The Ultimate Guide To A Perfect Valentine’s Day

coffee heart

By Karina F.

Valentine’s day is fun, but can be a struggle. Not knowing what to give, or what to do? Well, don’t fear, because this guide will give you some sweet ideas everyone will love!

A sweet way to spend time with your loved one’s is by planning a dinner to a nice restaurant, to show your love and have some quality time with that special someone. Take them out to eat their favorite food, and enjoy talking and spending time with them.

If you are looking for fun plans with the whole family, I recommend stopping at an ice cream shop, a Valentine’s Day gift exchange, or a fun amusement park! This is definitely an awesome way to spend time with family, and is fun for adults and kids!

If you are looking to surprise a special someone, consider the following list of ideas…




-Teddy Bear

-Sweet Poem

-Read a book you custom made for him/her

-Netflix and Chill

-Decorate Cupcakes

I hope these ideas can help make this Valentine’s Day super special! Make sure to tell your family how much you love and appreciate them. Spread the love this Valentine’s day!

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How Do People Prepare for Valentine’s Day?

By Samara SN. and Kristina J.

Many people love Valentine’s Day. It is a time of the year that people can show how much someone means to them. When we interviewed our classmates on what they would do for Valentine’s Day, they said some things that surprised both of us. Here are some things that they said.

Who would you give your valentine to? We asked our classmates the same thing and four out of twelve people said that they would give their valentine to their crush. Aww! Isn’t that so cute!  Six out of the same twelve people said that they would give their valentine to their family. Now that is really sweet! The last two said that they would not give a valentine to anyone. I totally understand, it takes a lot drawing expertise to make a good valentine.

Another question we asked the same twelve people is who they want to receive a valentine from. Seven out of twelve said that they want to receive a valentine from their crush. I can’t blame them, I would like a valentine from my crush! Two out of the same twelve people said that they want a valentine from their family. Family is the best! The last three said that they don’t want a valentine from anyone.

Our last question for our fellow classmates was if they did anything for Valentine’s Day. This includes going to the beach, going to dinner with family and or friends, or giving a gift to friend or loved one. The majority of people said they would give gifts to their friends or a family member. The rest of our friends said that they would want to go to dinner with their friends or family, and very few people stated that they did nothing for Valentine’s Day.

We hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Short Story: “Papa”

By Sally M.

My dad and I didn’t have the best of relationships. He was constantly pressuring me to get straight A’s, forcing me to take after-school classes, saying no when I wanted to hang out with my friends.

We had a fight that morning. My friends wanted to go to the library to study, and I asked him if I could go with them when he was taking me to school. Of course, he said no, but I still wanted to go. I kept arguing with him, and he argued back. We had even gotten to the point of yelling at each other, and when we got to school, I had made sure to slam the car door.

I had thought about it all day at school  and I decided to apologize to him. So after school when I had finished all my homework, I went to the living room and waited for my dad to come home from work. After a while, the doorbell rang and I went to open the door.

I was supposed to see my dad in front of me. I was supposed to say I was sorry and be told that it was okay and eat dinner with him and my mom and we were supposed to be happy.

But none of that happened. Why?

Because the snow that day  kept some drivers from being able to see the road clearly. Because one of those drivers didn’t see that the stoplight had turned red. Because that driver crashed into my dad.

I don’t know how long I was waiting for him, but it felt like an eternity and the feeling of guilt was kept bothering for every second. So when I saw the police officer where my dad should have been, the guilt seemed to get even bigger.

He told us that he was sorry, that my dad had been involved in an accident, that he was in a coma.

When we got to the hospital, we found him lying in a hospital bed with multiple tubes sticking into his arms and hooked up to a ventilator. His eyes were closed and he wasn’t moving. So this is what a coma patient looked like.

My mom immediately kneeled next to him, his hand in hers, tears in her eyes. I couldn’t do anything but stare at him from behind her, unable to do anything.

My mom visits him almost everyday, talks to him, holds him, cries for him and yet, even now, almost a month later I haven’t been able to say a word to him.

It’s not because I’m sad or because looking at him hurts. It’s because I’m mad. I was mad at my dad for leaving. He left me only as a memory of pressure and stress and restraint. He left me without letting me say what I wanted to say.

But even more than that I was mad at myself. I shouldn’t have fought with him. I shouldn’t have slammed the door. I shouldn’t have been such a terrible daughter.

But today was different. I had started to feel less angry at us and more wishful. I wished that my dad would wake up so I could apologize and make it up to him. I wished that he would be okay, that everything would be okay. Today I decided to talk to him for the first time.

When we got to the hospital, I must have had run through my mind everything I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it at least a million times. My mom went to the food court to get us lunch, so I had time to say what I wanted to say. I kneeled down next to him and started talking.

“Hi, Papa,” I started. “Can you hear me? It’s your daughter, Ava. I miss you. And I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled that day. I shouldn’t have slammed the door. I’m sorry, Papa. I wish you were here and that you could understand me. I know I don’t say this enough, maybe not even at all, but I love you, Papa.”

And at that moment, the hand I was holding was suddenly holding mine back. I looked up at his face and saw that his eyes were open, and even though there were tears in them, he was smiling.

Papa was back.

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Student Perspective: Making Money As A Middle Schooler

Money 2

By Kristina J.

Have you ever been stuck in a pickle because you need to get a birthday gift for someone and you are out of money? That has happened several times to me, but I was able to make money by doing a few things around the house, a few things for the family, and even for my neighbors.

Chores aren’t the most fun thing to do, but it is worth it when you get something in return. One chore you can do to make some money is washing dishes. I know washing dishes isn’t very fun, but like I said before, it is worth it! Another thing you can do to help around the house is some yard work such as mowing the lawn, planting some new plants, or even just watering the lawn. The last chore suggestion is taking out the trash. Simple, yet hard work for your nose. Don’t worry, something that always helps me get through all my chores is listening to music!


Another way you can make some money is to walk dogs. If you have neighbors that have pets that need to get out, you offer to walk their dogs for a small price. You’ll be helping two people out, yourself by making some money and your helping your neighbor by walking their dogs, so they don’t have to do it. It is also kind of fun, you can listen to some music while you’re walking around the corner. 

