Congratulations 8th Graders!

Photo Album: 8th Grade Picnic

Thank You Yearbook Staff

photo 2 (1) photo 1 (3)

Thanks goes to the 2013-2014 Yearbook Staff and Ms. Sara Pearlman for the beautiful Yearbook.  It is a wonderful keepsake of memories of this past year.  Thank you for all of your endless hours of hard work to meet each deadline!

photo 3 (1)

Drum Roll Please….

YearbooksYearbooks will be passed out during Period 4 on Tuesday to all grades.

If you did not purchase a Yearbook, you may during the following times only…

Tuesday, June 17, during the picnic and at lunch (out on the field) 

Wednesday, before school, from 7:45 – 8 (in room 26)

Wednesday, after school, from 3 – 3:30 (in room 26)

Thursday, before school, from 7:45 – 8 (in room 26)

The cost is $37. (Make any checks out to RMS.)

We will run out fast. Don’t miss out on the year of memories book!

Mrs. Alison Newman Retires


After thirty plus years of dedication to education, Mrs. Alison Newman, Sixth Grade Social Studies and ELA Teacher, is retiring.  Make this her best week ever.  Stop by her room and wish her a wonderful retirement.  We will miss you, Mrs. Newman.  You have been an inspiration to so many!  Thank you for all you have done for RMS!

(Door decorated by Lauren Kamiyama and Waynesford Sheu. Nice job, you two!)   

8th Graders: Save The Date


8th Graders, here is your schedule for the last week of school.

Monday, 6/16  Regular School Day

Tuesday, 6/17 Late Start and 8th Grade Picnic (12-2:30 on the field)

Wednesday, 6/18 Promotion Rehearsal 8-10 at RMS, 8th Grade Awards Assembly 1:30-2:30PM (Parents by invitation only.)

Thursday, 6/19 Promotion Rehearsal 10AM-12PM at South HS, 8th Grade Promotion at 6:00-7:00PM at South High School and 8th Grade Promotion Dance from 8-11PM at the Torrance Cultural Center.  (This is NOT a date dance.  ALL students are welcome to come and celebrate with their class.)



Enjoy Summer Reading!

Dive into Reading 3


TUSD asks students to read over the summer.  Some ELA teachers ask students to write about the books they have read as one of the first writing assignments in the Fall.  Here are the lists for this year.  Happy Reading!

Incoming 6th Graders-

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick (visual media)

The Young Man and the Sea by Rodman Philbrick (realistic fiction)

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (mythological fiction series)

Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos  (Newbery Medal Winner 2012)

Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo (fantasy)

Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko (realistic fiction)

Harris and Me: A Summer Remembered by Gary Paulsen (historical fiction)

Wonder by R. J. Palacio (realistic fiction)

The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford (classic)

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos (realistic fiction)

The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam by Quang Huynh (autobiography)

Parrots Over Puerto Rico by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore

The Longitude Prize by Joan Dash (non-fiction)

The Pinballs by Betsy Byars (realistic fiction)

Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline Cooney (fiction)

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks by Katherine Paterson (folktale)

13 Gifts by Wendy Moss (humorous fiction)

Books of your choice!


TUSD_Incoming 6th_Summer_Reading_List2014


Incoming 7th Graders-

Elijah Of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis, 2008 Newbery Honor Book

The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child by Francisco Jimenez (autobiography)

Dogs on Duty: Soldiers Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond by Dorothy H. Patent (nonfiction)

Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool (realistic fiction)

Eragon by Christopher Paolini (fantasy)

Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff                  by Jennifer Holm (fiction)

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Esperanza Rising by Pan Muñoz Ryan (historical fiction)

My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulson(autobiographical)

Revolution is Not a Dinner Party by Ying Chang Compestine (historical fiction)

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (classic)

10 Plants That Shook The World by Gillian Richardson (science)

The Skin I’m In by Sharon G. Flake (realistic fiction)

Al Capone Shines My Shoes by Gennifer Choldenko (realistic fiction)

Last Shot: Final Four Mystery by John Feinstein (realistic fiction)

The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Deedy (fantasy)

Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman

Books of your choice!



Incoming 8th Graders-

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different by Karen Blumenthal (non-fiction)

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park (historical fiction)

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson (historical thriller)

Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson (historical thriller)

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (science fiction)

Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin (fiction)

The Prophecy Keepers by Melanie Bryant (fantasy)

Phantoms In the Snow by Kathleen Duble  (historical fiction)

The Boy Who Saved Baseball by John Ritter (realistic fiction)

Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata (historical fiction)

Lincoln’s Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin (historical thriller)

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor (fiction)

The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and The Struggle for Equal Rights by Russell Freedman (non-fiction)

So B. It by Sarah Weeks (realistic fiction)

The Black Pearl by Scott O’Dell (historical fiction)

Son by Lois Lowry (companion to The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger)

Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth Speare (classic)

Books of you choice!


Incoming 9th Graders

Please check the website for the high school that you will be attending for the reading list required.

Dive Into Reading 2

Student Council Makes A Difference At RMS

Student Council

By Jocelyn H.


Have you ever wondered about who helps to make the numerous events at RMS, like the after school dances or the Team Trivia competitions at lunch? All of these events aren’t possible with the amazing Student Council.


Michael Fujii, the teacher who leads Students Council, encourages kids to join for their elective.


“Student Council gives kids and students a chance to organize and run events that they like; it also gives them a voice,” said Fujii.


Fujii also explains that the group puts on lots of events, like class competitions. This year, their main goals were to improve events and try new things. All of these events are to provide fun things to do during lunch and make sure that students have a fun experience at RMS.


In addition to providing students at school a fun time, kids participating in Student Council have also enjoyed the time.


Elisa B., the President of Student Council, says, “It’s pretty cool being President. I get to be in charge of something that’s actually significant. I can get people’s spirits up. I never expected to become friends with Sixth and Seventh graders.”


The Vice President agrees.


“It’s pretty good, getting honored and all. It’s pretty fun. After all, I got to design the t-shirts for the Leadership class,” said Sho M.


Other students like the experience too. Abby E., a Seventh Grader, says that “planning the events is fun”.


