math.

We are all getting excited for Tutorial right? Well, Skye wants Yoga as her tutorial. Skye states that she thinks it would be nice to relax and disconnect.

Something Skye does besides school is watch television. Her current addicting show she likes to watch is “Vampire Diaries”.  Keeping the topic of devices, Skye’s favorite app is TBH and Spotify!

We all have things that bother us, but Skye’s biggest pet peeve of all is being sticky. Gross! Another pet peeve of hers is when people talk with their mouths open.

Skye says something weird about her is how fast she comes up with excuses.

When Skye is older, she wants to have kids named Brody and Chandler, and she wants to live in Palos Verdes.

Find Skye at the beach or surfing the waves, or in the hallway of RMS. Get to know her.  Your time will be well spent.

        IMG_0700 (1).                                                      Jodi Y.                  

By Dillon M. and Jaclyn B.                                                                                                                       

Do you know 7th grader Jodi Y.? You might have seen her reading her favorite book series The Dragon Keeper, eating sushi, surfing or watching her favorite movie Flipped.

One of her goals for this year is to get into Hyper-Compacted math. Her favorite subject is science, mostly learning about animals.When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse, so she can help people

She loves to surf, play piano, draw and swim at the beach. If she could live anywhere else in the world, it would be Hawaii, so she can “shred gnarly waves.”

She may seem quiet at first but, she actually is energetic and friendly.

Her favorite book character is Hermione Granger.

“I like her because she is smart,” said Jodi.

She has one younger sister and a cat, though she prefers dogs. Jodi would also like to use her keen intellect to get into her favorite college UCLA.

“I like UCLA’s sports teams and my friend’s mom went there,” said Jodi.

If you want to be friends with somebody that is smart, kind, athletic and caring, make sure to say hello to Jodi in the halls.

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Talented Students Perform In The Park


Photos by Ryan Beck

By Chloe H. and Skye R.

On September 21st, Leadership organized Performances in the Park for all of RMS. There were several acts and a crowd of students watching as dancers and singers shine on the stage.

Two girls from Leadership did backbends and cartwheels and a boy sang a lullaby-rap about kangaroos.

One of the dancers was Sixth Grader, Nicole L. She has been dancing for five years since she was seven years old.

“I felt really good and free when I was dancing,” said Nicole.

Mrs. Ryan Beck, who is in charge of the Leadership class, wanted to do Performances in the Park because it was a chance for our campus to come together and enjoy the talents of the fellow students and teachers.

She hoped that it promoted inclusiveness and spirit Beck was very impressed with the dancing and creativity of the acts.

“I will never forget a lullaby-rap about kangaroos,” said Beck.kangaroo

If Beck could perform anything at Performances in the Park, she would lip-sync to Bruno Mars.

“I’m obsessed with his funky beats, I wish I was that talented!” said Beck.

I asked Kyle G. a fellow performer, why he wanted to sing a lullaby about kangaroo’s .

“I wanted to get the Kangaroo song out there! I wish it went viral! ”said Kyle.

Kyle’s favorite line from his song was, “Don’t be a T-rex”.

Kyle thought it was really fun preforming.

“I like to watch people laugh and sing along to my song,” said Kyle.

If Kyle could perform another act he said that he would perform another comedy act, he likes making people laugh.

He first heard of Performances in the Park last Monday.

“Right after I knew about Performances In The Park , I knew I had to do it!” said Kyle.

Kyle said he performance went better than it was planned.

“It was pretty lit,” said Kyle.

The performances brought the school together. Leadership, we look forward to the next Performances in the Park.  Who will be next to perform? Will it be you?

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Leadership Students Make Speeches

Congratulations to the following people for being voted into Leadership.  Thanks to all who participated in giving speeches.  You all make a positive difference at RMS!  

President: Jenna G.

Vice President: Katie C.

Secretary: Amanda M.

Treasurer: Carly F.

Special thanks to Josh Buby for the following video. 

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National Taco Day Held On Wednesday, 10/4

Today is National Taco Day!  For cheap taco deals around town, check out this website.

Happy Eating!  

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80’s Dance To Be Held On Friday! Like Radical, Dude!

By Emily D. and Marina M.

