Photo Album: Spring Break In Washington D.C.

Sara in DCA group of parents put together a trip to Washington D.C. for thirty-three RMS 8th Graders over Spring Break.  Students took a red-eye airplane flight on Tuesday, April 7th and arrived the next morning.  Once they landed, they went straight to some of the sights in Washington D.C.  Above is a picture of Ms. Sara Pearlman with three RMS students who went on the trip.  They were spotted coming out of the Natural History Museum and photographed by Ms. Leslie Bezich who was there with her daughter.  (Note:  This trip for the students was planned by private parties and was not school sponsored.)

Kids Capitol

Kids MLK Kids on Log Kids White House

Photos above taken by Sara Pearlman. 

Other sights in Washington D.C.


Photos above taken by Leslie Bezich.

Q4: 6th Grade Enrichment Classes Change

Students in the 6th Grade changed their Enrichment Courses today.  We hope everyone enjoys their new class! 

Q4 Journalism 1

Q4 Journalism Enrichment StudentsQ4 Journalism 2

Happy Spring Break!

spring chick

School will be out for Spring Break for the week of April 7-11.  Enjoy your time with family and friends!  If you are on wheels, wear your helmets or seat belts if you are in a car.  Come back with tales to tell. Happy Break!

Attention 8th Graders: Looking Ahead


Mark Your CalendarsGraduate


6/17 8th Grade Picnic

6/18 8-10AM Promotion Rehearsal @ RMS

6/19 10-12AM  Promotion Rehearsal @ South High School

       6-7PM  Promotion @ South High School

       8-11PM  8th Grade Dance


RMS vs. Calle Basketball To Be Held

Basketball 2Basketball 1Snake and Basketball

Richardson Middle School students will be playing Calle Mayor on Tuesday, April 1, at SHS in the gym at 6:00pm. 

 Please wear our school colors to show that RMS has school spirit!

Go Rattlesnakes!

See you there!


Band Brings Home The Gold

Awards 2Band 1

On Friday March 28th, the RMS Band and Choir under the direction of Music Teacher, Karrie Willett, participated in the Forum Music Festival held at Fullerton College.  The RMS Band took home a Gold Medal and

 the Choir took home a Silver Medal.

Awards 1


Choir 1


Alice L. won an award for Outstanding Musicianship for the piccolo and the Descant Section, small group of the upper voices, of the Choir took home and Outstanding Musicianship as well.  People in this small group were Olivia P., Savannah P. Tamia J., and Allee L.

Congratulations to all who participated in the festival.  We are proud of you!  

Rattlesnakes Slither To Raise Funds

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rattlesnake Run today.  Please collect your donations and return them to your Homeroom Teacher as soon as possible. All monies go directly back to RMS.  Thank you, in advance, for your support of our Rattlesnakes!



8th Graders React To The Field Trip To The Holocaust Museum


Students in Mrs. Joelle Connor’s class were asked, “What is your reaction, comment or opinion about your experience at the Museum of Tolerance?”  Here are some of their responses.

The museum was a truly moving experience. It was amazing to see what it was really like during the Holocaust.  I enjoyed the museum a lot. – Reid S.

The museum was very interesting and full of knowledge.  The tour was cool with the interaction.  Overall, it was okay.  -Sean L.

The field trip caught my attention. It showed me that if we don’t learn to except things, the Holocaust can happen again.- Author Unknown

My tour guide was an actual Holocaust Survivor.  It was so touching to hear her story and know that she had hope even when she was in Auschwitz.  It shows that you should have hope even in the darkest situations. -Alex K.

The MOT reminded me that no matter how much good was in the world, that there was the same amount of people that are evil, but carry a smile on their face.  - Maryna B.

The MOT is very sad yet very informative.  It cleared up a lot of speculation on current events and the Holocaust too.  Overall, I think that out of all of the field trips I’ve been to, it was one of the best. -Author Unknown

The MOT was boring at first, but it got fascinating halfway through.  It was a great learning experience and can help teach students about the flaws in our world.  -Kenneth P.

We had a Holocaust Survivor as our guide for the museum.  She told us about her experience and it made the Holocaust seem so much more surreal.  -Kate L.

The MOT is sad but very interesting.  It is not boring and will teach you why you should be tolerant of others. You will never forget the experience. – Author Unknown

The MOT influenced me by showing me that what happened in the past could happen again.  It showed me that we can’t make the same mistakes because these things could happen again.  -Kenji K.

The MOT was very tragic and taught me a lot of things.  What was done to the people during the Holocaust will never be forgiven or forgotten!  -Nika L.

The MOT is a place where everyone should visit.  The lessons and information at the museum are vital for this day and era to hear and read. After visiting the museum, I would like to become a docent, that’s how much I enjoyed it.  Plus, the bus ride was really fun! -Grace R.

The MOT was an experience no one will ever forget.  It is the details of what happened during the Holocaust and the one person can change the world.  -Ryan M.

Going to MOT is one of the most memorable days of my life.  It has taught me that the Holocaust shows the worst of mankind.  -Author Unknown

The MOT was a huge learning experience because I learned why you shouldn’t be racist or mean.  There were millions of people killed because they were “different”.  -Anthony R.

When people think of genocides, they automatically think of the Holocaust, nothing else.  When we watched the video about genocides, they named about forty current genocides. The Holocaust was an international terror, but we need to realize there are all the other current genocides and we need to do something about them.  -Norman X.

MOT Quote

Q3 Journalism Commercials

Bezich Commercials Collage (3-27-14)
Journalism students were asked to create a new product and a commercial to sell it. Which product would you buy?

Happy Spring!


New “Kid” On The Block-Meet Mister Medrano


By Victoria P.

Have you met Mr. Medrano yet? He’s Richardson’s new Social Science and Physical Education teacher. If you don’t have him as a teacher, here are some facts about him just so you can get to know him a little better.

His full name is Robert Medrano, his favorite color is cardinal red and his favorite book is The Grapes Of Wrath.

“My favorite color is cardinal because the color of USC is cardinal red and gold”, said Medrano.

Medrano has only taught at Richardson for two quarters and thinks the best part of being a teacher is knowing that he helped a student succeed when he or she may have been struggling.

One of Medrano’s pet peeves is tardiness.

“I try my best to follow the adage (saying), on time is ten minutes late,” said Medrano.

University of Southern California, California State University, Fullerton, and Los Altos High School are the schools Medrano has attended.

Medrano likes to spend time with family, run, hike, mountain bike, and watch college football.

If Medrano wasn’t a teacher, he would like to write travel guides.

Paris, France is Medrano’s favorite vacation spot.

“I like going to Paris because of their culture, history, and their food”, said Medrano.

Other facts about Medrano are that “Dark knight” is his favorite movie, his favorite food is chili cheese fries, and NCAA football and NHL games are his favorite television shows.

Stop by Room 4 and say “Hi” to Mr. Medrano.  He enjoys meeting new people!

Photo Album: Saturday In The Park

park quote

Where in Torrance are we?