Carmen S. adds that “teamwork is the key to make the events successful”.


Sydney M. says that “making events for the school is fun”.


Sixth Graders Sam M. and Aubrey L. both enjoy being in the Student Council. Sam likes to be involved in a lot of things, while Aubrey learned how to be a leader, which helps her to get to know the school better.


The next time you join an event at school, just remember that it’s most likely organized by Student Council. Most of the events you participate in couldn’t be possible without the help of the RMS Student Council.



Photography Album: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Students were given a list of items to photograph.  The more interesting the photo, the better.  What do you think of these photos?  Which ones stand out?  Why?

iPad 2-10iPad 2-9iPad 2-8iPad 2-7iPad 2-6iPad 2-5iPad 2-4iPad 2-3iPad 2-2iPad 2-1

Congratulations Torrance High School Baseball And Coach Ollie Turner

Torrance-TartarsCongratulations to Coach Ollie Turner, husband to our very own Mrs. Wendy Turner, and the Torrance Tartars.  They won the CIF title over the weekend.  

“It’s going to be a very good summer,” said Wendy Turner about the win.  

Students Of The Month Of May Honored

image (2)

 Congratulations to the following students who were honored for Students of The Month for May.  We are proud of you!

Daniela A.

Noor A.

Megan A.

Toshinori A.

Chloe B.

Marco C.

Marshall C.

Daniel D.

Dalia J.

Shane L.

Karoline L.

Sophia M.

Madison M. 

David M.

Ben M.

Tara N.

Kaitlyn O.

Sydney O.

Landon R.

Dong-Ju S.

Misaki T.

Yukine T.

Emily V.

Mackenzie Y. 

Q4-Journalism: Student Commercials

Channel 31 News Q4.5

 Journalism students were asked to create a new product and design a commercial for it.  How do you think they did?  Is it something you would want to buy?  How convincing were they? 

Inspiring Words From Maya Angelou

Maya 2 Maya 1

Chinese YoYos Come To RMS

Daniel W. shows off his Chinese YoYo skills.
By Jocelyn H.

The Chinese YoYo, the second oldest toy (following the doll) in the world which dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1386-1644 A.D.) It was created a long time ago but there is no known inventor. It is also called Empty Bell, Pulling Bell, or Wind Bell. The YoYo was originally made from bamboo or wood, which has been modified to plastic because bamboo and wood are too fragile to perform complicated tricks. 
The YoYo consists of two wheels connected to each other so that the center of mass is where the string goes. With the weight evenly spread out, the performer can accomplish many different tricks.
This toy is great for improving coordination, concentration, and discipline. People need to concentrate on the movement of their hands to balance the YoYo; this also requires a lot of practice. But, all of the practice time will pay off when people master the skills and perform the tricks to an audience.
Today, the Chinese YoYo is very popular, as it provides many benefits. If you need to improve your coordination, concentration, and discipline and have time to practice, the Chinese YoYo will be the perfect toy for you!
For more information about the Chinese YoYo, please visit and

Don’t Miss Out!

YearbookYou only have until May 31 to purchase a yearbook online. There will be a limited number of yearbooks for sale the last week of school. However, they will not be sold until all of the online purchases have been distributed. Therefore, if you want one, and you don’t want to wait, order online before May 31. Eighth Graders, if you want your yearbook in time for the picnic, you need to order online!

Don’t delay!

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.

Do You Have Talent?

talent 2

Share your talent with the South Bay.  South Bay’s got Talent, hosted by the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation.  Auditions will be held on September 8th and 9th at the Armstrong Theater.  Submit your audition form by

August 18th.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.


RMS Marching Band Performs At The Armed Forces Parade

image (2) Armed Forces 2014 1

8th Graders Hold Outdoor Movie Night


8th Grade Movie Night this Friday, May 23rd  

Where: Richardson field grass area from

6-8 pm. 

Movie: Monsters University

There will be food for sale so bring some money. Permission slips required.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.

Did You Hear?

Open House 2

Open House will be held from 5:30-6:30PM on Tuesday, May 20th.  Come by and visit your teachers.  Please remember that this is not a Parent/Student/Teacher Conference night.  Should you want to talk to your teachers about grades, please make a separate appointment to do so at a later date.  Thank you.

See you there!

Note:  Tuesday will be a regular start time and Wednesday will be a Late Start.

Temperatures Hit Record Highs In Torrance

photo (4)

Torrance is hot!  Be sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of cool water.  Also, check in on your elderly family members and friends.  

Pets also need your attention.  Be sure they have a bowl of fresh, cool water in a cool place.

Hang in there, the weekend promises cooler temperatures! 

History of Weather in Torrance on May 15th

2013   75 Degrees

2012   71 Degrees 

2011   64 Degrees

2010   66 Degrees

Q4 Journalism Students On The Air

Channel 31 News Quarter 4


Calling All Artists

Paint supplies

Friday is the deadline for sixth and seventh grade artists, who would like to design next year’s yearbook cover, submit them to Ms. Pearlman, in Room 26.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.

Girl Scouts Collect Items For Local Shelter

Dogs 1

Girl Scout Troop 3865 is collecting items for the Carson Animal Shelter from Tuesday, May 13 – Friday, May 23.  A collection box will be place in each homeroom for the remainder of the drive.  The homeroom who collects the most supplies will win a Pizza-Popsicle Party.  The following items will be collected:  Old blankets and towels, Dawn dishwashing soap, Rubber KONG brand dog toys, Cat & dog treats, Rawhide chews and bones, Cat toys, Canned cat food (no dog food please).  Thanks for your support.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.


Pep Rally Held

Soccer 2014

On Wednesday, May 7th, a Pep Rally was held to introduce the RMS Soccer teams. They will be playing against Calle Mayor on Thursday, May 8th, at South HS on the field at 3:30PM. Come out and cheer for your team.  Wear your school colors to show your school spirit!

Go Rattlesnakes!

Soccer Girls 2014


Students Honored At Grade Level Assemblies

On Monday, May 5th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for March and Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , Other awards given were Hidden Gem, Leading By Example, and Making a Difference. Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

6th Grade Honor Roll IMG_6875 IMG_6877 IMG_6880   Hidden Gems IMG_6883

Schenkelberg        Daphne B. This student is a kind and caring student who is dedicated to their studies. She always has something interesting to add to classroom discussions and has such a compassionate nature. Congratulations, Daphne B.!