Are you going to the PTSA dance?  Here’s some information about the dance if you haven’t heard already. The PTSA dance is this Friday, October sixth. It’s 80’s themed, so you can wear neon! You can also wear leg warmers, baggy sweatshirts, and leggings. Girls can put their hair in a side pony-tail. Boys can wear baggy pants tied at the ankles.

The dance will be from three to five p.m. in the cafeteria. You get in free if you’re in the PTSA and if you’re not part of the PTSA, you only have to pay seven dollars to get entrance. You can get a membership at the dance as well.

You need to have gotten a parent to sign your permission slip to get into the dance. You also need your ID that you got on October fourth. You can find the permission slip in the Main Office.

So, come to the dance! They’ll have food and drinks on top of all the fun!  Make sure to bring your friends to start the year off right.

Thank you, PTSA members, for hosting this dance!  Let’s Boogie!  

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Student Perspective: What’s Hot in 2017?

By Amber K. and Karina F.

What’s Hot

We’re all wanting to know what the hottest trends are these days. Well, no need to worry. We’re on your side. We have researched the trends for you. 


  1. One of the fashion trends everyone is rocking lately are Adidas Superstars. Can we blame them? They are so cute and really spice up your outfit.
  2. Everyone wants to stay warm and fashionable at the same time. Bomber jackets are the solution. No wonder everyone wants one!
  3. Lace up tops are graceful but has a lot of spunk at the same time. The shirts are so snazzy and are definitely a go-to outfit.
  4. Let’s patch it up! Patches has been huge in the fashion society. People are wearing shirts or denim jackets with cute patches, like fruit or words. Definitely a fun way to give your outfit a pop of color.
  5. Show off your bold shoulder with a cold shoulder top. These shirts come in all different colors and look awesome on everyone.


  1. Popsockets are everywhere. We totally understand why. They prop up your phone and give you a good grip. They even look cute too.
  2. Shine up your day with some holographic items. They’re everywhere; on your phone, shoes, backpacks, or wall decor. It’s just another way to shine up your day.
  3. Are you losing your marbles for marble? Well I am, and I am sure you are too. Everyone is not over the craze of marble. It is being used everywhere. 
  4. Fairy lights are lit. Literally. They illuminate your room every time you walk in. They come in all shapes and sizes. They lighten your load whenever you feel down.
  5. We can’t forget our prickly friends. Cacti have been so trendy. I mean how cool is it to bring our friends from the desert all the way to our phone cases, room decor, and accessories.


  1. The Floor is Lava! Quick get on something! The Floor is Lava has been a hot trend for a while and is really fun. It’s surprising, but what’s not surprising is how big this trend continues to become without an end in sight. 
  2. To be honest, TBH (To Be Honest) is awesome and fun to play with your friends. It is an addicting and simple app. TBH, I bet you love it too. (With any social media, play responsible and show kindness.)
  3. Achoo! Dab! Whenever you see someone sneeze, they will probably dab with it. The dab is a dance move that everyone is doing whether you win a game, flip a bottle, or sneeze. Dab, dab! Dab party!
  4. Boom! Boomerangs have been a huge thing for a while. They are so fun to record, and catch every memory in a quick video.
  5. Ahh! Don’t tell me there’s a rat in the box! Get pumped up by playing the What’s in the Box challenge. Next time you get a chance, grab a box and a friend, get some weird items, and start playing.

So, time to wrap it up. These are just a few of the biggest trends lately. I bet you love these trends as much as we do. So spread the word and get in on the trends!

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Part 4: Meet The Journalism Staff


                                                       Luke C.

By Samara SN.

Did you know that if Luke C. had one wish it would be to end war? Yes! It is true. Luke hates places with violence and war. That is why his favorite place to live would be Canada.

Another thing he likes is Harry Potter books and swimming. Since he loves swimming so much, his favorite family vacation spot is Hawaii.

An interesting fact about Luke is that he loves math. In fact, he is in after school Math Club. One other interesting thing about Luke is the his dream job is to be a doctor. Also, his favorite color is blue and that just so happens to be what a lot of doctors wear.

Some random facts about Luke are that his favorite animal is a lion, he has one younger sister, and he is in Model U.N Club. His favorite time of day is 8:00PM.  His favorite season is Winter.  He has been to South Korea and Hawaii, and he has almost drank moldy lemonade.