Students Invited To Magazine Drive Party


On Friday, March 21st, the following students were invited to attend the Magazine Drive-a-Palooza.  These students sold eight or more magazines.  Congratulations to them and thank you to anyone who helped with this drive.  We hope you enjoy your magazines.  

Jack B.

Sean C.

Kevin C.

Luke C. 

Shane D.

Justin D.

Juana D.

Mitch H.

Halle H.

Michelle I. 

Alaa K.

Safiyah K.

Olivia K.

Lauren L.

Kaila L.

Bailey L.

Katelynn M.

Nicky M.

Justin M.

Victoria P.

Jonathan R.

Andrew R. 

Sara S. 

Annette S. 

Audrey T.

Mia T.

Chris V.

Erin W.

Isaiah Y. 

Attention All Students: Lost And Found Overflowing

Lost and Found 1

The RMS Lost and Found is OVERFLOWING!!  The Lost and Found is located outside Mr. Kissner’s room #22, across from the Library.  PLEASE come by and pick up any missing items (jackets, lunchboxes, reusable water bottles, books, etc.)  The Lost and Found will be emptied NEXT Friday March 28, 2014!!  Any items not picked up by then will be donated to a local charity.

Taken from the bulletin.  

Rattlesnakes Run The Track

 Rattlesnake sign

Donate to the Rattlesnake Run Fundraiser!!!

Thursday, March 27th

You can be a part of this fun event by volunteering or making a donation for our raffle.  RAFFLE PRIZES!  GREAT MUSIC!  PHYSICAL FITNESS!  And POPSICLES!  Kids will have the opportunity to help raise money for all their great enrichment programs like field trips, assemblies, Adventures in Art, and MUCH MORE!!!  Donations can be left at the front desk or you can contact Naomi at morikeller@sbcglobal.net310-530-7182.

Taken from the Richardson Newsletter. 

Kids received Rattlesnake Envelopes and information in their homerooms on Friday.

RMS Family College Challenge

College graphic

Between now and the end of Spring Break, visit a college or university campus. There will be a follow up Homeroom discussion the week of April 14.  All students that visit or tour a college campus and share the experience with their Homeroom will be entered into a raffle to receive gift cards from Starbucks, iTunes, Yogurtland, Handel’s and more.

Taken from the Richardson Newsletter. 

While on your college campus visit, please take pictures (preferably one of you and the college name) and send it to Ms. Bezich at to put in this school newspaper. Thank you.  

Don’t Forget To Wear Green!

Saint Patrick

Monday, March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day.  It is celebrated throughout the world.  New York even has a parade in honor of this holiday.  Although it is not a day off of school, many celebrate this day with a corned beef and cabbage dinner along with green milk and Lucky Charms Rice Krispy Treats. However you celebrate, enjoy the lucky day!


The Fairyland Times


Journalism Students were asked to write news articles about characters in fairy tales and other stories.  Can you guess the title of the tale or story?

Granny Kidnapped

By Shannon B.

A girl dress in red visited her granny last Wednesday only to find that she was not there.  All that was there was a few tufts of grey animal hair and her bonnet.  Witnesses say that a big bad hairy animal went into her house and kidnapped her.

“I was going to her house to bring her some bread”, said The Girl Dressed In Red, “but when I arrived, she was gone!”

The police are still trying to find the hairy animal and the granny.  They have put out a warning to lock your doors and always have a phone on speed dial until,what the police describe as a big-eyed beast is caught.

Three Carnivorous Mammals Missing Oatmeal

By Jennifer W.

Three carnivorous mammals came back from their walk on Thursday afternoon to see that someone had eaten their oatmeal.

“We looked everywhere, even under the couch,” said the papa carnivorous mammal who also wanted to know who had been sitting in his chair.

Neighbors said they heard snoring and a chair breaking.  The police are still investigating where the missing oatmeal went and is also warning neighbors to protect their food.

Anemonefish Missing?

By Cristian M.

A young Anemonefish, age 7, has gone missing.  He was last seen at 8:30PM at 2033 Sea Road.

“Have you seen my son?” asked his worried father.

Please call 333-findanemonefish if you see any signs of him swimming, swimming swimming.

Pool Left Behind

by Konor M.

Frozen Liquid Male has been reported missing at 228 Enchanted Road.  Young girl reports that only a water puddle was found in his room.

“When I walked in, I could feel the warm wind coming through the window,” said the young witness.

“Don’t you want to build a snowman?” was all the young girl’s sister could say.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this Frozen Liquid Man, you are urged to call 922.  You will be rewarded with diamonds.



Hot Oatmeal- May need to microwave.  Please return to Three Carnivorous Mammals.

Amorphous non-crystalline footware -Last seen at the Majestic Dance.  Please return to girl in ashes.

Wish Granter Lamp-Be careful when handling or a singing vaporous comic will emerge.

Loud Vocal Shout Can-If found, please return to the Scared, Inc.  Warning: Do not take off the lid.  Loud Vocal Shout will spill out.

Little Female Human-Be cautious because she might be holding a green slimy amphibian.


Dinglehopper- Found under the sea.  Please swim by and claim.

Antique Wedding Ring-Found Monday in an Easter egg in an old lady’s backyard.

Mysterious Lightening Bolt-Found in shield. Tell Zeus to come and get it.

For Sale

Buy One, Get Four Free!  Red, juicy, crisp apples for sale.  They are to die for.  See the old ugly sorceress for details.

Magic Beans-Guarantee to grow fast and tall beanstalks.  Disclaimer-Seller not responsible for mood of anyone living at the top of the stalk.

fairy tales

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

Summer School Offered

South Bay Enrichment Academy summer school class schedules are now available in the office.  Take a class and learn something new! 

summer school

Q3 Journalism On The Air


Photo Album: 8th Grade GATE Kids Go To CIMI


Pictures taken by Sara Pearlman. 

Administrators Week Held March 3-7

Septem,ber 28 2013 252

November 4, 2013 377We Love Our RMS Administrators!

Assistant Principal Katie Schenkelberg

Principal Dr. Chad Mabery

College Week Held March 3-7

College Week is being held all this week.  It is not too late to join in the fun.  College Booths will be up during lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  Come see what colleges have to offer you as a student thinking about going to one of their campuses.  College Fujii 2

Also, dress the part.  The following are the college wear days.

Monday- Your Favorite College Colors

Tuesday-College Jerseys

Wednesday-College Sweatshirts (College Booths at lunch on the blacktop)

Thursday-College Hats (College Booths at lunch on the blacktop)

Friday-College Shirtsphoto (99)

A PowerPoint will be shown in homerooms that gives information about California schools.  If you have further questions, please ask your teachers.  Everyone is asked to visit a college campus between now and when we return from Spring Break.  We have several within minutes of our campus if you don’t have time to go further away.  Research shows that if a student visits college campuses before they are actually able to apply, they are more likely to attend college than those who don’t visit one. Which one will you visit?  

While on your college campus visit, please take pictures (preferably one of you and the college name) and send it to Ms. Bezich at to put in this school newspaper. Thank you.  