Turner                  Christina P. This student works hard every single day. In math, she has received a 4 on every learning target for the entire year. If she did not receive a 4 the first time, she worked hard to retake it. She has an amazing work ethic and she is truly a Hidden Gem. Congratulations, Christina P.!

Richmond             Jared M. Everyday this student quietly looks around the classroom, figuring out the daily agenda. He is dependable, reliable, quiet thinking. This individual definitely adds to the success of a class. Congratulations, Jared M.!

Schenkelberg        Dominick S. This student has great ideas and an enthusiastic spirit. He showed Ms. Schenkelberg a great game on He is so creative. Congratulations, Dominick S.!

Newman               Kayleigh F. This student is always on task, ready to go no matter what the class status is. Ms. Newman can always count on her to know what is going on and why. She is a true “Hidden Gem”. Congratulations, Kayleigh F.!

Willett                  Sooyon L. and Kayla Y. At the beginning of the school these two quiet, shy, short, young ladies decided that they wanted to join tall flags. They overcame all of their obstacles during the school year and now have become two amazing young ladies who may still be short, but they are bigger than life when they hold a tall flag pole. Congratulations, Sooyon L. and Kayla Y.!


Leading By Example   IMG_6889 Newman/ Schenkelberg           Ellie D. This student works hard and inspires others. She speaks up and shares her thoughts and ideas regularly. She is a wonderful role model for others. This student is “Miss Dependable”. She is always in the “know”. She is an active leader for small groups and large. She could run Ms. Newman’s classroom without help from anyone. She is a true leader. Congratulations, Ellie D.!

Willett                  Min J. This student started out the school a little bit unsure, but filled with lots of questions. He took those questions and applied them to his playing. During the course of the school year, he has single handedly made his entire section practice more, just to avoid losing a challenge to him. Congratulations, Min J.!

Bezich                  Dane G. This student comes into class smiling and ready to work. He never complains and is always prepared to do whatever task is asked of him. His self-motivation is one that other students take notice of and copy. Congratulations to Dane G. for Leading By Example in Ms. Bezich’s 6th Grade ELA class!

Oden                    Avalon B. This student is a great role model for the rest of the class by having a great attitude, work ethic and a positive attitude all of the time. Congratulations, Avalon B.!

Turner                  Bailey Lucich This student is hard working. She is always ready, always prepared, and always willing to do her best. She is a loyal friend and treats her peers and teachers with kindness and respect. Congratulations, Bailey L.!

Willett                  Marcus C. This student always is prepared for class and quietly leads students to do the right thing. He has excelled on learning his instrument and in doing so have helped to support the entire band. Congratulations, Marcus C.!

Richmond             Olivia K. This student always actively tries to help and encourage others to do the right thing. Her positive attitude encourages others to always do the right thing. Congratulations, Olivia K.!

Oden                    Gabby P. This student always has a great attitude and is a positive influence for the rest of the class. Congratulations, Gabby P.!

Willett                  Julia B. This student has spent endless hours learning the art of perfection. She continues to work even when everyone else has taken a break. She encourages others to try their best and on her own assists students who are struggling. Congratulations, Julia B.!

Making a Difference


Pearlman              Katelynn M.   When the yearbook deadline had passed, and certain staff members had failed to complete their pages, as promised, this student quietly took over and saved the day! She logged in, without being asked, saw the blank pages, and put together an awesome page in a super short period of time. She’s a true team player (and Ms. Pearlman’s personal superhero!) Congratulations, Katelynn M.!

Schenkelberg        Aiden L.   This student is thoughtful, insightful and considerate. He is a pleasure to have in class and contributes his positive energy to class discussions. Congratulations, Aiden L.!

Bezich                  Connor R.   This student goes beyond the duties of being a student. He is always prepared and is always willing to help others and the teacher. He puts extra effort into his work to be sure it is the best he can do. He makes a difference every day by just coming to class. Congratulations, Connor R.!

Hirji                      Mindy W.   This student stands up for everyone. She is caring, generous, and selfless. Congratulations, Mindy Wynne!

Richmond             Annette S.   This student is able to work with all classmates with a positive attitude. She looks for the solution, not the problem. Her positive and reflective personality helps to bring out the best in all. Congratulations, Annette S.!

Newman               William B.   Everyday this student brings “life” to Ms. Newman’s 6th period class. He shares ideas and concerns, but most of all they share them self. Congratulations, William B.!

Turner                  Mia E.   This student is kind and considerate to everyone. She is a great person, a fantastic student and a wonderful role model here at RMS. Congratulations, Mia E.!

7th Grade Honor Roll

IMG_6906 IMG_6911 IMG_6915

Hidden Gems



Bezich                  Jasmine W. This student stood out in the rain during an unusual downpour between classes. She ran from person to person with her umbrella helping others to stay dry, all while she was getting wet. To see this person in action, you may see the video on The Latest Hiss. They are truly a Hidden Gem! Congratulations, Jasmine W.!

Fujii                      Nicholas C. This student is hard-working and is a pleasure to have in class. He is well-liked by their classmates, many of whom have requested to sit near him. Congratulations, Nicholas C.!

Richmond             Ryan W. This student is quietly amazing! Aside from participation, help to others, and keeping the teacher on top of homework assignments, every morning this student is positive, has a great attitude and helpful to all. Congratulations, Ryan W.!

Making a Difference



Carlsson               Ellie B. This student is always attentive and excited in class. She models excellent life skills without even knowing it. Congratulations, Ellie B.!


Fujii                      Julie S. This student is well-liked by both teachers and students. She is a willing participant in class and is a very hard-working student. Congratulations, Julie S.!

Case                     Bryce M. This student walks into Ms. Case’s room with a smile, a positive attitude, and is ready to help in any way needed. He is a T.A., but he is happy to help anyone who needs his assistance anywhere on campus. Ms. Case’s 6th grade students have enjoyed seeing him every day and so has Ms. Case. Congratulations, Bryce M.!