Also, he does not watch television much, but he told me that his least favorite television show is ¨Little Einsteins”.

Although Luke lives near the beach, he does not spend a lot of time there.  You will just have to talk to him and find out why.

Luke is most proud of his fourth grade reputation.  Ask him about that too when you see him next time on the RMS campus.


IMG_0695 (1)

                                                         Ellie H.

By Genesis O.

You probably remember her since she was the first Seventh Grade Class President.

Currently, Ellie is an eighth grader here at Richardson Middle school.

Her favorite thing to do on the weekends is going to the beach with her friends.

A few of her hobbies and activities include: swimming, tennis, violin (which she has been playing for nine years now), Junior Military Camp, and something that everyone should enjoy to make school easier but some people don’t like… reading!

After every activity that she does, she eventually will gets hungry eats her favorite food, sushi.

Most people look forward to being a highschooler or college student, but Ellie doesn’t think about those things.  She doesn’t look forward to being an adult because she can’t imagine life alone and without her family.

One thing that most people don’t know about Ellie is that her grandfather had to sacrifice everything he had so that she could live, this is because her grandfather had to escape the Vietnam War so he had to leave everything behind to come to America.

In the future Ellie is looking forward to getting a good income so that her and her family will live a good life.

If there was one thing that Ellie could ask for, it would be a private jet so that she could fly with her family and travel.

Ellie used to have two Beta fish. She didn’t know what would happen if she put them both in the same tank. She knows now.

If you would like to get to know Ellie just ask her. She love meeting new people!

IMG_0708 (1)

                                                        Dominic B.

By Andrew Y.

Have you met new middle schooler Dominic B.? New to this school like every other sixth grader, he has many interesting features about him.

Dominic was born and raised in Torrance, California.

“I have never lived anywhere else,” said Dominic.

Football is one of his most played sports the excitement and intensity of the game is why he plays it and it is one of his favorite sports.

At only twelve years old he has traveled to seven places in the United States.

“Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places just because of how much history behind this amazing place.”

Henry and Charlie are his only pets and his most favorite pets, Henery has creamy fur ( Henry is his dog). “Dominic cat Charlie has black and white fur and is very very fat haha”, said Dominic.

One of his best experiences of his life is when he´s traveled to Washington D.C, New York, and Boston. Those were his best experience of his life just because of all the places he went to in one summer trip.

On top of that he also plays basketball.

“How tall I am gives me the advantage over the little guys it makes me feel more power I have over little people,” said Dominic.

His favorite candy is twix, the camel inside and the milk chocolate outside. It is one of his many favorite chocolates.

His goal in life is to get into MIT the college.

“MIT has always been my dream school,because I love to work with technology,” said Dominic.

He has two brothers who are nice sometimes, but at times can also be annoying, but he still loves them.

If you see Dominic say “Hi” to him you may find out other interesting things about him.

IMG_0711 (1)

                                                           Karina F.

By Skye R.

Haven’t met Sixth Grader Karina F. ? Go line up because the line is a long wait!

Karina’s favorite inspirational quote is “Do what you love, love what you do”.  Karina loves that quote because “I came across it in one of my favorite books and never stopped loving it from there.”

Karina’s favorite color for her nails is teal and pink.

“I think teal and pink complement each other, and looks really good on,” said Karina.

Karina’s favorite song is “At My Best” by Hailee Steinfeld and Machine Gun Kelly.

“It’s a good combination of artists, and I love the meaning!” said Karina.

I asked Karina whether she prefers  Din Tai Fung’s dumplings or her mom’s. What she said was shocking,  She  prefer my mom’s dumplings over Din Tai Fung, because she can’t fit Din Tai Fung’s dumplings in her mouth!

Karina would like to live in NYC, She love the opportunity there, and the food! A followup question  was if she was a curator in NYC what museum would she go to?

“Metropolitan Museum of Art , because it is my favorite museum of all time,” said Karina.

Karina’s  favorite candy sounds so good I so want to try them now too!  She loves Twix, and especially the candy from Italy she got!, When you bite into it jelly comes out! Don’t we all want a little bite of Italy now?