Students Of The Month Honored For February

photo 1 (2)

Students were given the Student of the Month Award from their Period 5 teachers.  Congratulations to all who were honored.

Cary A.

Asya B.

Nina B.

Marcus c.

Ashley C.

Liam C.

Mike D.

Jennifer F.

Kaitlyn G.

Jordan H.

Cody J.

Samir M.

Jenna O.

Nicholas R.

Katie R.

Sara S.

Elliott S.

Garvin S.

Simeon T.

Theo V.

Troy W.

Jack W.

Nao Y.

Jenna Y.

Stephen Y.

Congratulations to Colorguards!

photo (91)RMS Colorguards brought home a trophy from their competition at West High School last Saturday.  

Way to go girls!

Girls practice long hours before their competition. 

She Said “Yes!”

photo (85)Jessica Rodriguez & Jonathan Albrigo

“We met about a year and eight months ago when a mutual friend decided we were ‘meant for each other’! A little over a year later, he proposed at Signal Hill Park in Long Beach which over looks much of Los Angeles.  It was a beautiful, clear day and as the sunset created amazing colors though the clouds, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  

The wedding is set for July 2014.  We are planning an evening wedding on a ranch with our closest family and friends.”  

Bride-To-Be Jessica Rodriguez

Best Wishes to the happy couple from the RMS Family!

Timing Is Everything!

Friday, February 28th, students get caught in the rain when the bell rings at the end of Period 5 as they go to Period 6. Rain is expected on and off all weekend…and they say

“It Never Rains In Southern California”!

Does anyone know the name of the person with the clear bubble umbrella who is running from student to student trying to shield them from the rain?  If so, please give Mrs. Bezich their name.  She would like to reward them for their kindness.  Thank you.  

After School Drumline Practice

RMS Drumline practices for the Pep Rally on Thursday for the RMS vs. Calle Mayor Volleyball Game.


Making Math Fun

Barbie Bungee

Math Teacher Stephany Nakamura goes to great heights to teach math lesson.

Hula Hoop and Jump Roping Olympics

Math Teacher Wendy Turner has students jumping and hula hooping for a Math lesson.

RMS Students Have Talent!

Jennifer R. Singing “Sweater Weather” By The Neighborhood

Nya B. Ote’a (Tahitian Dancing) to “Jungle Tahitian Song”

Navid H. Singing “Radioactive” By Imagine Dragons

Scott A.-Playing Piano “What I’ve Done” By Linkin Park

Spencer C. Playing Clarinet “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

Selina B. and Anna R. Dancing “”Dark Horse” By Katy Perry

Paul J. Playing Piano “The Entertainer” By Scott Joplin

Sarah A. Dancing “Fancy Cat”

Mashaila P. and Erin W. Singing “No One” By Alicia Keys

Jocelyn H. Playing Piano “Nocturne KK IVa Nr. 16″ By Chopin

Sydney O. Playing Piano   “Persistent Rhythm” By Martha Mier

Garvin S. Playing Bass Guitar “Supermassive Black Hole” By Muse

Peyton T. Playing Ukulele and Singing “Somewhere Over the 12:59 Lullaby” By Bedouin Soundclash and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Remy F. and Gabby P. Dancing “The Man” By Aloe Blacc

RMS Jazz Band

A special Thank You to Maja Radmilovich, Karrie Willett, Joe Petito, Michael Fujii and the Leadership Class for helping to make this Talent Show a wonderful success.  Thanks to everyone who shared their talent with us!  You were fantastic!

Look Who’s Got Talent!


Thank you to Michael Fujii and Mandy Malpede-Mason for ending the Talent Show assembly with an unforgettable performance.  We are so glad that you are Part Of “Our” World!  

Photo Album: 7th Grade GATE Kids Go To AstroCamp


Pictures taken by Sara Pearlman. 

Parent Night On Common Core To Be Held March 4th


Are you confused about what Common Core is all about?  

Please join us… 

Parent Night – Common Core:

How will it affect my student?

WHEN: Tuesday, March 4, 6:30, RMS Café

When fully implemented, the new Common Core State Standards will be the largest and most significant shift in how students will be expected to demonstrate their learning in their everyday classes and on standardized tests. Beyond the basic facts, students will be assessed on how effectively they communicate, collaborate, create, persuade, and more.  Come find out this Tuesday how you can support your child with the Common Core learning expectations and assessments.

Presented by school and district administrators as well as English and math teachers.

Taken from the Rattlesnake Newsletter.

CC BloomsTax

RMS vs. Calle Volleyball To Be Held On Thursday

photo (82)

Come out and cheer for your RMS Volleyball Team on Thursday, February 27th, at 6PM in the South High School gym.  Buy your tickets, bandanas, and tattoos from the PTSA members at lunch and after school.  All proceeds go directly to RMS.  Money from tickets sold at the door will be split with Calle.  Get your ticket today for this exciting competition between the two South End middle schools!  Go Rattlesnakes!

photo (83)

The Boys’ Volleyball Team is ready!

photo (84)The Girls’ Volleyball Team is ready!

HSA Winners Announced/RMS Shows Off Talent

Congratulations to our Honorary Service Award Winners!
photo (78)

Dan Portway – Very Special Person Award

Cathy and Miguel Esquivel – Very Special Person (People) Award

Bonnie Nakamoto – Honorary Service Award

Karrie Willett – Outstanding Teacher Award

photo (81)

Thanks to everyone who shared their talent in the Talent Show!

photo (80)

Keep your eye on this website for more pictures and videos from the Talent Show coming soon.  

Students Honored At Grade Level Assemblies

On Thursday, February 13th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for November and Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , Other awards given were Leading By Example, Making a Difference, and Hidden Gem.  Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

6th Grade Awards

Honor Roll 

IMG_3764 IMG_3769 IMG_3772

Lead By Example Awards


Case            Nicky M.

This student comes to class every day ready to learn, and ready to make our class a better place. They have a positive attitude, and often have their hand up to add to our discussions and lessons. They work well with others, and set a great example for everyone in our class. This Lead By Example Award goes to Nicky M.

Medrano     Case S.

This student consistently takes an active role in helping other students and encouraging them to do the right thing. Congratulations, Case S.!

Richmond & Turner      Aubrey L.

This student is an extraordinary student here at RMS. They are an active classroom member who encourages everyone around them to do the right thing. They are positive and a natural leader in their class. They are always smiling and demonstrating kindness and leadership in and out of the classroom. They set high expectations for themselves and are not afraid to work hard. They brighten up the classroom every time they walk through the door. Congratulations, Aubrey L.!

Kissner       Daphne B.

This student is an excellent student who helps others in class. They are a leader in class. Congratulations, Daphne B.!

Newman     Jonathan F.

Ms. Newman has this student twice a day. They are strong academically in both subjects. They organize our monthly “band concert” during Period 4 English. They are a dynamic leader. Congratulations, Jonathan F.!

Turner        Liam C.

This student is an outstanding leader in so many ways. They throw their energy and ability into everything they do. They are confident, committed, and has a positive attitude. Many people are drawn to them because of their sense of humor and leadership skills. Ms. Turner knows that they will do great things in the future. Congratulations, Liam C.!