Richmond             Noelle S. This student has a rare gift for working with all class partners in a compassionate, non-judgemental manner. This student seeks the solution not the problem to all people getting along. Congratulations, Noelle S.!


Willett                  Benjamin W. This student goes the extra mile. He works very hard to achieve that next level of musicianship. He even spends three days a week at lunch perfecting his playing. Congratulations, Ben W.!


Case                     Stephanie P. This student is incredibly organized. She can run off complicated lists of copies, and keep them in order. She enters Ms. Case’s room everyday ready to work, with a positive attitude, and a smile on her face. She is a T.A, but has helped other teachers, and even the office when needed. Congratulations, Stephanie P.!

Leading By Example



Mason                  Nick B. If Ms. Mason was a middle school student, she would enjoy having this student as her seat partner, because he is patient and helpful. Congratulations, Nick B.!


Pearlman              Natalie T. and Sarah N. Designing a yearbook is no small feat! It requires committed, dedicated students who are able to take initiative, manage their time, meet deadlines, proactively plan for problem, and – unfortunately—often take on more than they bargained for, especially when other staff members fail to follow through, as promised. These two ladies, in particular, were an integral part of our yearbook staff, designing multiple pages and committing much of their free time to ensuring every student at RMS will be represented in, and proud of, our yearbook. Congratulations, Natalie T.and Sarah N.!


Oden                    Matthew T.  This student is an outstanding athlete who is a great leader for the class. He does a fantastic job as a team leader and he has a very good attitude all the time. Congratulations, Matthew T.!


Richmond             Isabelle D. This student manages attendance, class participation, and leadership on all levels to make students accomplish goals. She is always positive and always with a smile. Congratulations, Isabelle D.!


Willett                  Amber W. This student has spent endless hours learning the art of perfection. She continues to work even when everyone else has taken a break. She encourages others to try their best and on her own assists students who are struggling. Congratulations, Amber W.!


Newman               Ryan M. This student is a hard worker who challenges themself and others to do their very best. He is someone who Ms. Newman counts on every day. Congratulations, Ryan M.!


Oden                    Stephen Y. This student does a great job as a team leader, is very positive and is always on task. He is also a fantastic example for the rest of the class. Congratulations, Stephen Y.!

 8th Grade Honor Roll

Awards HR 8 1 Awards HR 8 2

Hidden Gems

Awrds Gem 8


Mufti                    Nicholas R. This student has shown great improvement over the year. He had to overcome many challenges in a new school. Congratulations, Nicholas R.!

Willett                  Masaki A., Kiyotaka A. These students are section leaders in the Advanced Band, members of the RMS Jazz Band, and the RMS Drumline. They quietly pursue the task of achieving perfection on all of their instruments. Congratulations to Masaki A., and Kiyotaka A.!


Making a Difference

Awards Making 8


Rodriguez             Charlie P. This student works well with others.  She is kind and patient and willing to help others without concern for her own grade or completion of the task.  She stepped up, leading her group and made them a team until the job was done. Congratulations, Charlie P.!

Willett         Tyler S., Taery K., Melina I., Hayato E. This student goes the extra distance week in and week out. They play in the RMS Jazz Band, the RMS Drumline, as well as the RMS Advanced Band. Giving up three lunches a week to pursue new musical endeavors. In addition this student also spends at least one day a week after school practicing the drums. Congratulations to Tyler S., Taery K., Melina I., and Hayato E.!

Leading By Example

Awards Lead 8

Fujii                      Gus M. This student has shown great improvement and effort this year. He has been a positive, mature influence in class. He works hard and stands up for others. Congratulations, Gus M.!

Carlsson               Leon J. Investing in one’s own education is rare at such a young age, yet this student exhibits this through his eagerness to be successful. Congratulations, Leon J.!

Pearlman              Chloe B. When the most popular, sought after pages in the yearbook weren’t coming together, as planned, this student volunteered to assist the staff member in charge. When that staff member backed out, three weeks before the deadline, this student stepped up to take on a massive project – and pulled it off brilliantly! For the past month, she has been feverishly working on getting the most labor intensive pages of the yearbook completed, and she’s done it all with little to no help (and with a positive attitude!) Congratulations, Chloe B.!

Newman               Michelle B. This student challenges 6th, 7th and 8th graders. She is a strong TA, who interacts with 6th graders well. She is a strong, capable young lady, who sets an example that is tough to follow. Congratulations, Michelle B.!

Congratulations to all of our award winners!


Students Visit College Campuses

College Kayleigh F. Chico

Kayleigh F. at California State University Chico

Students were challenged over the Spring Break to visit a college campus. A drawing will be held for those who did and shared their experiences with their homerooms. Did you visit a college campus?  If you have a picture, please send it to and we will put it in the newspaper.

 College Hallie LMU                                  Halle H. at Loyola Marymount University

USC Visit 4-5-14 010


Jason I., Nathan I. and Kalin A. at USC


Photo Album: Aloha Dance


Students Of The Month For April Honored

SOM April 2014

Congratulations to the following students who were honored by their teachers for Students of the Month for April.  We are proud of you!

Loganne B.

Trey B.

Grace C.

Dawnte H.

Courtney H.

Ashley J.

Lorcan K.

Olivia K.

Kate L.

Nathaniel M.

Tamara N.

Miyu N.

Kacie P.

Ryan R.

Reid S.

Audrey T.

Natalie T.

Valerie Y.

Yoo Sun Y. 

Thank You For Supporting RMS!


Thank you to everyone who went to Islands for our fundraiser.  Our students benefit directly from your generosity! 


Pep Rally To Be Held Wednesday


Come out and show your school spirit by coming to the Pep Rally on Wednesday at lunch to root on our RMS Soccer Players.  The soccer game against Calle Mayor will be held on the South High School Football Field at 3:30PM after school on Thursday. Please wear your RMS Rattlesnake wear!  Go Rattlesnakes!  