I also asked Karina if she would change her name if she could, she wouldn’t! She would never change her name, because it suits her, and it’s different than most names.

Karina’s favorite TV show is Andi Mack because of the drama.

If Karina could wear one outfit for the rest of her life, it would be super comfy Ivivva pants, flowing shirt, and memory foam Pumas.

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Happy Birthday to Richardson Middle School Who Turns 25


Mrs. Lisa Vaona-Case is the last of the original teachers from 1993 pictured above.  Can you find her?

By Sally M.

In 1955, Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) opened our school. It was originally called Newton School, named after Newton Street, but the name isn’t the only thing that has changed over the years.

Richardson is currently a middle school, but it wasn’t always that way. When it first opened in 1955, it was a K-8 school. In 1972, it became a middle school. It was closed and turned into an adult school in 1986 due to a declining enrollment. It was reopened twenty-five years ago and renamed Edward J. Richardson Middle School.

You might be wondering, ‘Who is Edward J. Richardson?’  Well, Dr. Richardson was the superintendent of TUSD and was retiring in June of 1993 and so the school was named after him when it reopened.

Did you know that we might have been called the Richardson Raptors? Or maybe even the Richardson Rocketships? In the first year, the students chose our school colors and mascot. The principal got some complaints from parents because they did not like that students chose the Rattlesnakes, but she supported the students’ choice.

Many things have changed about RMS over the years. In fact, in the first year, there were only six homerooms of sixth graders and the campus was shared with adult education.

However, the biggest change would be the actual campus and buildings. We are currently under construction, but this is actually the second remodel. Over the years, rooms have been added, the Sixth Graders got lockers, and we will be having a gym soon.

I asked Richardson’s very own Math and Science Teacher Mrs. Lisa Vaona-Case what she thought was the best thing about working at our school.

“The relationships I have formed in our community. I have taught younger siblings, and now children of former students. I have formed lifelong friendships with some of my coworkers. We have shared good and bad life experiences together, and we are a strong group,” said Case.

I also asked Case what our teachers and principal hope to see more or less of from students.

“I can only speak for myself, but I want RMS students to be kind, involved, productive members of society. I want them to have a love of learning, and a strong desire for a better world. Then, I want them to go out and make it better!” said Case.

It sounds like Richardson has had a really good twenty-five years full of great memories. I hope we can make even more memories in the future!

*Editor’s Note-A special thank you to Mrs. Lisa Vaona-Case for supplying all of the information for this article. No one else would know it but her.  

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Las Vegas Incident Hits Home

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families involved in the incident in Las Vegas!  


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Part 3: Meet the Journalism Staff


IMG_0704 (2)

                                                           Katie S.

By Mercy C.

Do you love the beach? Well, Katie S. can relate. She loves to boogie board and see the waves there.

Katie also loves Sea Stars-the correct term for Starfish.

Katie also loves raspberries, teal, and sunny weather. She believes that sunny weather is the best because there are so many opportunities to do so many fun things to do, such as painting with acrylic and reading.

Her ideal weekend would be spent sailing with her dad and spending time with friends.

Katie is very artistic and creative. In fifth grade, she submitted a design for a mural at Riviera, and won. Her mural is still there. ( Assuming they haven’t painted over it yet.)

Her greatest accomplishment is getting a 100% percent once on a standardized test.

Katie’s best wpm (words per minute typing-wise) is 80.

Katie loves elephants, the cute ones, because they are super clumsy, have a adorable waddle,  and their trunks have a nice curl.

She has even started a Journalism Club in fifth grade. She was the Editor for the club at Riviera.

Katie also goes to piano lessons and track and field for her afterschool activity.

Another interesting fact about Katie is that she owns two sailboats.

She also memorized half of the periodic table.

IMG_0701 (1)                                                            Hannah F.              

By Marina M.

Have you met Sixth Grader Hannah F.?  She grew up in Old Town Torrance and went to Torrance Elementary. 

 A family recipe that has been past down to her is for taco soup and is Hannah’s favorite.

“I love the taste and texture of the taco soup and all the amazing combinations of flavor,” said Hannah.

Hannah’s favorite color is purple and her favorite season is winter.  

“I love to keep myself warm and cozy.  I also love hot chocolate,” said Hannah.