Schenkelberg        Ryan J.

This student is very encouraging and supportive when they work in collaborative groups. They always have a positive attitude and they do their best to help others. Congratulations, Ryan J.!

Making a Difference Awards


Pearlman    Konor M.

This student is the kind of kid EVERYONE want to sit by. They’re always in a good mood, and their laugh is infectious. It’s impossible to be grumpy when they are around! Congratulations, Konor M.!

Case            Kailia L.

This student enters the room with a smile, and brightens the math and science classes just by showing up. They are helpful, have a willing spirit, and rnriches our discussions and activities. They can be seated anywhere, and they will work with whomever they sit near. This Making a Difference Award goes to Kailia L.

Richmond   Katerina W.

This student is always positive and willing to work with all students. This student shares and encourages others to participate in all activities. Congratulations, Katerina W.!

Kissner       Kayleigh F.

This student is an excellent student who helps everyone in class. They are kind-hearted and are a positive person. Congratulations, Kayleigh F.!

Newman     Annabelle B.

This student is confident in who they are and that strength allows them to show compassion and kindness to others. They are a student who holds a team together, or a class together. They are more powerful than a lightning bolt! Congratulations, Annabelle B.!

Turner        Ellie D.

This student is everything that a teacher might want or expect in a student. They are always prepared, always motivated, and always willing to learn. They have great integrity and does the right thing even when no one is looking. Their positive attitude is contagious and Ms. Turner is so happy that they are in two of her classes. Congratulations, Ellie D.!

Turner        Ella P.

This student is enthusiastic and full of energy. They strive to do well and genuinely wants to help those around them succeed as well. They have an infectious smile. They have a positive attitude toward school and life, and we are lucky to have such as amazing student here at our school. Congratulations, Ella P.!

Schenkelberg        Luke O.

This student has such a kind heart. People really like being around them and they are a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations, Luke O.!

Hidden Gem Awards


Medrano & Schenkelberg        Jenna Y.

This student gives their best effort every day and does it in a quiet and understated way. They are always prepared and shows up to class with a smile on their face. They are a hard-worker who is dedicated to putting forth their best effort. Congratulations, Jenna Y.!

Richmond & Daco                   Ming Wei C.

This student is an amazing student and has made amazing progress in the short amount of time in this country. This student is a highly skilled student, gifted with talents necessary to succeed in any academic setting. This student is very courteous and caring and goes above and beyond what is expected. It is an absolute pleasure to have this student in both of our classes. Your homeroom and ELD class will really miss you, and we wish you well in the future. Congratulations, Ming Wei C.!

Kissner       Matt B.

This student is an excellent student. They are quiet, but amazing at science. They are helpful to all students. Congratulations, Matt B.!

Turner        Andrew R.

This student is a very conscientious student with outstanding work habits. They are self-motivated, kind, and a good friend to their peers. They are a student that quietly does what they are supposed to do without being asked. They display a positive attitude each day and they have the type of a character that we would like to see in all of our students. Congratulations, Andrew R.!

Newman     Madeline E.

This student quietly goes about doing what they need to do. Their best effort is always shown and Ms. Newman can count on them knowing what we are doing (even when she forgets). Congratulations, Madeline E.!

Turner & Bezich   Carli C.

This student is a talented and well-rounded student. Their incredible work ethic, coupled with their ability to work well with others makes them a fantastic role model at RMS. They show perseverance, as they do not ever give up. They are a joy to have in the classroom. Congratulations, Carli C.!

7th Grade Awards

IMG_3783 IMG_3788 IMG_3790

 Lead By Example Awards


Sheu           Camden G.

This student is always an enthusiastic participant and brings positive energy to our class activities. Moreover, this student is mindful and respectful of their peers, and their contributions reflect that of a positive role model! Congratulations, Camden G.!

Carlsson     Aidan T.

When working collaboratively, this student will do whatever is necessary to motivate their group. They do this without even knowing it! Congratulations, Aidan “Ace” T.!

Fujii            Justin M.

This student is a stellar student in math. They learn quickly and help others. They were also very helpful on the GATE trip to Astro Camp. Congratulations, Justin M.!

Nakamura   Simeon T.

This student is very polite and respectful to everyone. They always say “Thank you” and “Please”. They take the time to reflect on their assessments and think about their next steps for their “Student Action Plan”. Congratulations, Simeon T.!

Oden           Logan C.

This student is always encouraging their team in a positive way and is giving 100% at everything they do. A positive influence on the whole class. Congratulations, Logan C.!

Oden           Asya B.

This student is a strong team leader that is always giving their best at everything they do. They are a very positive role model for the entire class. Congratulations, Asya B.!

Pearlman    Nasim R.

This student welcomes a challenge, attacking each assignment with a positive attitude and an open mind. They like to earn good grades (who doesn’t?), but they’re more concerned with their growth as a student. They are a true English scholar! Congratulations, Nasim R.!

Richmond   Stephen Y.

This student is always positive and willing to step in to help others and participates in all tasks. They encourage others students and even better, do it with a sense of humor. Congratulations, Stephen Y.!

Making a Difference Awards


Medrano     George O.

This student is kind and respectful to all students. They also have outstanding classwork, and serve as a positive example. Congratulations, George O.!

Fujii            Kaitlin O.

This student is hard working and is very kind to others. They ask great questions in class and always have a fun, positive demeanor. Congratulations, Kaitlyn O.!

Richmond   Ally G.

Ms. Richmond has had the pleasure of having this student in her class for 2 years now. They are always willing to help others and are always agreeable to participating in class. Congratulations, Ally G.!

Bezich         Jocelyn H.

This student keeps the teacher organized. They do all of the jobs of a TA, plus they write for The Latest Hiss, the school newspaper, when they have a little free time.  They truly Make A Difference in Room 31.  Congratulations, Jocelyn H.!

Willett         Fiona H., Iris H., Jackie L., George O., Julie S. &

Emily W.

On a daily basis, sometimes twice a day, there are individuals who without being reminded make sure that the music room is organized. Before class starts they are organizing the furniture and after class, many days after the bell rings, they make sure that all of the furniture is put away inside the classroom. Without them, the choir would not function as well. Congratulations to my totally awesome organization and clean-up group, Fiona H., Iris H., Jackie L., George O., Julie S. and Emily W.!

Hidden Gem Awards


Carlsson     Kaiya F.

This student shows their classmates what being successful looks like without even saying a word. They are a true inspiration! Congratulations, Kaiya F.!

Mason        Jade K.

This student’s positive mannerism helps me, (Mrs. Mason) start the day off on the right foot. Congratulations, Jade K.!

Mufti          Nicholas U.

This student is a thorough gentleman. He is polite and respectful of peers and adults. He has improved in math and works hard Congratulations, Nicholas U.!

Fujii            Yasmeen H.

This student is hard-working and extremely patient. They do a great job on all of their assignments, and are helpful with others. Congratulations, Yasmeen H.!

Nakamura   Rachel F.