The last way you make some money is to have a lemonade stand! I know it’s a cliche, but it is still fun! You can get a few friends to help you, a speaker for music, and some lemonade, then boom! There is your lemonade stand. You’re having fun with friends while making money. The only bad thing is that you will need to split the money you make, but it is still totally worth it!

I have done all of these before and it is totally worth it! Most of them are easy and fun with friends and music. I hope you found a way to make some money!

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Student Perspective: Are Sports Drinks Good For You?

Sport Drinks

By Andrew Y. and Luke C.

Sports drinks have been said to be bad by many parents, but why are they so bad? What do they do to our bodies?  And most importantly, what do they do in the long run?

Sports drinks have many bad things in them, such as an absurd amount of sodium and sugar. Just one 21 fluid ounce Gatorade bottle contains 21 grams of sugar. This is more sugar than anybody should eat in three and a half days, and in one bottle. This excess amount of sugar harms many of your body parts, like your teeth and brain.

It also has lots of fat, which hardens inside your body. This fat, especially if consumed after exercise, builds up in your body and causes the fat that is prevalent in ⅕ of American teens.  It is not only the fat that affects us, but it is also the unnatural amount of sodium. Many sports drinks have lots of sugar and salt that can build up in your body and cause more unnecessary fat.  

Many sports drinks also have artificial food coloring and favors like Red 40 or Yellow 1, which don´t do any good to your body.  These food coloring don’t really help your body out and just add chemicals to your body.

However, for athletes, it can help to replenish valuable electrolytes and carbohydrates.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “… if you’re exercising for more than 60 minutes, use a sports drink. Sports drinks can help maintain your body’s electrolyte balance and give you a bit more energy because they contain carbohydrates”.

As you exercise, your body uses up electrolytes, which are necessary for fluid control, and carbohydrates, which provide energy.  It also provides carbohydrates, which give energy that is necessary to keep on exercising.

But this is only for people who exercise for more than a hour every day, not people who walk just 10 minutes to school.  In that case, the carbohydrates will just build up in your body and instead of becoming energy, will become fat.

So, sports drinks can be good for some, but harmful to others, as the many ingredients can provide energy or electrolytes or extra, unnecessary fat and artificial ingredients.  Also, for many non-athletes, it would be better to instead drink water that would do the same trick and eat fruits like bananas, which also provide electrolytes.  Remember, you are what you eat.

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Poetry Corner: Love Is Everything

By Amber K.

Even through the hardest times

Even in the rain

You can always find something to love

Something that’s worth the pain


Even when the darkness comes

Or when the night gets scary

There will always be someone

Who loves you and is caring


Love can be always be found

Anywhere in the world

Love can heal you, help you

Love is so profound


Love can be in the shape of anything

A person, rock, or a tree

It can change anyone

Even you and even me


Love can be the best medicine

The best advice, or song

Love can write a story

And can help when things go wrong


Tell someone something kind

Just a word or two

It won’t cost you anything

So start to be a better you!


Spread a little love

To everyone you see

It may change someone’s life

I will guarantee

hearts sun

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Can You Unscramble the “Love” Words?

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble


  1. OVLE  ______________
  2. EOVD  ______________
  3. ALNTNEVEI  _____________
  4. DRE  _____________
  5. EAHRT  _____________
  6. COHOCTEAL  _____________
  7. LWREFO  _____________
  8. JLERYWE  _____________
  9. ESETW RTAT  _____________
  10. INPK  _____________

hearts 3

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Poetry Corner: True Love


By Jodi Y.


You think of the true meaning of love

The swaying feeling in your stomach

Like the currents in the ocean

The warm feeling in your body

Like the sun hitting your face

You feel like never letting go of that person

Never giving up on them

Even when times get hard

Above all the clouds

There is always the sun

There will always be a point

When the waves grow fierce

Just to bring you down and drown you

There will always be a point when the clouds stay longer

And feels like the sun may never come out again

A point when the sand turns cold

But in the end

The ocean will always be there for you

No matter the size of the storm

You can count on it to bring you happiness

Even on a cloudy day

This love is alive

Like the sand dollars

Beneath your feet

Find your true love

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Fujii Makes A Difference

By Karina F.

Mr. Michael Fujii, as we all know, is an excellent math teacher. He teaches 6th and 7th grade math and is awesome at it! But besides his love for teaching, he loves many other things! Get to know him better, and learn what else he loves to do!

IMG_0128Fujii loves his family. They have always been a big part of his life and are very important to him. “We always get together and I am always comfortable around them,” said Fujii.

Fujii loves teaching, and is very good at it. He loves watching his students learn and grow. “I have built so many relationships with kids and I want to make a difference in kids lives and in the world,” said Fujii.

Music has also been a big component of Fuji’s life. “Even when I was little, I gravitated towards the TV where movies with songs in them where playing,” said Fujii. When he was younger, he played piano, then guitar, and lastly, he played drums.  

If you didn’t know, Fujii went to college at UCLA! So of course he loves UCLA! “I had a great experience there, and some really cool classes. I  grew up a lot there!” said Fujii.

Fujii loves his friends as well. If you know Fujii, he loves to laugh, and his friends sure make that possible! “I have really good friends, and we are always there for each other,” said Fujii.

Food, food, and food. Who doesn’t love food? Well Fujii loves food. Loves it. He likes to watch cooking shows which have made him want to try new foods. “Ever since I have gotten into food shows, I have wanted to try new foods, and experience new cultures,” said Fujii.

Fujii also enjoys watching sports. It is very entertaining to him. Fujii enjoyed playing sports such as soccer and basketball when he was younger. “Sports are what we do as a family,” said Fujii.

Fujii is such an amazing person and teacher. It’s really interesting learning about everything besides his teaching career. Next time you see him, say hi and get to know him!

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Did You See The Super Blue Blood Moon?


By Luke C.

On Wednesday morning, a very rare Super Blue Blood moon appeared in the sky.  But what is this exactly?