Meeting Held For Incoming 6th Grade Parents


5th One

On Tuesday, April 29th, parents of incoming 6th Graders were invited to hear Principal Dr. Chad Mabery speak about Richardson Middle School and what new students may expect.  Questions were asked by parents at the end of the meeting and answered by Dr. Mabery as well.  If you were unable to attend the meeting or have further questions about Richardson Middle School, please call our office at 310 533-4790.  We look forward to having your child join our RMS family next year!

5th Two 

Wanted: Singers For Promotion


Attention 8th graders: interested in singing the National Anthem at the promotion ceremony?  Auditions will be held @ lunch on Friday, May 9th in Room 17.  Bring your lunch.  Singing a capella.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.

New Clubs Forming; Join Today!

Question marks

The Team Trivia Challenge is returning to RMS!  Sign up with your team of four to compete with questions about History, Science, Literature, Pop Culture, Sports, and other random topics.  Students from all grade levels are welcome to participate. Teams of four students can sign up with Mr. Fujii in Room 14 by Friday.



Quidditch Noon League sign-ups are today, tomorrow and Friday outside of Room 3.  Make your own team of seven, gender does not matter.  Sign-ups will be collected this Friday during 4th period.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.

Need A Mother’s Day Gift?

Mother's Day Three

Leadership is now selling Mother’s Day gifts.  They will be selling coffee cups for $2.  They will include tea along with Hershey Kisses.  The cup also includes a removable piece of paper that you can decorate and personalize.  Remember Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11, so get your gift now at the blue benches on the blacktop this Thursday and Friday and Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.

Mother's Day One

Wanted: Artist To Design Cover


Attention sixth and seventh grade artists! Would you like to design next year’s yearbook cover? Submit your designs to Ms. Pearlman, in room 26, by Friday, May 16.

Taken from the Daily Bulletin.

Beach Party Dance To Be Held This Week


Be sure to come to our Beach/Tiki Dance Thursday, May 1st from 3-5PM in the Cafeteria.  Admission costs $4 and will include a slice of pizza.  There will be a photo booth for free and shaved ice for $2.  Come see Chloe Burch and Cameron Stammer DJ!  But, remember to get your permission slips signed by Thursday! 

Written by Student Council.

Shaved ice

7th Graders React To The Field Trip To Medieval Times


Students in Mrs. Elaine Richmond’s class were asked, “What is your reaction, comment or opinion about your experience at Medieval Times?”  Here are some of their responses.

I loved Medieval Times (MT).  It made me feel like I was in the Middle Ages.  They did a really good job of acting.  It looked real.  -Alan M.

The MT field trip was fun and exciting.  The food was good, like the garlic bread and the cookie.  -Anna L.

I honestly loved the experience…seeing everything going on helped students understand the Middle Ages.  The food was okay, but it was nice how students didn’t have to stay in assigned groups and got to sit with their friends.  -Sarah N.

It was very fun.  The acts were funny.  The food was good and the people were nice.  -Nickie P.

I really liked MT.  It was enjoyable and I liked how we had freedom rather than having to stay with a chaperone.  I liked the show.  It was funny and educational.

-Stephanie P.

MT was an educational experience that summed up what we were learning in class.  It was fun and the performance was very interesting  The workers were helpful and did their jobs well.  Overall, it was a great field trip.  -Unknown Seventh Grader

I enjoyed the field trip to MT a lot.  I feel it gave a good visual of what we are learning this year in Social Studies. -Unknown Seventh Grader

I enjoyed the dinner and the show.  The food was good and I really enjoyed the garlic bread.  This experience was great and I hope I can do it again, someday.

-Unknown Seventh Grader

MT was interesting because they supplied food for you.  It was fun watching the show, even thought the knight I was rooting for didn’t win.  The souvenirs were amazing, but overpriced. -Unknown Seventh Grader

MT was by far the best field trip I have ever gone on.  To sum it all up with one word, I would use “exhilarating”.  -Matt B.


Students Of The Month Honored For March

SOM AprilCongratulations to the following students for being chosen as Students of the Month for March.  

Anne R.

Everett C.

Isabelle D.

George O.

Kelly H.

Nathan I.

Hayden J.

Alaa K.

John K.

Kristin K.

Alice L.

Bailey L.

Lola M.

Jonathan M.

Jade M.

Linda M.

Lillica M.

Caroline M.

Maya N.

Ella P.

Kevin R.

Nicholas U.

Adriana V.

Jennifer W.

Happy Earth Day!


Open House To Be Held In May

Open House

Open House will be held on May 20th this year.  Please plan to come by and see what students have been doing all year in classes.  Please remember, that for the enjoyment of all who attend, this is not time for a Parent/Teacher Conference.  If you are interested in discussing your child’s progress, please email the teachers directly.  (For Example…first initial and last name would look like this…  Thank you.  

See you at Open House.

Save The Date: RMS vs. Calle Soccer Game To Be Held

RMS faces Calle Mayor on May 8th from 3:30PM-5:30PM at South High School. Soccer players have already started practicing under the guidance of Coach Michael Fujii and Former Rattlesnake Coach Page B.  Come out and cheer on your Rattlesnakes.  Go Team!

Soccer two

Wanted: Helping Hands

HelpingHandsRMS will be holding its annual Sharefest on Saturday, May 3rd from 9AM-1PM.  If you would like to help spruce up our campus, we need you!  Please come all of the time or if you can only spare an hour or two, please join us.

Many hands, make light work!  

Thank you. 

5th Grade Parents’ Meeting

Do you have a 5th Grader headed to Richardson Middle School next year?  Please join us on April 29th in the Cafeteria for a meeting from 6:30PM-8:00PM.  You will hear from the Principal and will get a chance to meet some of the Sixth Grade Teachers.  

Come join us!Rattlesnake mural

RMS Students Test The Test

This week, April 21st through April 24th, RMS students are taking the new Smarter Balanced Test also known as the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).  The scores will not count, however, students are asked to do their best, so that they will learn how to negotiate this new statewide test.

Some students enjoyed the new format.

“This test gave me confidence, because I worried about taking it, but when I took it, it was easy,” said Sixth Grader Alex A.

Others enjoyed using the Chrome books.

“I liked it because it was on the computers instead of having to bubble or write on paper,” said Sixth Grader Cole F.