This student is very quiet in class, but they always do their work. They have come in at lunch to ask questions and have stayed after to help other students with their work. Congratulations, Rachel F.!

Holtz           Dong-Ju S.

This student has a positive attitude and persistence in doing their work, in spite of struggling with the English language. Congratulations, Dong-Ju S.!

Pearlman    Alyssa V.

This student is a true team player — doing what needs to be done without drawing attention to themselves or inconveniencing others. They are hard-working, reliable, and tremendously patient. Congratulations, Alyssa V.!

Richmond   Isabelle D.

This student is positive and encouraging to everyone around them. They volunteers to help those around them and always seems to know what to do without even being asked. Congratulations, Isabelle D.!

Kamiyama  Leo I.

This student was recognized by the Los Angeles Clippers as a “Top 5” middle school student, who participated in a fitness challenge. Congratulations, Leo I.!

8th Grade Awards

photo 1IMG_3816 IMG_3819

Lead By Example Award


photo 2

Hirji            Emily K.

This student is always on task and helps others. They work well in groups. They are enthusiastic about doing nice things, like when they took a leadership role during the adopt-a-family project. Congratulations, Emily K.!

Making a Difference Awards

Rodriguez   Keanu Y.

This student always has a smile on their face. They are respectful and thoughtful whenever they are in class or around on campus. They definitely make a difference in 6th period. Congratulations, Keanu Y.!

Yu              Nina J.

This student provided help to their partner without reservation and did so without asking for extra credit or a reward. Their help is very much appreciated and warrants acknowledgement. Congratulations, Nina J.!

Conner        Maya N.

This student is very self-motivated and puts 100% effort into everything they do. They are kind to all students and is willing to help anybody in need. They Make a Difference each and every day in English. Congratulations, Maya N.!

Sheu           Tess R.

This student is self-motivated to help others and has done so on multiple occasions this quarter. Their ability to anticipate the needs of others and follow through makes them a good fit for this award. Congratulations, Tess R.!

Carlsson     Suli C.

Always having a positive attitude, this student spreads joy throughout the room. Whether they know it or not, it Makes a Difference! Congratualtions, Suli C.!

Mason        Lauren P.

This student goes above and beyond their civic duty by taking a dual T.A. role in Mrs. Mason’s and Mr. Fujii’s period 2 classes. Congratulations, Lauren P.!

Hidden Gem Awards

photo (96)

Rodriguez   Jameson C.

This student has been going above and beyond in their Algebra class. They are doing what they can to stay on top of things and catch up on past skills. Congratulation, Jameson C.!

Yu              Yuki M.

This student tries their best and puts all their effort into their studies. They are a reliable and dependable person whose respectful and considerate to their peers, as well as adults. Congratulations, Yuki M.!

Sheu           Madison M.

Although many of Mr. Sheu’s students don’t realize it, this student makes many of your science activities possible! As Mr. Sheu’s T.A., they frequently assist with setting up experiments and organizing activities to make things work for students throughout the day! Congratulations, Madison M.!

Mufti          Patrick P.

This student is a quiet gentle student. Over the years I have seen them get over their shyness and come out of their shell in a positive way. They are very kind and helpful towards their peers. They work hard, perseveres and tries to do well at academics without complaining. Congratulations, Patrick P.!




Happy Birthday President Washington!

WashingtonDid you know that President George Washington was the first President of the United States of America and was hailed the “Father of The Country” even during his lifetime? He served as President for two terms from April 30, 1789 until March 4, 1797.  

Washington is best known for “supporting Alexander Hamilton’s programs to pay off all state and national debt, to implement an effective tax system and to create a national bank.  He was also the leader of the first successful revolution against a colonial empire. He is also ranked among the top three Presidents of the United States, according to polls of both scholars and the general public”, according to Wikipedia. 

He was born on February 11, 1731.  If he were still living, how old would he be now?

George Washington’s birthday will be celebrated on Monday, which is a pupil free day.

Famous George Washington Quotes

“Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”

“It is better to be alone than to in bad company.”

“Some day, following the example of the United States of America, there will be a United States of Europe.”

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

“Let your discourse with men of business be short and comprehensive.”

“It is impossible to govern the universe without the aid of a Supreme Being.”



Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone!  We wish you a LOVEly day!

Love Fingers

Show Off Your Talent!

Talent Show 1

Richardson Talent Show auditions will be held on Tuesday, February 18th, after school in the cafeteria.  Come prepared to WOW us with your talent!  All students are invited to perform their talent.   

Talent Clip Art 2Courtesy of the School Bulletin

New Club Starts At RMS

ScienceAttention 7th and 8th grade girls interested in science and/or engineering.  Come to the information meeting today at lunch in Room 28 to find out more about the After School Engineering Club.  Applications will be distributed at the meeting.  If you can’t make it today, pick up an application in the office.

Courtesy of the School Bulletin

Old Books Get New Life

Builders Club is collecting gently used books for the Little Company of Mary Hospital.  Please leave books in the main office.

boy_reading_1Thank you! 

Courtesy of the School Bulletin

Valentine’s Week Fun: Can You Match The Famous Pairs?

mickey valentinesMatch the following with its famous partner from below. 

Jelly, Pepper, Sonny, Juliet, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Summer, Milk, Ketchup, Pencil, Fork, Bread, Brad Pitt, Fire, Up, Left, Push, In, Light, Black, Sweet, Socks, King, Lilo, Chips, Bride, Cinderella, Finn, Boy, Sun, Spongebob, Hugs, Minnie, Dora, Tom, Mom, Mork, Hot, Macaroni, Jay Z, Sugar, Eggs, Spaghetti, Hammer, Bonnie, Ying, Dog



Tom and Jerry


Mindy, Peanut Butter, Dad, Yang, Nail, Shoes, Queen, Stitch, Salsa, Down, Right, Pull,  Angelina Jolie, Cat, Ricky, Sour, White, Dips, Groom, Prince Charming, Jake, Girl, Moon, Mickey, Cheese, Cold, Beyonce, Bacon, Meatballs, Dark, Patrick, Boots, Spice, Clyde, Lucy, Cookies, Spoon, Paper, Ice, Moon, Kisses, Salt, Romeo, Winter, Mustard, Out, Shoes, Girl, Mickey, Jerry, Cher, Butter, Mindy






Photo Album: Clippers Come To RMS



Happy Birthday President Lincoln!

LincolnDid you know that President Abraham Lincoln was 6’4″ tall?  He was the 16th President of the United States.  He served from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.  He is best known for abolishing slavery, strengthening the national government and modernizing the economy.   If he was living today, he would be 205 years old.  When was he born? 

Some of Lincoln’s Famous Quotes

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.”

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.”

“Everybody likes a compliment.”

Monday is a school holiday to honor President Lincoln. 


Thank You Clippers!

Thanks to Ms. Lauren Kamiyama, RMS PE students filled out an online FIT Log for two months this past fall.  The school that logged the most minutes of fitness won an hour and a half FIT exercise class for 100 of its students with three Clipper Players.  RMS won!  Below is the group of students involved in Thursday’s event.  Stay tuned for more pictures on this website soon. 

photo (42)Thank you to Clipper Players Ryan Hollins #15 (Former UCLA Bruin), Matt Barnes #22 (Former UCLA Bruin) and Former Clipper Player, Lamond Murray for taking their time to be with our kids!  