This lunar trifecta is actually a combination of three different lunar phenomenons, the Super Moon, Blue Moon, and the Blood Moon.

The moon will first be a Supermoon, a phenomenon that makes the moon seem bigger than it really it is.  This is caused by the elliptical orbit of the moon around  the Earth, and this is when the moon is the closest to the Earth, causing its supposed increase in size.

Also, it will be a Blood moon, or a complete lunar eclipse.  This is a phenomenon where the earth eclipses the moon and makes the moon seem red, which explains the “blood” part of the phenomenon.

Finally, it will be a Blue Moon, or the second full moon of the month.  The first was on New Year’s day, making this month also special in the lunar watching community, as it starts and ends with a full moon.

So, to recap, people will see a huge red moon that is also the second full moon of this month.  This combination is very rare, as it requires the three different phenomenons to occur at the same time, and as all three phenomenons are relatively rare, the combination happens approximately every 150 years.  So the next Super Blue Blood moon will occur on the year 2168.

The moon appeared at 6:57 PST, or Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles, so you had to get up early to see it.  However, The West Coast was be one of the best places to see it, as the East Coast couldn’t see it for very long.

So, if you woke up early to see this spectacle, I hope you had a good time watching this lunar spectacle.  For those of you who didn’t you can always visit the NASA page or Youtube to find videos on the trifecta.  Happy lunar watching!

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Student Perspective: Body Worlds

Body Worlds
Opinion #1

By Andrew Y.

Have you ever been to the California Science Center? If you have, do you think that you have explored everything?  I guarantee that you haven’t, since they have recently put in a new exhibit called Body Worlds.

Body Worlds is an exhibit where people willingly give their bodies for people to visit and study them.

The process of getting the body ready for public viewing is called Plastination. First a pump to remove all the blood out of the body. Next, they cut the skin and fat from the body so most of the muscles are showing.

Third, they take the rest off the body by putting it in an acid called acetone, which  dissolves all the  fat and water that remains in the body.

Fourthly, they put the body in the way they want it to be set up with pins and needles. Lastly the body is hardened with heat, light, or gas. This whole process takes about 9-11 months, depending on the pose and body.

Even though this is a very interesting exhibit, what I have seen I can’t “unsee” and it was somewhat disturbing.  I recommend that kids in grades eight or higher should see this exhibit.

Why should only teenagers should go see this exhibit? You may be asking, well it exposes all of the body’s parts and in my opinion we should have be older and more mature to go see this exhibit.

It is a very good experience.  It not only shows the human body but also a baby’s body, a baby that wasn’t born and died in the mother’s stomach.
It is sad but also very interesting to see our body, and in one point in our life we all should go see this exhibit for ourselves.

Opinion #2

By Theodore N

Body Worlds is a exhibit that displays plastified real bodies in different poses. Many people have different opinions about how old you should be to enter this very wonderful exhibit. I personally recommend that you should at least be eleven years of age and be mature.

This exhibit travels around the world, and it comes to the California Science Center roughly every ten years.

I think that we at the age of 12-13 should be exposed to this exhibit, because teens and pre-teens should be mature enough to see an adult exhibit. We learned about all our body functions and body parts in the 5th grade, and watched the puberty video.

We have been exposed second hand to the matter of body parts, and now with this exhibit we can experience this first hand.

The exhibit also shows dead babies in different stages of life. If you would not like to see this room you can go around it. There’s usually a security guard warning you that there are dead babies inside. Also, there is a reproductive area which you have to be eighteen years or older to see.

These body donors have donated their bodies for science and educational use, so let’s make their dream come true and use their bodies for education.

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Marvelous Ms. Markovich Gets Into Mischief


By Ellie H. and Harry K.

We all have gotten in trouble before at school, either if it was talking to our friends or doing something foolish. But, could you imagine one of our teachers getting in trouble?

Ms. Stephanie Markovich is our 6th and 7th grade English Teacher who loves her students and her job. Before becoming a teacher she went to Orange Coast and  California State University at Long Beach to earn her Bachelor’s Degree and teaching credential.

After she had finished her time at college, she pursued her lifelong goal- to be a teacher.

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher ever since elementary school. I enjoy helping others, but more importantly I loved to teach my friends concepts they were struggling with at school,” said Markovich.

Markovich wanted to, from the beginning, always wanted to help others. Whether it was for English or Science she would try to help her friends understand what they are learning.  These are skills that work perfectly for teachers.  To truly care about the course matter to take the time to have others completely understand every part of it.

While Markovich is a great teacher and has a bubbly personality, her talking sometimes got her in a little trouble.

Although she was a quiet student in school, she got in trouble only one time. “It was during math class in high school where I was talking too much to a friend who sat next to me. As a result, I got a detention and was forced to come in during lunch and clean all of the beakers in the teacher’s science lab,” said Markovich.


Markovich did not enjoy this particular experience.  She had to clean every single one of the dozens of beakers. Although she was a quiet student she still did cause a little mischief in school.

When Markovich sets her mind to something she will get it done. From cleaning every single one of those dirty beakers to conquering her fear of heights.

“One unforgettable moment…to me was attempting to get over my fear of heights when I went zip lining in Costa Rica. I was extremely terrified for me,” said Markovich.

Markovich is deathly afraid of heights, but to conquer her fear she faced it steadfast.

Markovich is a true inspiration and one of the many hard workers on our campus! She is a kind teacher willing to help others and talk to them, so don’t be afraid to talk to her! Thank you Ms. Markovich for being part of the amazing staff here at Richardson Middle School.

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STEM Bounds Students At AstroCamp


By Katie S.

Seventh grade GATE students along with four chaperones and Mr. Scott Smith attended AstroCamp on January 19-21st. It is located in Idyllwild, California. After the two hour bus ride, they were dropped off at AstroCamp in fifty degree weather, which later dropped below thirty degrees.

They participated in many STEM activities inside a classroom, as well as outdoor activities.  Some engineering activities include building a cosmic lander. Students had to design a device that would get a water balloon to “mars” safely. The water balloon was dropped from the second story of a building, and the goal was to use a variety of supplies (paper, popcicle sticks, string, etc.)  to build a cosmic lander that will get it to the floor without popping.