Hannah’s favorite state is Oregon because her best friend lives there and Hannah loves when she goes to visit.

Hannah’s favorite singer is Olivia Holt because she loves her voice and all her songs. Hannah’s favorite drink is Orange Crush because she loves the taste.

Hannah’s favorite dessert is chocolate.  She craves chocolate!  She loves the taste and how it is in so many bars and ice cream.

Hannah’s favorite subject is History.  Hannah’s favorite meal of the day is lunch.  Her favorite book is The Tail Of Emily Windsnap.

If you ever see Hannah walking stop by and say hi to her.  She might even tell you her delicious family recipe of taco soup!

IMG_0715 (1)

                                            Samara S.

By Luke C.

Have you ever known someone who has been to twelve different countries?  Well, Sixth Grader Samara S. has been.  She has been to Germany, Spain, France, and many more.

Samara actually likes to travel and she would like to travel the world and be paid for it. She also speaks Spanish as a second language.  Samara’s love of travel is also why she picked Journalism as her elective since she wants to travel, she thought she might be writing about different places. Even though she likes to go to foreign countries, her favorite place is actually New York, New York, which is in the US.

But there is more to her than just traveling.  She also rides horseback and is good at it.  She has earned second place at a competition at jumps, which is her proudest achievement. This is the only sport in which she participates.  Even though Samara likes to ride, she also likes basketball, but interestingly doesn’t play it.  

Her other favorites are the “Hunger Games” movies, the “Stranger Things” TV series, and math.   Samara imagines a perfect world as one without war.  

She would like to be a bird if she had one wish that could grant anything.  On the other hand, though, she dislikes “Sharknado”, a movie about a tornado unleashing sharks all over Los Angeles.  Samara has no siblings but makes it up with a dog.  

Finally, did you know that Samara was once almost killed by a rattlesnake?  According to her, she was riding horseback with her class when she heard it on the side of the trail and saw it in a pouncing position, which it is when it is about to attack.  She couldn’t turn back, though and so her teacher threw a rock at it.  It slithered away, but it was a scary memory.


                                                            Sarah S.

By Emily D.

Have you met Sixth Grader, Sarah S.? If not, here’s a bit about my friend, Sarah. Sarah is a sixth grader that came from Walteria Elementary School. When Sarah has free time, she likes to watch or read Harry Potter. Her favorite character is Hermione Granger.

When Sarah goes to the mall, she likes to shop at Nordstrom and Nike. She likes Nike because their shoes are “nice”.

Sarah’s favorite singer is Alessia Cara and her favorite band is Pink Floyd. She likes Alessia Cara because of her voice and her songs. Sarah likes Pink Floyd because their music is inspiring.

Sarah’s says she enjoys being in style, and her favorite season is autumn.

“It’s a little chilly, and you can wear cute accesories,” said Sarah.

Speaking of accessories, her favorite accessories are earrings because each pair is unique. She got her ears pierced when she turned ten.

An interesting fact about Sarah is she wants a Golden Retriever or a Labrador without having to fully commit to it. She also wants one so she can help the blind. This is why she wants to train a guide dog. Her favorite breed of dog is Neopolitan Mastiff. She likes them because they’re cute and it was the dog in Harry Potter.

Sarah’s favorite series of color is pastel. She likes it because they’re matte colors and light.

If Sarah had to learn one subject for the whole day, she would learn math. She likes math because “it’s cool that you can multiply and divide numbers in that many ways”.

If Sarah were to do another race, she would do the twenty-five yard freestyle because it’s the easiest to do, according to her.

One thing Sarah wants you to know about her is she likes to hang out with her friends. She also likes to sing. Her favorite song to sing is “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Sarah’s favorite YouTube channel is the Merrell Twins.

Sarah’s greatest accomplishment is winning the Fifty-yard Butterfly at Miraleste. Sarah was racing against eight people.

¨It was very intense, but I liked how we cheered each other on,” said Sarah.

Keep on swimming swimming, swimming, Sarah!

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Mysterious Creatures of the Sea Unveiled

By Annabelle H. and Mercy C.

What is a marine animal the size of a golf ball and has a bite 10,000 times more dangerous than cyanide? If you don’t know what this mysterious sea creature is, it’s the Blue Ringed Octopus- also known as the B.R.O.