Go Clippers!  RMS wishes you a winning season!  

photo (43)photo (44)

Lights, Camera, Sonia!

photo (37)

By Jennifer W.

Do you study in your free time? Because a girl named Sonia L. also loves to study!

Sonia is eleven-years old and she is a Sixth Grader at Richardson Middle School. Her favorite subject is Math because it’s really easy and her favorite place to go is South Korea and Japan. She has a little brother. When she grows up she wants to be an actress or director.

“If I act, I could show a totally different side of me,” said Sonia.

Sonia doesn’t have any pets, but she wants a pet chameleon.

“A pet chameleon doesn’t do much, but it is interesting to see their skin color change,” said Sonia.

Her favorite movie is The Incredibles because it is a humorous and action packed.

Sonia has been in many plays and skits and she enjoys listening to Adele’s “Someone Like You”.

Some of Sonia’s favorites are Dum Dums candy, the color white, Knott’s Berry Farm and the ride she likes best is Silver Bullet.  Her favorite food is noodles.

“Dum Dums has various flavors and my favorite is Pink Lemonade because it’s sweet and sour,” said Sonia.

Sonia also likes the Fourth of July  because it’s the day before her birthday.

A goal Sonia has for the school year is to get Honor Roll every quarter.

Get to know Sonia and in the future you might be friends with a famous actress!

Meet Basketball Player, Shuka M.

photo (38)

By Jennifer W.

Do you know a girl who likes to play basketball?  Her name is Shuka M. Shuka is a Sixth Grader at Richardson Middle School and she went to Walteria Elementary.  She is twelve-years- old, her birthday is January 24, and she was born in Torrance.  Shuka also has an older brother who is in Ninth Grade.

Her favorite subject is PE because she likes to be active.

“PE is also great because of all the activities we do,” said Shuka.

Shuka’s favorite movie is Soul Surfer.

“I like this movie because it talks about never giving up,” said Shuka.

She has two dogs and one turtle. The dogs’ names are Bin and Jiro and the turtle is called Turtle.

When she grows up, she wants to be a basketball player.

“I like basketball because I like shooting the ball,” said Shuka.

Her favorite place to go is Hawaii.

“I like going to Hawaii because of the climate and the beach,” said Shuka.

Did you know that Shuka’s favorite holiday is Christmas?

“I like Christmas because I can get presents,” said Shuka.

An interesting fact about Shuka is she does abacus, a calculating tool also known as a counting frame.

Shuka has some goals for the school year.

“I would like to have all A’s for the school year,” said Shuka.

Shuka’s favorite amusement park is Disneyland and her favorite ride there is Splash Mountain.

If you like to play basketball, say hello to Shuka and you may be good basketball buddies!

Counselor’s Week

We Love You Mrs. Hunnel!


Photo Album: Hearts Are Everywhere!

photo (36)IMG_5175DSCN0297[1]photo (34)Heart Hissphoto 2Eric Canon 001 (2)photo (33)photo (26)photo 1Sony 008photo (32)photo (28)photo (27)Heart flowersphoto (25)photo (31)photo (24)J-Heartimage (2)photo (22)photo (23)photo (21)Heart Groupimage (1)Friends1391043300503Heart Group 2Marker Heart 1391043289680 photo (15)1391043302436 1391043305904NathanShadow HeartLeafMaberyphoto (29)photo (30)Carrots

Photos By Q3 Journalism Students 

This photo album was inspired by the book Find It In Everything by Drew Barrymore.  (Ms. Bezich has a copy if you would like to look at it.)

You’ve Got The Cutest Little Baby Face

Baby Face

8th Graders you have until February 10th to resend all baby pictures to to be included in the Yearbook.  Be sure to include your name for identification.

Thank you.

Baby Face 2

RMS Welcomes VIPs

photo (18)RMS Principal Chad Mabery and Assistant Principal Katie Schenkelberg welcome Jefferson Middle School’s Assistant Principal Michelle Giampapa and Principal Lee Lee Chou along with Maguder Middle School’s  Assistant Principal Lisa Nunes and Principal Chris Sheck to RMS. Our guests were here for a couple of hours touring rooms to learn more about what we do at our school.  We know they learned a lot from our students.  Thanks to teachers and students for welcoming them!

Eat Pizza And Support RMS!

Do you like pizza?  Do you want to help our school? 
The RMS PTSA has just arranged a great fundraising opportunity with Pedone’s Pizza in the Riviera Village.
It will be in two weeks on Tuesday, February 11, from 11am-10pm and no flyers are needed. 20% of your purchase comes back to RMS.

So, come with your friends for pizza and support your school!

Grade Level Assembly Kicks Off Magazine Drive

Students were invited to an assembly on January 29th to kick off the annual Magazine Drive.  Students were given packets detailing the prizes they may earn for selling magazines to family and friends.  Deadlines are as follows:

February 4-Early turn in (sell 3 items) win prizes

February 12- Last turn in date, end of sale

The “magic number” is 8!  If you sell 8 items, you will be invited to the Bingo Brain Freeze Party plus a list of prizes. If you sell more items, you may acquire more and more prizes.

All profits go back to school for projects benefiting kids.  Thanks to everyone in advance for your support!

New Kid On The Block: Ms. Cristina Daco

Septem,ber 28 2013 251

By Jocelyn H.

Ever wonder which teacher uses Room 25? Well, the new 8th grade Physical Science and English Language Development teacher, Cristina Daco, is now teaching there!

Daco was born in the Philippines and raised in the United States from the age of ten. She grew up with two brothers, so she collects X-Menana Basketball trading cards and watches wrestling (WWF). Daco attended University of San Francisco (USF) and Azusa Pacific University (APU).

Daco is enjoying working at RMS.

“The best part of teaching is connecting with students and seeing them achieve an ‘aha’ moments,” said Daco.

If she weren’t a teacher, she could love to be a food critic. In her spare time, she dances hula on the weekends, which she has been doing for twenty years. Daco enjoys frequenting various restaurants to experience different ethnic cuisines. Her favorite food is tacos. One of Daco’s pet peeves is toilet paper hanging under instead of being over the roll.

Daco’s favorite book is Their Eyes Were Watching God, and she likes the colors yellow and Dodger Blue. Her favorite vacation spot is Hawaii. She enjoys watching The Walking Dead, Sportscenter, and Remember The Titans.

With Daco’s help, Eighth Graders can receive a better score on the CST Science test, and newcomers can improve their English. Welcome Ms. Daco!

Q3 Journalism Practice Team Building

Photo Album: Student Council Gets Ready For Spirit Week Activities

Student Council Members practice the Shipwreck game in order to ready it for the lunch time competition on Thursday.

Student Council Members paint posters for the Glow In The Dark Dance on Fridays.