Another STEM activity students participated in was making bottle rockets. The body of the rocket was a two liter plastic bottle. To make a nose cone, they added a cone shaped block of clay to the top to add weight and to make the rocket more aerodynamic. Students also taped paper or cardboard fins to the rocket, which helped it fly straight. The bottle rockets were filled with air and water until the pressure built up enough, and then most of them shot about a hundred feet in the air!

Another STEM class was electricity and magnetism, where the kids learned about electric currents and high versus low voltage. They also learned about how magnets work.

Probably the most exciting activities that the students participated in were the zip line and the Sky Coaster. Ziplining was fun, but most kids thought that the Sky Coaster was even more fun. Among these students is Phoebe B., who has been going to AstroCamp’s summer program for five years now.

“I think Sky Coaster was the best ropes course activity, and it’s kind of what AstroCamp is known for. I’ve been on it more than ten times and it’s never gotten old,” said Phoebe.

The Sky Coaster is one of AstroCamp’s most popular classes.


“Working together, students pull each other up in the air to their desired height (maximum 40ft.). Then the student pulls on a ripcord and sails through the air!” (

Students also participated in a day hike, which takes you up a mountain trail. They learned all about different trees and plants on this hike. There was also a night hike on the last night, which was called “space night”. They hiked over to a bunch of telescopes and learned about galaxies, the stars, and different constellations.

Most people that attended this trip agreed that it was very fun, and they wish they could have stayed for longer. If these activities sound fun to you, they are only a small fraction of what is usually included at this camp. If you would like to find out what these are, you can totally go to Astrocamp over the summer! For more information about how you can attend this camp over the summer, visit

Photos By Katie S. and Naomi SakaiIMG_7910 (1)


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Did You Know? Buby Has A Secret Talent

By Ellie H. and Harry K.

Would you be surprised if a teacher on school campus is looking forward to summer as much as you? This teacher is Mr. Josh Buby who teaches 7th grade Physical Education and the Visual Arts class at Richardson Middle School.

Buby has many talents and you may have seen some of them whilIMG_20180131_113638028_HDR (1)e being in his exciting Physical Education class.

Buby states, “One of my tricks that I am able to do is juggling. I can juggle three small tennis balls or I can juggle three basketballs.”

If you didn’t know, Buby is a master with juggling.  Not many people are able to juggle 3 basketballs at the same time. If you are ever interested in seeing his skills at work, feel free to ask him!

Not only is this a fun skill to possess, but his personality is fun too!

“My spirit animal is a dolphin,” this aquatic animal is the main animal that Buby holds in his heart.  Dolphins are playful and love to play games.  Buby truly embodies what his spirit animal is.  Being a P.E. teacher is a job filled with fun, games, and playfulness.

Buby is constantly trying to improve his skills. “One thing I love doing over the summer is to go to a physical education middle school workshop.  There I am able to learn a lot of new activities and methods in teaching physical education.”


Even during the summer Buby is trying to make RMS better for the students. If that isn’t dedication, what is? Mr. Buby is an exciting person who is constantly having fun  and  tries to improve RMS from within.

Buby is looking to forward to summer just like you and you might even see him teaching some classes during the summer! Our advice is, summer is coming soon, so hang in there Mr. Buby and the students of RMS!

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Mrs. Beck To The Rescue!

IMG_0053 (1)

By Ellie H. and Harry K.

One of our teachers have saved a student during a Pickleball game! This teacher was Mrs. Beck.

Beck is our Physical Education teacher for 8th grade and the leadership teacher for our leadership class! She is an extremely kind teacher who cares about her students and if they enjoy her class.

We recently asked her, “If a student came up to you and said they didn’t like school, what would your response be?”

Beck responded, “I would first ask ‘Why?’ and then offer to help in any way possible. I would get to know the student personally, find out more information about them, and what they do like. So I can help translate that to what they are learning and experiencing at school.”

Beck truly cares about all her students, so if you ever need help or is struggling in her class, feel free to talk to her about it.

She also likes to add music to her class to get kids excited about what they are learning.

“Music is very important to me, and I hope it is something that makes daily activities and warm ups fun for my students!” Beck states.

Within P.E. music is incredibly important.  It helps pump up kids into running faster and really working it to get that last push-up in. Music helps increase performance.

Beck has an incredibly hard job with being the teacher for Leadership and P.E. and us students can help make her life easier in a few simple ways.

Beck wants, “Students can come to class prepared, ready to learn, leave excuses and negativity at the door and be open to trying new things.”

These simple, easy things can help make her day better.  These choices students have, although we might not know it, can have a profound impact on someones day.

This teacher also has experienced something crazy in her class, and thankfully for her quick thinking, her student is fine today.

“When I was student-teaching a Pickleball unit, a student got hit in the face with a paddle and her bloody nose and teeth scared everyone! I had to deal with her and bring her to the nurse’s office and keep the class calm- it was intense,” said Beck.

Beck is an amazing teacher at Richardson Middle School and these are only a little out of the many things to know about her! Make sure to talk to her if you ever see her around. She is an amazing teacher who contributes to our outstanding school community. Thank you Mrs. Beck for being a part of our school!

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Meet Brooke S.

FullSizeRender (2)By Marina M.

Brooke S.  is one of the funniest and most loyal people to be with!  She will always make you laugh and she always has a smile on her face.

Brooke’s birthday is on October 21, 2005, and she is twelve years old.  Her favorite colors are purple and aqua.

Brooke has many hobbies such as soccer, dance, and art.  She does dance at Fusion Studios for two days a week, and does contemporary and hip hop.

Every year Brooke collects bottles and cans then turns them in for money to give toys to children’s hospitals.

“Giving is getting happiness from others,” said Brooke.

Brooke is also a member of the leadership team.  She helps organize school events and charities. Thank you, Brooke!

Brooke loves Starbucks!  She goes every Tuesday for late start.  Her favorite drink is the  Strawberry Acai Refresher.

If you see Brooke in the halls or helping out with leadership, stop by and say “Hi”.  You might just make a new amazing friend!