Some were pleasantly surprised by the face computer

“I didn’t know what to expect, but once I took the test, it was easy,”  said Sixth Grader Lola M.

By the end of the week, students will have had a test in ELA and in Math.  It is running very smoothly in most classes.

“The preparation for the logistics of this test has been wonderful.  We have had IT people and Technology Lead Teachers in and out of our classrooms, and we have had only a few glitches that involved signing on.  Things went really well.  Another benefit is that this test is paperless,” said ELA Teacher Leslie Bezich.

This was a practice for RMS this year.  Next year, students will be taking the real test and we will get results.  Even though scores are not given back to us, the results are being used and analyzed for future tests.

Thanks to all who were involved and especially to those students who took the time to do their best!  We appreciate all of your hard work!


Photo Album: Spring Break In Washington D.C.

Sara in DCA group of parents put together a trip to Washington D.C. for thirty-three RMS 8th Graders over Spring Break.  Students took a red-eye airplane flight on Tuesday, April 7th and arrived the next morning.  Once they landed, they went straight to some of the sights in Washington D.C.  Above is a picture of Ms. Sara Pearlman with three RMS students who went on the trip.  They were spotted coming out of the Natural History Museum and photographed by Ms. Leslie Bezich who was there with her daughter.  (Note:  This trip for the students was planned by private parties and was not school sponsored.)

Kids Capitol

Kids MLK Kids on Log Kids White House

Photos above taken by Sara Pearlman. 

Other sights in Washington D.C.


Photos above taken by Leslie Bezich.

Q4: 6th Grade Enrichment Classes Change

Students in the 6th Grade changed their Enrichment Courses today.  We hope everyone enjoys their new class! 

Q4 Journalism 1

Q4 Journalism Enrichment StudentsQ4 Journalism 2

Happy Spring Break!

spring chick

School will be out for Spring Break for the week of April 7-11.  Enjoy your time with family and friends!  If you are on wheels, wear your helmets or seat belts if you are in a car.  Come back with tales to tell. Happy Break!

Attention 8th Graders: Looking Ahead


Mark Your CalendarsGraduate


6/17 8th Grade Picnic

6/18 8-10AM Promotion Rehearsal @ RMS

6/19 10-12AM  Promotion Rehearsal @ South High School

       6-7PM  Promotion @ South High School

       8-11PM  8th Grade Dance


RMS vs. Calle Basketball To Be Held

Basketball 2Basketball 1Snake and Basketball

Richardson Middle School students will be playing Calle Mayor on Tuesday, April 1, at SHS in the gym at 6:00pm. 

 Please wear our school colors to show that RMS has school spirit!

Go Rattlesnakes!

See you there!


Band Brings Home The Gold

Awards 2Band 1

On Friday March 28th, the RMS Band and Choir under the direction of Music Teacher, Karrie Willett, participated in the Forum Music Festival held at Fullerton College.  The RMS Band took home a Gold Medal and

 the Choir took home a Silver Medal.

Awards 1


Choir 1


Alice L. won an award for Outstanding Musicianship for the piccolo and the Descant Section, small group of the upper voices, of the Choir took home and Outstanding Musicianship as well.  People in this small group were Olivia P., Savannah P. Tamia J., and Allee L.

Congratulations to all who participated in the festival.  We are proud of you!  

Rattlesnakes Slither To Raise Funds

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rattlesnake Run today.  Please collect your donations and return them to your Homeroom Teacher as soon as possible. All monies go directly back to RMS.  Thank you, in advance, for your support of our Rattlesnakes!



8th Graders React To The Field Trip To The Holocaust Museum


Students in Mrs. Joelle Connor’s class were asked, “What is your reaction, comment or opinion about your experience at the Museum of Tolerance?”  Here are some of their responses.

The museum was a truly moving experience. It was amazing to see what it was really like during the Holocaust.  I enjoyed the museum a lot. – Reid S.

The museum was very interesting and full of knowledge.  The tour was cool with the interaction.  Overall, it was okay.  -Sean L.

The field trip caught my attention. It showed me that if we don’t learn to except things, the Holocaust can happen again.- Author Unknown

My tour guide was an actual Holocaust Survivor.  It was so touching to hear her story and know that she had hope even when she was in Auschwitz.  It shows that you should have hope even in the darkest situations. -Alex K.

The MOT reminded me that no matter how much good was in the world, that there was the same amount of people that are evil, but carry a smile on their face.  – Maryna B.

The MOT is very sad yet very informative.  It cleared up a lot of speculation on current events and the Holocaust too.  Overall, I think that out of all of the field trips I’ve been to, it was one of the best. -Author Unknown

The MOT was boring at first, but it got fascinating halfway through.  It was a great learning experience and can help teach students about the flaws in our world.  -Kenneth P.

We had a Holocaust Survivor as our guide for the museum.  She told us about her experience and it made the Holocaust seem so much more surreal.  -Kate L.

The MOT is sad but very interesting.  It is not boring and will teach you why you should be tolerant of others. You will never forget the experience. – Author Unknown

The MOT influenced me by showing me that what happened in the past could happen again.  It showed me that we can’t make the same mistakes because these things could happen again.  -Kenji K.

The MOT was very tragic and taught me a lot of things.  What was done to the people during the Holocaust will never be forgiven or forgotten!  -Nika L.

The MOT is a place where everyone should visit.  The lessons and information at the museum are vital for this day and era to hear and read. After visiting the museum, I would like to become a docent, that’s how much I enjoyed it.  Plus, the bus ride was really fun! -Grace R.

The MOT was an experience no one will ever forget.  It is the details of what happened during the Holocaust and the one person can change the world.  -Ryan M.

Going to MOT is one of the most memorable days of my life.  It has taught me that the Holocaust shows the worst of mankind.  -Author Unknown

The MOT was a huge learning experience because I learned why you shouldn’t be racist or mean.  There were millions of people killed because they were “different”.  -Anthony R.

When people think of genocides, they automatically think of the Holocaust, nothing else.  When we watched the video about genocides, they named about forty current genocides. The Holocaust was an international terror, but we need to realize there are all the other current genocides and we need to do something about them.  -Norman X.