Peak Inside The Classroom: Medrano’s 6th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Medrano’s Sixth Grade Social Studies class held an archaeology dig to learn about artifacts.  

Promises, Promises, Promises

New Year's Resolutions

6th Grade

Antonia F.- My New Year’s Resolution is to get a perfect report card my entire 6th Grade year.

Josh W.-My New Year’s Resolution is to hit a homerun on my travel baseball team.

Alexis S.-This year, I will try to talk less and be more shy.

Sam C.- Mine is to keep my straight As.

Nathan T.- My resolution is to get good grades and make my family happy.

David M.-My New Year’s Resolution is to get better at baseball.

Ian B.-My goal this year is to practice more baseball.

Kari H.- My New Year’s Resolutions are to get my own room and work on my gymnastics, specifically my ariel and back walkover.

Jason W.-I plan to save and spend my money wisely.

Kaya M.-I promise to do my best getting good grades.

Ryan L.-This year I promise to get straight A’s for the rest of the year.

Sydney V.-My resolution is to read more.

Kailia L.-My New Year’s Resolution is to become a better soccer player.

Anne B.-I want to read more books.

Audrey T.-My New Year’s Resolution is to practice more piano.

Valerie Y.-My goal is to work harder in school.

Aika S.-This year I plan to do better in English and Japanese.

Kate M.- I plan to get straight A’s, so when I go to Japan I can show them and get into a good school.

Justin D.-My New Year’s Resolution is to get outside more.

Nate Z.-My New Year’s Resolution is to get better grades in school by studying hard.

Vicki P.- My goal is to learn more gymnastics.


7th Grade

Abby E.- My New Year’s Resolution is to get straight As.

Ellie F.- I want to start my homework right when I get home.

Vanessa A.- My New Year’s Resolution is to make new friends.

Austyn J.- My resolution is to become stronger.

Ashley J.-My resolution is to get good grades.

Kristia K.-My resolutions are to get good grades and a better mile time.

Daniel C.- I promise not to eat three bowls of cereal a day.

Aiden T.- I promise not to eat as much Chinese food as I usually do.

Helena S.-My resolution is to start eating breakfast every morning.

Kaitlyn O.-My goal is to lose five pounds by February 1st.

Madeline B.-My goal is to get a better mile time.

Natalie T.- My resolution is to be nicer to my sister.

Samantha P.-My resolution is to get better grades.

Abby A.- My resolution is to score five goals in soccer.

Leo I.-My goal is to be brighter.

Shoma T.- My goal is to be smarter, organized and stronger.

Bryan B.- My goal is to be more athletic.

Rabi P.- My New Year’s Resolution is to get better grades in school.

Tanner N.- My New Year’s Resolution is to stop eating at the close fast food place.  It is unhealthy because of what I choose to eat there.

Maddie B.- My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier because my mom wants me to be healthier for sports.

Trevor G.- My goal is to play more video games.

Leo T.- I plan to get more exercise.

Jimu I.- My goal is to get a faster mile time.

Jennifer F.- I want to get a better mile time.

George O.- I want to get straight A’s this semester.

Megan K.-My goal is to become friends and be nicer to the people that hate me.

Michael W.- My goal is to do better in school.

Cameron S.- I plan to not be racists and teach others the same.

Tyler L.- I plan to be less lazy.

Morgan K.-My New Year’s Resolution is to try to start swimming again.

Camden S.-I plan to maintain A’s, do better in soccer and get taller.

Jasmine W.-I want to do better in Math.

Noor A.-I want to change the world.

Kailani R.-I want to get better grades.

Amber W.- I want to be a better student.

Lillica M.- I plan to eat healthier foods and try religious foods.

Hana Y.- I plan to get better grades this year.

Maddy B.-I plan to play more soccer.

Cary A.-My goal is to play more baseball.


8th Grade

Hannah M.- My resolution is to become a faster runner.

Anthony R.- My New Year’s Resolution is to get at least five As on my report card.

Hannah K.  My resolution is to eat less Nutella.

Maya P.- My resolution is to eat less chips.

Kento I.- I want to get better at sports.

Timothy J.- I want to get better grades and be a nicer person.

Sean L.- My resolution is to get good grades.

Kento I.- My goal is to get good grades.

Jameinson G.-My goal is to get better at baseball.

Justin C.- My goal is to get more diamond shirts.

Jada R.- I want to get better grades.

Vivian L.- My resolution is to be nice to everybody.

Courtney H.- My goal is to stay away from people who give me headaches.

Laine D.-My goal is to get a 4.0 GPA.

Kyle W.- I want to exercise more.

Jack D.- I want to exercise more.

Cosete H.-My New Year’s Resolution is to be taller.

Lilly Z.- My goal is to get on Honor Roll again.

Ryan M.- I plan to get better grades.

Ashley S.-I want to play more video games.

Nia S.-I want to make more lists.

Jada R.- I want to get better grades.

Conner O.- I want to be a better student.

John A.- I plan to get more kills in Airsoft.

Jack W.- I plan to cook more.

Nina B.-I plan on trying harder in school, get straight A’s, and be productive.

Jenna O.-I plan to maintain my straight A’s and have a happy and healthy last year at RMS.

Helena S.-I plan to eat more in the morning because I usually don’t.

Nathaniel M.- I plan to be nicer to my brother.

Chloe B.-I plan to eat better.

Juliana Y.-I plan to run a eight minute mile.

Hoku S.-I plan to make more ramen and practice more.

Shohei E.-I plan to go to school every day.

Yukine E.-I plan to get a first place ranking on a test in Japanese school.

Yuki M.-I plan to stay healthy all year and not get sick.

Patrick F.- My plan is to play more tennis.

Jesse M.-I plan to turn more skateboarding tricks.

Katie P.-I plan to get on Honor Roll.

Tess R.-My New Year’s Resolution is to learn to ride a short board surf board.

Nana B.- I want to get good grades, learn more, and make my parents happy.

Camryn S.- My goal is to eat healthier.



Mr.Mabery-My goal is to exercise more.

Ms. Hunnel-My resolution is to be nicer.

Sonny- My goal is to stay healthy and keep a positive attitude in life.

Ms. Pearlman (ELA)- I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions because I think we can choose to change our lives at all times, not just around January 1st.  Reflecting on our lives and setting goals and resolutions are important, but I don’t do it just because it’s expected and everyone else is doing it.

Mrs. Pogue (Super Sub)- My New Year’s Resolution is to be healthy and strong.

Ms. Richmond (Social Studies)- My New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more.  Exercise is important.  I also resolve to leave school earlier, so I don’t get stuck in traffic.

Ms. Turner (Math)- My New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more.

Ms. Laundry (Nurse)-My New Year’s Resolution is to read more books.

Mr. Kissner-My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight and exercise.

Mr. Medrano-My New Year’s Resolution is to read more history books for recreation because right now, I just read for work and not for fun.

Mr. Fujii-My New Year’s Resolution is to be nicer to Briana Cowgill.

Ms. Newman-My New Year’s Resolution is that by June 20th, everything in Room 9 will be given to students.