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Do You Have The Travel Bug?


By Samara SN.
People leave their homes and travel all around the world, but why? Is it because they love the culture, the smells, the sights? Or is it because they think that they can learn more out in the world then in books or school? Here are some facts about why people love to travel.

Many people like traveling because it expands their perspective on life. Traveling also helps us realize that there are many people that are not as fortunate we are, that might change people’s attitude about everything.

Traveling can also help people learn different languages. A study was done that when people traveled to a different country for a month learned more than a person did with weekly classes. Also when people learn a new language, it shows the culture that they care and that they are interested in what the culture has to offer.

Traveling can also be a great way to reduce stress. After a long plane ride and a bunch of loud car noises on the way to your hotel, it is a great thing just to look out your window and see a relaxing scene. It also can take your mind off a stressful time at work or a stressful thing that happened.

The most fun thing that traveling does is challenges people. Many people go to a coffee shop in the morning or watch television, but when people decide to  travel, it gets them up and away from a screen. It also gets them out in the world to explore different and amazing things.

Happy Traveling!     

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Get Organized!

OrganziedBy Genesis O.

At the beginning of the school year you always come extra prepared. You spend many hours at the store picking up school supplies, but after the next month all of your school supplies disappear.

Here are some tips to keep organized:

  1. Get the basic supplies such as planners, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, etc., and make sure you store them safely in your backpack where you know you can find them when you need them.
  1. Have an organized binder. Some teachers may suggests certain types of binders, but something your binder should have to keep organized are pockets or different labeled sections. Make sure there are pockets or dividers for all you classes.
  1. Make sure you clean out your binders/folders at least every quarter. This is one of the best ways to keep you organized because you will most likely have papers that you do not need anymore, and these are just taking up space in your binder.
  1. Planners are very helpful. I would suggest to get a planner because you can write down your daily homework and things you need to do right away. Many people will stop using their planner, but I find mine very useful because I never forget what I need to do.
  1. Organized lockers help out so much. Decorating lockers is so much fun because you can be creative with it. Just make sure you don’t add any stickers to your locker because you won’t have the same one next year. But have fun with it.


Doing these steps might be time consuming, but will keep you more organized and help you be more consistent with your school work.  

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Student Perspective: Sign Up for Tuesday Tutorial Fun


By Karina F.

Tuesdays are the best for me because of tutorial! Sign up for interesting activities before going to your 5th period. Tutorial gives everyone an opportunity to try something new or a quiet room to finish homework. I know… sounds great! Well here is how to sign up.

  1. Visit the etusd page and sign in

2.   To the right there will be a link titled RMS Tutorial Sign Up

3.   Click on that

4.  Scroll down and pick your class

5.  Select and confirm

6.  You are done!

It’s so simple to sign up and it’s a great way to hang out with your friends and do some fun activities! Many of the options are science videos, sustained silent reading, yoga, or crafts!

Tutorial is also a nice way to take a break from education and have fun with your friends!

“I like tutorial because I get to try something new every week,” said Emily D.

It’s always good to try something new because you could find out you really like something!

“I like how every Tuesday there is different options and you can meet new teachers,” said Marina M.

So get ready to meet new teachers, try something new, and have a bunch of fun. Don’t be late you wouldn’t want to miss Tutorial!

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Get To Know Jayhee S.

By Karina F.

Sixth grader Jayhee S. has many passions, and is a very interesting person! She loves dogs, dance, and math!

Her family life is especially interesting for her dad works for NASA, and is currently working on building a new telescope! She also has one sister who is eight and her name is Joohee.

Jayhee’s birthday is on new years! She gets to celebrate a new year as well as a new age!

One of Jayhee’s favorite things ever is dogs. She has three of them, and loves them so much!

“My dogs are like my second best friends,” said Jayhee.

Besides playing with her dogs, Jayhee dances as an outside activity! She takes  dance lessons from Impulse and loves to perform!

In school, Jayhee’s favorite subject is math.

“It is really fun and you don’t have to memorize as much as you have to for other subjects,” said Jayhee.

Jayhee also likes to bullet journal!

“It keeps me organized!” said Jayhee.

Staying organized is important, and bullet journaling is a fun way to stay on task!

Oh food, who doesn’t love food? Jayhee especially likes Italian food, like pasta!

She also loves to travel the world.

“It’s cool to see everything beyond California,” said Jayhee.

She has been to Paris, Korea, Cancun, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona! The place she would love to travel is Italy! Let’s hope she can check that off her bucket list!

Jayhee’s favorite color is teal.

Jayhee as well in her freetime loves to bake.

“It is fun to see the outcome of the treat!” said Jayhee.

Her favorite things to bake are cookies and cupcakes. Yummmm!

Jayhee also enjoys making slime. “It’s just so satisfying!” said Jayhee.

One of her favorite slimes to make is butter slime!

Catch Jayhee traveling, making slime, or baking and ask her some questions. She’s a very nice and interesting person!

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Bump, Set, and Spike With Kaylyn!


By Amber K.

Everyone has talents or special hobbies that they love to do. It’s just that some of their talents are hidden. Well, Kaylyn C. loves to do volleyball.

Kaylyn C. is a sixth grader at Richardson Middle School. She has been playing for about three years. Though she hasn’t played very long, her passion for volleyball is bigger than anyone else’s. She has played on four teams for Lomita Parks and Torrance Parks, and she has attended many volleyball camps.

I asked Kaylyn to give me some tips, and this is what she said.

1.“For beginners, you have to first make sure you have a comfortable grip. Make sure that when you hit the ball, you can easily bump it over the net.”
2. “Remember to move your feet and to be aggressive. Don’t be scared of the ball!”
3. “Have a sturdy and flat platform. A platform is the area near your wrist. Your platform is the place where you want the ball to hit.”
4. “Remember to be loud and to always call mine, or I go!”
5. “Have power in your hands so you can easily bump or set anytime.”IMG_0536

Kaylyn’s favorite thing to do in volleyball is serving. She can easily do underhand serves, but she is still working on overhand serves. She says that she likes to get her anger or any other emotions out when she hits the ball. Kaylyn said that she loves volleyball because its so fun and that it’s so different than the other sports she has played before.