They are one of the world’s most venomous animals. If provoked it will bite and kill adults in a matter of minutes. When bitten, the octopus injects venom when attacking that causes paralysis, and then death.

The thing that makes these tiny octopi so deadly is bacteria. When the octopi eat, they inject venom into their prey. The bacteria already in the venim kills the prey, and when the octopus eats, it gathers the bacteria in the prey and makes it more deadly as it gets older.

They also have two different types of venom. One is used on their prey, and the other is the one that is used on humans.

Their diet consists of small crustaceans: shrimp, small crabs, small injured fish, and hermit crabs.

They were originally found occupying the west coast of Australia. B.R.O. doesn’t just live in Australia, they live in other places as well. They can be found in Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan.

Want to learn more about BRO? See the following sources-



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Skechers Friendship Walk To Take Place


Skechers Walk

The Annual Skechers Friendship Walk will be held on Sunday, October 29th beginning at the Manhattan Beach Pier at 9:00AM. Participants will walk from the Manhattan Beach Pier to the Hermosa Beach Pier. 

All donations go directly to benefiting  Richardson Middle School and the Richardson PE Program. Donations are $30 and will be worth 3 Mile Passes.  

To Register, go to:   

Register with a friend and walk for Richardson MS!  

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Hurricanes Leave People Homeless: You Can Help

Harvey Hurricane

By Ellie H.

May I ask what you were doing on the day or Labor day? Many people were at the beach, relaxing at home, and having fun with their families. You probably heard the sound of meat slapped on a grill and children laughing to the sound of music, but the people of Texas and Florida heard the sound of rain and thunder.

If you have been keeping up with the news or radio lately, you’d know that Hurricane Irma and Harvey recently hit Florida and Texas.

Hurricane Irma is the hurricane that hit Florida on August 30, and has been around the area of Florida since September 16. This hurricane has left many people homeless, due to the flash floods, 185 mph winds, and thunderstorms (CNN, Irma’s Wrath). Irma started as a Category 3 hurricane and due to warm winds and high levels of humidity, changed to a Category 5 hurricane, the worst level a hurricane could possibly get (Hurricane Irma, BBC News).

Just imagine, instead of having fun on Labor Day, you are looking for your lost ones and wading through knee-high water. Your pets are lost and you see your home all destroyed, you were in those halls yesterday living your normal lives.

Hurricane Irma left 6,516,564 people powerless, 55 people dead, destroyed buildings, and cracked main roads (Hurricane Irma, BBC). Although the people of Florida  felt they were all alone, the Texans were experiencing the same thing.

Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas as a Category 4 hurricane and brought a weather forecast of non stop rain with it (Hurricane News). There were 40-65 inches of rainfall that caused many storm surges and flash floods (Hurricane News).

Many of these people are left homeless and still unsure of what to do next. You can help many of these people by donating to UNICEF USA, an organization that helps children impacted by Irma.

The Leadership students at  Richardson Middle School are also doing a donation box in the office, so remember to stop by and donate.

Let us hope that our friends and family in the east we’ll ultimately be fine and soon return to their normal lives.

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Earth Sits In The Goldilocks Zone


By Jodi Y.

Nasa (National Aeronautics And Space Administration)  has recently discovered the Goldilocks Zone which is located in space.  The Goldilocks zone is when planets or stars aren’t too far from the Sun, but not too close to the Sun, meaning it’s just right.

¨Mercury and Venus were too hot. Mars and the outer planets were too cold. Only Earth was just right for life, they thought. Our planet has liquid water, a breathable atmosphere, a suitable amount of sunshine”. ( 

This quote shows that If the Earth was a little closer to the Sun, we would be considered to be a ¨hot¨ planet like Mercury. Somehow though, we ended up in the perfect area called the Goldilocks Zone.   

Being in the Goldilocks Zone means that the planet holds liquid water which is the key ingredient for life to begin. We are in the Goldilocks Zone because we have a breathable atmosphere, liquid water, and living organisms.  This area only covers a small area in space.

This zone has limits. The temperature is no colder than Antarctica and no hotter than scalding water. The altitude should be no higher than the clouds, and no lower than the mines. We are very lucky to be located in the ¨perfect¨ zone in space.   


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