MOT Quote

Q3 Journalism Commercials

Bezich Commercials Collage (3-27-14)
Journalism students were asked to create a new product and a commercial to sell it. Which product would you buy?

Happy Spring!


New “Kid” On The Block-Meet Mister Medrano


By Victoria P.

Have you met Mr. Medrano yet? He’s Richardson’s new Social Science and Physical Education teacher. If you don’t have him as a teacher, here are some facts about him just so you can get to know him a little better.

His full name is Robert Medrano, his favorite color is cardinal red and his favorite book is The Grapes Of Wrath.

“My favorite color is cardinal because the color of USC is cardinal red and gold”, said Medrano.

Medrano has only taught at Richardson for two quarters and thinks the best part of being a teacher is knowing that he helped a student succeed when he or she may have been struggling.

One of Medrano’s pet peeves is tardiness.

“I try my best to follow the adage (saying), on time is ten minutes late,” said Medrano.

University of Southern California, California State University, Fullerton, and Los Altos High School are the schools Medrano has attended.

Medrano likes to spend time with family, run, hike, mountain bike, and watch college football.

If Medrano wasn’t a teacher, he would like to write travel guides.

Paris, France is Medrano’s favorite vacation spot.

“I like going to Paris because of their culture, history, and their food”, said Medrano.

Other facts about Medrano are that “Dark knight” is his favorite movie, his favorite food is chili cheese fries, and NCAA football and NHL games are his favorite television shows.

Stop by Room 4 and say “Hi” to Mr. Medrano.  He enjoys meeting new people!

Photo Album: Saturday In The Park

park quote

Where in Torrance are we?

Students Invited To Magazine Drive Party


On Friday, March 21st, the following students were invited to attend the Magazine Drive-a-Palooza.  These students sold eight or more magazines.  Congratulations to them and thank you to anyone who helped with this drive.  We hope you enjoy your magazines.  

Jack B.

Sean C.

Kevin C.

Luke C. 

Shane D.

Justin D.

Juana D.

Mitch H.

Halle H.

Michelle I. 

Alaa K.

Safiyah K.

Olivia K.

Lauren L.

Kaila L.

Bailey L.

Katelynn M.

Nicky M.

Justin M.

Victoria P.

Jonathan R.

Andrew R. 

Sara S. 

Annette S. 

Audrey T.

Mia T.

Chris V.

Erin W.

Isaiah Y. 

Attention All Students: Lost And Found Overflowing

Lost and Found 1

The RMS Lost and Found is OVERFLOWING!!  The Lost and Found is located outside Mr. Kissner’s room #22, across from the Library.  PLEASE come by and pick up any missing items (jackets, lunchboxes, reusable water bottles, books, etc.)  The Lost and Found will be emptied NEXT Friday March 28, 2014!!  Any items not picked up by then will be donated to a local charity.

Taken from the bulletin.  

Rattlesnakes Run The Track

 Rattlesnake sign

Donate to the Rattlesnake Run Fundraiser!!!

Thursday, March 27th

You can be a part of this fun event by volunteering or making a donation for our raffle.  RAFFLE PRIZES!  GREAT MUSIC!  PHYSICAL FITNESS!  And POPSICLES!  Kids will have the opportunity to help raise money for all their great enrichment programs like field trips, assemblies, Adventures in Art, and MUCH MORE!!!  Donations can be left at the front desk or you can contact Naomi at morikeller@sbcglobal.net310-530-7182.

Taken from the Richardson Newsletter. 

Kids received Rattlesnake Envelopes and information in their homerooms on Friday.

RMS Family College Challenge

College graphic

Between now and the end of Spring Break, visit a college or university campus. There will be a follow up Homeroom discussion the week of April 14.  All students that visit or tour a college campus and share the experience with their Homeroom will be entered into a raffle to receive gift cards from Starbucks, iTunes, Yogurtland, Handel’s and more.

Taken from the Richardson Newsletter. 

While on your college campus visit, please take pictures (preferably one of you and the college name) and send it to Ms. Bezich at to put in this school newspaper. Thank you.  

Don’t Forget To Wear Green!

Saint Patrick

Monday, March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day.  It is celebrated throughout the world.  New York even has a parade in honor of this holiday.  Although it is not a day off of school, many celebrate this day with a corned beef and cabbage dinner along with green milk and Lucky Charms Rice Krispy Treats. However you celebrate, enjoy the lucky day!


The Fairyland Times


Journalism Students were asked to write news articles about characters in fairy tales and other stories.  Can you guess the title of the tale or story?

Granny Kidnapped

By Shannon B.

A girl dress in red visited her granny last Wednesday only to find that she was not there.  All that was there was a few tufts of grey animal hair and her bonnet.  Witnesses say that a big bad hairy animal went into her house and kidnapped her.

“I was going to her house to bring her some bread”, said The Girl Dressed In Red, “but when I arrived, she was gone!”

The police are still trying to find the hairy animal and the granny.  They have put out a warning to lock your doors and always have a phone on speed dial until,what the police describe as a big-eyed beast is caught.

Three Carnivorous Mammals Missing Oatmeal

By Jennifer W.

Three carnivorous mammals came back from their walk on Thursday afternoon to see that someone had eaten their oatmeal.

“We looked everywhere, even under the couch,” said the papa carnivorous mammal who also wanted to know who had been sitting in his chair.

Neighbors said they heard snoring and a chair breaking.  The police are still investigating where the missing oatmeal went and is also warning neighbors to protect their food.

Anemonefish Missing?

By Cristian M.

A young Anemonefish, age 7, has gone missing.  He was last seen at 8:30PM at 2033 Sea Road.

“Have you seen my son?” asked his worried father.

Please call 333-findanemonefish if you see any signs of him swimming, swimming swimming.

Pool Left Behind

by Konor M.

Frozen Liquid Male has been reported missing at 228 Enchanted Road.  Young girl reports that only a water puddle was found in his room.

“When I walked in, I could feel the warm wind coming through the window,” said the young witness.

“Don’t you want to build a snowman?” was all the young girl’s sister could say.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this Frozen Liquid Man, you are urged to call 922.  You will be rewarded with diamonds.



Hot Oatmeal– May need to microwave.  Please return to Three Carnivorous Mammals.