She hopes to play for a long time and can’t wait for the Torrance Parks volleyball to start. If you need to know some tips for volleyball, Kaylyn is the person to ask! She hopes that she will see you try volleyball!

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Cheer For The USA Team In The 2018 Winter Olympics

Winter olympics

By Luke C.

Swish, swish.  That will be the sound of the skis coming down the slopes of South Korea’s mountains in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.  But what is this event exactly?  

The Winter Olympics are a collection of winter sports that happen every four years in a city designated by the International Olympic Committee, or IOC.  The sports are Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short Track Speed Skating, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboard, and Speed Skating (different from Short Track Speed Skating).

PyeongChang is a city in the Gangwon province of South Korea, which is in the northeast corner of the nation and is home to multiple ski resorts, due to its mountainous terrain.

The site for the 2018 Winter Olympics was chosen on July 6, 2011, by the IOC and a majority of votes, or 63 out of 95 total votes.  It was chosen over Munich, Germany (25 votes) and Annecy, France (7 votes).

The games will be at two main clusters, one in PyeongChang, near the mountains.  The other is at Gangneung, near the coast.

There will be many new and returning athletes, including Chloe Kim, 17 in the Snowboard competition.  She is the youngest member of team USA, and was also the youngest woman to land back to back 1080s, or three full spins.  Another is Ole Einar Bjørndalen of Norway in the Biathlon competition.

88 nations will be competing.  However, Russia is banned from competing, due to a government-sponsored doping scandal.  Russian athletes who have passed the test, however, will be able to compete, just under the Olympic flag.

The games start from Thursday, February 8 and will end on Sunday, February 25, with the opening ceremonies on February 9 and the curling competitions starting on the 8th.  NBC Sports and internet platforms will live stream all of the events, so you don’t have to worry about timed delays.

So to all of the athletes participating in this year’s Winter Olympics, we congratulate your dedication to your respective sport.  Team USA, we will be rooting for you!

For more information, go to


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Get To Know Karina: “Three Things I Love To Do”


By Karina F.

I have many favorite things to do in my free time. But these are some of the activities I enjoy the most!

One of my favorite things to do is volleyball. It is so exciting on the court! Volleyball is hands down my favorite sport. I am the setter on my volleyball team for BCVC. There is nothing I would rather do than being on the court with my team!

Something I love to do in my free time is arts and crafts! Expressing yourself in such a way, is really unique. Art is like my imagination, I can do anything. Sky’s the limit when it comes to creating something truly your own. Crafts are perfect to reuse old items and give them a new start. With crafts you can create new things, and be completely creative with it!

The thing that can always make me smile is hanging out with my friends. Whether it is going to the movies, beach, or just hanging out at home, it is so fun to hang out with some very special people. My friends can always cheer me up, and are so fun to spend time with! 

These were only some of the things I love to do. Spend this Valentine’s Day spending time doing all the other things your family, or friends love to do as well!

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Winter X Games To Be Held


By Elliot L.

The Winter X Games are annual extreme sports event held by ESPN since 2002. They will be held from January 25th to January 28th. This year the location of the Winter X Games will be in Buttermilk, Colorado. Every year about 200 top level athletes from all around the world come to compete.

Both male and female travel from every corner of the world to compete in the X Games.

These games will feature snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, and snow biking.

Some of the competitors to look for are Jamie Anderson, one of the best snowboarders. Tucker Hibbert who is the greatest rider in Snowcross history with 10XG gold medals. And Chloe Kim, she is the only women ever to land a 1080 in the Winter X Games.

Now for what everyone cares about, the prize money. This year the Winter X Games are giving out 3 million dollars total. After ongoing discussions with various women’s sports organizations; ESPN announced monday that  equal prize money will be given to men and women.

Good luck to all the athletes competing in the 2018 Winter X Games!

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What Does Smoking Really Do To Your Body?


By Samara SN.

Did you know that more than one billion people in the world smoke? It is true more and more people are turning to smoking. Now that smoking is legal, more than 80% of our people are doing it.

When people smoke, the air that goes into your lungs can actually cause lung cancer. More than 84% of people die of lung cancer from smoking. When people inhale smoke, their lungs and airways get irritated and inflamed. The cause of this narrows and reduces airflows making it harder for people to breath. Even two or three cigarettes can make a change in people’s lungs. Only the little amount can cause coughing and irritation in breathing. It can also change regular cells into cancer cells by just one breath.

Smoking doesn’t just affect people’s lungs, but it also affects people’s mouths. When smoke is inhaled, not only can it cause disease but some of the infection that it causes can be fatal. Smoking can also lead to tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss, and in more severe cases mouth cancer. Unfortunately, many people who smoke do not know this and can easily mess up their mouths.

Our skin is the most important organ in our bodies. Without it, no one would be able to live. That is why we need to take care of ourselves by not smoking. What many people don’t know is cigarettes contains carbon monoxide which displaces the oxygen in your skin, and nicotine, which reduces blood flow. This will make your skin dry and discolored. Smoking also consumes many nutrients, including vitamin C, which helps repair and protect damaged skin.

People should not smoke. Help to encourage others to stop.          



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Student Perspective: How To Get Rid Of A Cold

Cold 2

By Jodi Y.

Colds are very common these days and unfortunately there is no exact cure for a common cold.  Most colds will go away within 3-5 days. Here are some natural home remedies.

Step one: Drink plenty of warm fluids to help loosen the secretions in your sinuses, so that your mucus flows more freely, making you feel better faster. Studies show that drinking warm fluids relieves cold symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, and fatigue.

Step two: When blowing your nose, blow your nose softly. This allows you to get rid of mucus, without building pressure. If you do feel like there is a wall in your nose, not allowing you to breathe, that’s the pressure built up in your nose. If this happens don’t blow your nose further. Get some salt water and breathe it in.

Step three: Eat raw honey. Honey contains anti-viral properties that can strengthen your immune system. If you mix some honey, hot water, and some lemon, you can help soothe your sore throats and soft coughs.

Step four: To get rid of a scratchy throat, gargle some salt water.