Big Bill-My New Year’s Resolution is to quite smoking because it is bad for me.

Ms. Hussey (Parent Eyes)-My goal is not to make any goals because they usually don’t happen.

Ms. Schenkelberg (AP)-My New Year’s Resolution is to not eat as much fast food and soda.

Ms. Bezich-My New Year’s Resolution is to be in the moment wherever I am and not be distracted with what I need to do when I leave that place.

Ms. Williams (Librarian/Lab Tech)-My resolution is to find a new fiction book author.

Ms. Brittney G. (Cafeteria)- My goal is to lose twenty pounds.

Mr. R.- My goal is to have a better life.

Ms. Case- My goal is to see more music concerts.

Ms. Cathy- My resolution is to get fit.

Ms. Hussey-My goals is not to have goals because they rarely happen.

Ms. Morales- My goal is to be more patient.

Ms. Malpede/Mason- I plan to limit my sugar intake.




New Year's Resolutions Cartoon

Students Of The Month Honored-December/January

image (1)Students were given the Student of the Month Award from their Period 4 teachers.  Congratulations to all who were honored. 

Elisa B.

Ellie B.

Katey B.

John B.

Bridgette C.

Natalie C.

Carli C.

Laine D.

Camden G.

Stephanie H.

Jade K.

Paul L.

Jonny N.

Jenna O.

Kenneth P.

Ciara R.

Aika S.

Gregory S.

Annette S.

Tamryn S.

Tea T.

Norman X.

Min Y.

Did You Know…?

Did You Know…?  is a recurring post that will give an interesting fact about someone on campus.  Look for these to pop up in the newspaper from time to time.


Did you know…that Ms. Saira Hirji is double jointed?


New Club Coming To RMS

Model United Nations FlagsAre you interested in how and why laws are made by our government?  What about an opportunity to meet people from all over California?  RMS is starting a new Model United Nations after school club. 

In the Model U.N. program, students are given the opportunity to discuss international issues, discover other cultures and make new friends.  The end of the program will conclude at a statewide Model U.N. summit in Irvine in June.  

To find out more information, stop by Mr. Medrano’s classroom, Room 4.  All students are welcome and the experience is priceless!

Model United Nations

We Have Spirit, Yes We Do!

Rattlesnake sign

Spirit Week will be held Tuesday, January 29th through
Friday, January 31st. 

Tuesday-Sports Wear

Wednesday-Hawaiian Day

Thursday-Wild West Day

         Thursday Lunch- Class Competition- Shipwreck- Teams of four will get into a “boat” and race to a finish line while trying not to get hit by a chalked ball in order to win.  Sign up in your homeroom to join in the fun.

Friday-The Glow In The Dark Dance will be held in the Cafetorium after school from 3-5.  Admission is $3 and includes one slice of pizza. Pizza is $1 per additional slice.  

Come out and show your school spirit by enjoying activities created for you by your Student Council Members!


Header Photo

Mission Bay SDMission Bay, San Diego


Semester One Ends, Semester Two Begins

Jumping for joy

Congratulations, you made it through the first semester! Semester One (Quarter 2), ends today.  

Semester Two (Quarter 3) begins on Tuesday.

Monday is a Pupil Free Day.  

Attention 6th Graders: Enrichment Classes Change Tuesday


On Tuesday, January 28th, the 6th Grade Enrichment Classes will change. All students are to report to their new class Period 4 on Tuesday.

Students who were in Bezich’s will go to Petito’s class.  Students in Petito’s will go to Schenkelberg’s class.  Students in Schenkelberg’s will go to Kissner’s class.  Students in Kissner’s will go to Bezich’s class.

Whew!  New adventures await you!  

photo (13)photo (14)

Attention All 8th Graders: Activity Slips Due

Student End-Of-The-Year Activities Slips were due to your homeroom teacher today.  If you didn’t get it in, please do.  No one wants to miss out on the fun to come!

 picnic Garfield

Attention All 8th Graders: South High School Finals Schedule

Finals Keep Calm

South High School SEMESTER FINALS will be on Wednesday (1/22), Thursday (1/23), and Friday (1/24) of next week.  We will be sending out information to our 8th grade students who take classes at SHS through homerooms.  Here is how the SHS Finals schedule will affect their attendance here at Richardson:


Wednesday, January 22nd

  • SHS Finals for Periods 1 and 2.
  • All SHS students will miss Period 2 this day (they do not arrive at RMS until 10:10).
  • Students with two classes at South will miss Periods 3 ad 4 this day as well (they do not arrive at RMS until 12:25).


Thursday, January 23rd

  • SHS Finals for Periods 3 and 4.
  • No Richardson students will miss class this day.
  • Only students who take 3 classes at SHS will have an SHS final this day, and they will return to Richardson at 10:10 (before the beginning of 4th period).


Friday, January 24th

  • SHS Finals for Periods 5 and 6.
  • No Richardson students are affected by this schedule.

Firefighters’ Week Observed January 13-17

firefighterWhen others run out, they run in!

Next week is Firefighters’ Week!  Help us honor those who take care of Torrance by donating money and putting it into the collection baskets at lunch by the basketball courts.

Bracelets For Sale!

Student Council is selling handmade rubberband bracelets.  School colored bracelets are only 50 cents a piece.  Three-colored bracelets are $1.25. Purchase one today at lunch in the basketball court area.  Show your school spirit by supporting RMS Student Council! 

Happy New Year!

2014We wish a Happy New Year to you and yours!

Much Love and Happiness in 2014,

The Latest Hiss Staff

Students Believe, Dream, and Inspire


Congratulations to the 2013-2014 PTSA Reflections Contest Winners:

1st Place Literature- Connor R.

2nd Place Literature-Halle H.

1st Place Dance Choreography-Anna R.

1st Place Photography- Jennifer W.

1st Place Visual Arts- Eric H.

2nd Place Visual Arts- Renee C.

3rd Place Visual Arts- Steve P.

The theme this year was “Believe, Dream, Inspire”.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Music Department Performs At The Armstrong Theatre

December 23 2013 441

On December 12th under the direction of Music Teacher Karrie Willett, Beginning and Advanced Band, Jazz Band and Choir members all performed to a full house at the Torrance Armstrong Theatre.  It was a program filled with holiday music plus a few other classics including tunes from musicals and Disney movies.  Thanks to all of our students who shared their musical talents.  You were wonderful!

Click on the following to hear the Jazz Band.

Click on the following to hear the Choir.

Click on the arrow to see the Advanced Band.

Photo Album: Fun With iPads

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Mr. Andrew Carlsson for winning the Bowling Party for him and his friends.


Thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket and helped the Builders’ Club help the community.  

RMS truly cares about others!  

Thank You For Supporting Our Fundraisers And Adopt A Family Project

Adopt a Family-Students wrap presents to ready them for delivery. 

Richstone Center in Hawthrone, where the Adopt A Family gifts were delivered, is a center where people in need may get help with life situations. 

Stacked Restaurant was full of the RMS family eating in which part of the proceeds went to RMS. 

Barnes and Noble hosted a bookfair for RMS.