Amorphous non-crystalline footware -Last seen at the Majestic Dance.  Please return to girl in ashes.

Wish Granter Lamp-Be careful when handling or a singing vaporous comic will emerge.

Loud Vocal Shout Can-If found, please return to the Scared, Inc.  Warning: Do not take off the lid.  Loud Vocal Shout will spill out.

Little Female Human-Be cautious because she might be holding a green slimy amphibian.


Dinglehopper– Found under the sea.  Please swim by and claim.

Antique Wedding Ring-Found Monday in an Easter egg in an old lady’s backyard.

Mysterious Lightening Bolt-Found in shield. Tell Zeus to come and get it.

For Sale

Buy One, Get Four Free!  Red, juicy, crisp apples for sale.  They are to die for.  See the old ugly sorceress for details.

Magic Beans-Guarantee to grow fast and tall beanstalks.  Disclaimer-Seller not responsible for mood of anyone living at the top of the stalk.

fairy tales

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

Summer School Offered

South Bay Enrichment Academy summer school class schedules are now available in the office.  Take a class and learn something new! 

summer school

Q3 Journalism On The Air


Photo Album: 8th Grade GATE Kids Go To CIMI


Pictures taken by Sara Pearlman. 

Administrators Week Held March 3-7

Septem,ber 28 2013 252

November 4, 2013 377We Love Our RMS Administrators!

Assistant Principal Katie Schenkelberg

Principal Dr. Chad Mabery

College Week Held March 3-7

College Week is being held all this week.  It is not too late to join in the fun.  College Booths will be up during lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  Come see what colleges have to offer you as a student thinking about going to one of their campuses.  College Fujii 2

Also, dress the part.  The following are the college wear days.

Monday- Your Favorite College Colors

Tuesday-College Jerseys

Wednesday-College Sweatshirts (College Booths at lunch on the blacktop)

Thursday-College Hats (College Booths at lunch on the blacktop)

Friday-College Shirtsphoto (99)

A PowerPoint will be shown in homerooms that gives information about California schools.  If you have further questions, please ask your teachers.  Everyone is asked to visit a college campus between now and when we return from Spring Break.  We have several within minutes of our campus if you don’t have time to go further away.  Research shows that if a student visits college campuses before they are actually able to apply, they are more likely to attend college than those who don’t visit one. Which one will you visit?  

While on your college campus visit, please take pictures (preferably one of you and the college name) and send it to Ms. Bezich at to put in this school newspaper. Thank you.  




Students Of The Month Honored For February

photo 1 (2)

Students were given the Student of the Month Award from their Period 5 teachers.  Congratulations to all who were honored.

Cary A.

Asya B.

Nina B.

Marcus c.

Ashley C.

Liam C.

Mike D.

Jennifer F.

Kaitlyn G.

Jordan H.

Cody J.

Samir M.

Jenna O.

Nicholas R.

Katie R.

Sara S.

Elliott S.

Garvin S.

Simeon T.

Theo V.

Troy W.

Jack W.

Nao Y.

Jenna Y.

Stephen Y.

Congratulations to Colorguards!

photo (91)RMS Colorguards brought home a trophy from their competition at West High School last Saturday.  

Way to go girls!

Girls practice long hours before their competition. 

She Said “Yes!”

photo (85)Jessica Rodriguez & Jonathan Albrigo

“We met about a year and eight months ago when a mutual friend decided we were ‘meant for each other’! A little over a year later, he proposed at Signal Hill Park in Long Beach which over looks much of Los Angeles.  It was a beautiful, clear day and as the sunset created amazing colors though the clouds, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  

The wedding is set for July 2014.  We are planning an evening wedding on a ranch with our closest family and friends.”  

Bride-To-Be Jessica Rodriguez

Best Wishes to the happy couple from the RMS Family!

Timing Is Everything!

Friday, February 28th, students get caught in the rain when the bell rings at the end of Period 5 as they go to Period 6. Rain is expected on and off all weekend…and they say

“It Never Rains In Southern California”!

Does anyone know the name of the person with the clear bubble umbrella who is running from student to student trying to shield them from the rain?  If so, please give Mrs. Bezich their name.  She would like to reward them for their kindness.  Thank you.  

After School Drumline Practice

RMS Drumline practices for the Pep Rally on Thursday for the RMS vs. Calle Mayor Volleyball Game.


Making Math Fun

Barbie Bungee

Math Teacher Stephany Nakamura goes to great heights to teach math lesson.

Hula Hoop and Jump Roping Olympics

Math Teacher Wendy Turner has students jumping and hula hooping for a Math lesson.

RMS Students Have Talent!

Jennifer R. Singing “Sweater Weather” By The Neighborhood

Nya B. Ote’a (Tahitian Dancing) to “Jungle Tahitian Song”

Navid H. Singing “Radioactive” By Imagine Dragons

Scott A.-Playing Piano “What I’ve Done” By Linkin Park

Spencer C. Playing Clarinet “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

Selina B. and Anna R. Dancing “”Dark Horse” By Katy Perry

Paul J. Playing Piano “The Entertainer” By Scott Joplin

Sarah A. Dancing “Fancy Cat”

Mashaila P. and Erin W. Singing “No One” By Alicia Keys

Jocelyn H. Playing Piano “Nocturne KK IVa Nr. 16” By Chopin

Sydney O. Playing Piano   “Persistent Rhythm” By Martha Mier

Garvin S. Playing Bass Guitar “Supermassive Black Hole” By Muse

Peyton T. Playing Ukulele and Singing “Somewhere Over the 12:59 Lullaby” By Bedouin Soundclash and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Remy F. and Gabby P. Dancing “The Man” By Aloe Blacc

RMS Jazz Band

A special Thank You to Maja Radmilovich, Karrie Willett, Joe Petito, Michael Fujii and the Leadership Class for helping to make this Talent Show a wonderful success.  Thanks to everyone who shared their talent with us!  You were fantastic!

Look Who’s Got Talent!


Thank you to Michael Fujii and Mandy Malpede-Mason for ending the Talent Show assembly with an unforgettable performance.  We are so glad that you are Part Of “Our” World!