Quick Tip: Stay hydrated. Get lots of rest. Know when to see a doctor.

Remember, stay hydrated, get sleep, and always wash your hands. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.  

Source:  WikiHow

Editor’s Note- Disclaimer-Please see a doctor if your symptoms persist.  We only offer information here but are not in the medical field.  

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Is Why Don’t We The Next Big Singing Group?


By Kristina J.

Have you heard of the new band Why Don’t We? I know I have! In case you didn’t know I am a huge fan of Why Don’t We! I’m sure when you hear their music you will be too.

There are five members of Why Don’t We. There is Zach who is sixteen, Jack who is eighteen, Daniel who is also eighteen, Jonah who is nineteen, and Corbyn who is also nineteen. Yes, Zach is the baby of the group.

It is only the middle of their second year as a band, and they have had two songs on the radio already. Those songs are These Girls and Something Different, both played on Kiss FM and Radio Disney.

Even though Why Don’t We is in the middle of their second year as a band, doesn’t mean that they have not gone far. They went on the Jingle Ball Tour, with other artist like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Camilla Cabello. I wonder how it must feel to not even be a band for three years and already go on the Jingle Ball Tour with all those amazing people.

They have five Ep’s and one single, they are also releasing a full blown album soon. By the way an Ep is basically a album, but with less songs. The five Ep’s are Only The Beginning, Something Different, Why Don’t We Just, Invitation, and  A Why Don’t We Christmas. Their single is These Girls, one of the songs on the radio.

So far Why Don’t We have been interviewed by a lot of popular stations and websites such as MTV, Billboard, and the People show. They have played a song or two at all their interviews.

If you didn’t know already, pretty much all bands need to live together with their manager in the same house because of how much time they spend together. They used to live with their manager, but now they live with and only with each other. The reason for this is because, when they lived with their manager, they were not aloud upstairs. Now, with their own house, they can do anything they want.

It can get very scrunched in their two story house. Zach, Jonah, and Corbyn all share a room and Jack and Daniel share a room. The reason for this is because Jack and Daniel have OCD, so they need everything perfect. Zach, Jonah, and Corbyn could care less about how clean their room is. The funny part is, Daniel and Jack have a bigger room than Zach, Jonah, and Corbyn. Why does the bigger room go to two people and the smaller room go to three people. To be honest, I really don’t know. I honestly don’t think they know either.

Why Don’t We will be going on their Invitation Tour soon. I am actually going to one of their concerts with VIP tickets! I am very excited to meet them and see them perform. Unfortunately the concert isn’t until March. Fortunately, I have enough time to make a beautiful poster.

If you do want to listen to them, I would recommend you listen to Taking You, These Girls, Nobody Gotta Know, or Something Different because those are their top four most popular songs. I bet if you listen to one of their songs, than you will like them as much as I do!

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Where Do You Sit At Lunch?


By Karina F.

Students at RMS have migrated from hallways to eating in the cafeteria due to littering. Students have not been throwing away trash, therefore, going to eat in the cafeteria where there is less trash. The cafeteria provides seats, and some room for everyone to sit and eat with their friends.

Many students at RMS agree and disagree with the fact of having to eat in the cafeteria.

Sixth grader at RMS Emily D. agrees, and enjoys sitting in the cafeteria, “ I like sitting in the cafeteria because of the comfy seats, and provides more shade.”

SeventhIMG_1460 grader, Annabelle H. does not like to sit in the cafeteria, “It’s too crowded and not enough room for me to sit.”

Teacher at RMS Ms. Markovich agrees with the fact of kids sitting in the cafeteria, “It is definitely quieter then when kids would sit outside of my classroom.”

Whether you buy or bring lunch, also affects the way students feel about sitting in the cafeteria. When you buy lunch, you are already in the cafeteria, but when you bring, you walk out of your classroom and are already outside.  The cafeteria would be filled already with a bunch of students who have bought, which does not leave enough room for students to sit with their friends.

Sitting on the ground provides more room for students and their friends. But the cafeteria has tables, where you can sit on seats and eat on a table. Having to eat in the cafeteria all began with littering and not throwing away our trash. Always remember to throw away your trash, to help our school environment improve and grow.

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Did You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year Resolution

By Skye R.

For some people new years is just a way to start over or turn over a new leaf, but some people try to improve mistakes that they made last year. Most people struggle with coming up with new things to accomplish in the new year, so lucky for you I have a whole list of ideas for ages 10-80!

  1. To get organized! This idea can be easy but also can be tricky if you have a hard time focusing. My first tip is to set a date to organize your room or whole house! Make sure you don’t keep cancelling your plans and get to it! Second make sure you aren’t stressed with anything so another tip is to listen to music while you are doing it! Next, watch a video or two on how to get organized to get the idea of what to do! Lastly, stop procrastinating! If you procrastinate you will never be able to reach any goal!
  1. Get in shape! You can get started by going to the gym, running, or eating healthier foods! My first tip is get a little hand held blender and blend away! Kale, avocado, spinach, you can barely taste it! My second tip is try to get as much sleep as you can, this doesn’t mean to sleep in but try to go to bed at a reasonable hour. My last tip is try to wake up earlier and go to the gym in the morning! It is proven to wake you up so you can be ready to take on the day.
  1. Meet new people! Getting more/new friends can never hurt especially when they push you to try new things! For example a friend can push you to try octopus or some crazy food like that!
  1. Going along with getting in shape is sleep! Sleep is very important because it can affect your health if you don’t get enough of it.

Sixth grader Karina F. gets eleven hours of sleep. “ I have to get up early in the morning to go to school and I don’t want to be tired throughout the day,” says Karina F.

Almost all of her friends agree with her on going to bed early, but some struggle with it.

  1. For my last idea I decided to ask a couple friends on what their new year’s resolutions are going to be this year.

“I want to go on my phone less, practice piano more, and get more sleep,” says Emily D. Most people at RMS are on their phone a lot and I think we also all need to practice staying off electronics for a little.

“I want to get good grades and also go to sleep earlier,” says Amber K. Sleeping earlier like a said can be a struggle for a lot of us but a tip for that is if you like to sleep in dead silence I recommend earbuds. Or if you need white noise either get an app or a machine!

“ I want to make my overhand volleyball serve because I am almost there!” says Karina F. Like a lot of us were almost reaching a goal but if it goes wrong we usually don’t strive to finish it, but should. It is a relieve to reach a goal I recommend practicing everyday to get there.

“I want to eat less junk food and to eat more healthy food!” says Marina M. I am reading a book now on what we consume junk food wise and think it would be a great idea for everyone to try watching the calories or sugar you consume to help you start.

I  hope I helped you with some fresh ideas to start of the new year on the right foot!

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Teachers Make A Wish List For Classroom Supplies

Editor’s Note- Mr. Lyne’s Wish List was attached to another teacher’s when this first was published and it did not show up properly in the Richardson Rattler.  We apologize.  


Teacher WishBy Mercy C.

Have you ever imagined what a classroom would look like without the things teachers bring in? The school provides chairs, desks, and whiteboards. The rest the teachers bring in to decorate the room or help you soak up information better. Next time you walk into a classroom, imagine what it would look like, or be without the things teachers buy to make your learning experience better. Help your teachers and donate to them to help them out.


Tissue, Whiteboard Erasers (plastic), and Wipes, 


Band- aids, Kleenex, and Yoga Balls


Colored markers, Colored Pencils, Tissues, and a Rolling Whiteboard (2-sided)


Ipad tripod, and Band-aids


Bright, Neon Colored Copy Paper, Water-based Non-permanent Markers-Bold and Fine-Colorful, Clorox Wipes, Highlighters, Colored File Folders-(Letter Size) Hanging and File (Inside)


Expo Markers (preferably thin), Kleenex, Paper Towels, Glue Sticks, Wipes


Tissue, Nitrile Exam Gloves-Variety of sizes, Paper Towels, and Newspaper


Highlighters, Marker/Colored Pencils, and Books for our classroom library (gently used books are fine too)


Donorschoose Donations, D Batteries, Vacuum Bell Jar (Jar, Vacuum Pump, Bell), Styrofoam balls of various sizes, Hot Glue Gun and Glue, DC Motors, Slinkis and a Multimeter


Tissues, Black Expo Markers, and an Electric Pencil Sharpener

Pearlman and Arnold

Yoga Balls, Beatrice and Virgil By Yann Martel, The Bannister We Are All Looking For By Thi Diem Thuy Le, and 2 gb Thumb/Flash Drive


Sets of drill bits by 64ths, Adjustable Tri-Squares, Coping Saws, 2by45, Makita 900 9.6v 1.3 ah Batteries, Combo VCR/DVD Players, and Mac G5 Intel Computers


Inexpensive raffle prizes- toys, snacks, etc., Tissue Boxes, Pencils/Erasers, Disinfect Wipes, and Pencil Sharpeners


AA Batteries/ D Batteries,  and Plastic/ Paper Cups


Electric Pencil Sharpener, Heavy Duty Hole Puncher, Heavy Duty Stapler, Kleenex, and Cleaning Wipes


Tissue,Lysol Wipes, Swiffer Duster, Air fresheners and Paper towels


Boxes of Tissue, Hand Sanitizer Bottles, and Lysol Disinfectant Spray

All donations are greatly appreciated by the teachers and

the students who use them.  

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Poetry Corner: New Years

New Year

By Amber K.

“3, 2, 1!”

The fun has just begun!

A new year, a new start

Enter 2018 with an open mind, an open heart.


Last year’s hardships may have tore you apart,

but this year’s joy can mend those scars.

New chances, new dreams

New you, new me.


Take every chance,

Don’t look back, not even a glance.

Reach high for your goals,

No one can control,

who you are, and what is your role


Just because you’re young,

or because you’re small,

Doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your dreams,

you can pursue them all!


So take this year,

make it great,

Because if you do,

you’ll have a great fate.

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Model UN Club Reaches State-wide

munpic (1)

By Luke C.

Do you want to be in a club where you can meet kids from all over the state?  Do you want to participate in a club where you can discuss current events?  Do you want to be in a club where you can have fun with your friends and skip school at the same time?  Well, then Model United Nations is just right for you!

Model UN was founded in 2001 by the California YMCA Youth and Government organization.  It was made to teach middle school students about the world and life skills in a fun way.  In the first year, there were only a few delegations, but as the years passed, the number grew to include over 1,000 students from all over the state.

Students, referred to as delegates are in a delegation set up by a nearby YMCA.  There, the delegates meet once a week to learn about the program and what they do.  About halfway through the year, the delegates are assigned a country to represent and a program area.  They will learn all they can about the country they are assigned to and they will make a poster to represent it.

In March, they will go to a California National Guard base called Camp Roberts in Paso Robles for a training conference.  There they will learn about the particular program area they are assigned to and meet their groups and set up for the Summit at the LAX Sheraton in May.  At the Summit, the delegates use their research and knowledge to find solutions to existing international problems.  

Many students who are in this program like it, and they come back year after year to participate.  Eighth Grader Ellie H. has been in the program for two years now, and she likes it a lot.

“I like MUN because you get to learn how the UN works and that you get to meet other people who have the same interests as you,” Ellie said.

If you want to join, just come to the meetings in room 3.  They are meeting every two weeks currently, and they are on 11/7, 11/21, and so on.  There, you can sign up and learn about the program.  But hurry.  There is a limited amount of spaces available! If debates and public speaking is your thing, then be sure to come join!

For more information, visit

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It All Adds Up


By Luke C.

You come into room 21 and see a bunch of students sitting around desks and trying to solve, as far as you can see, math problems that you have no clue about.  You ask Mr. Michael  Fujii, “What is this?”  And he replies “Math Club”.

So what is Math club?  The Richardson Middle School Math Competitions Club, or MC2, (get it?) is a club devoted to solving challenging math problems and going to national competitions to compete against other “mathletes”.

The math club consists of about 50 students.  There are three coaches, Mr. Fujii and two parent volunteers, Mrs. Lieu and Mrs. Oey.  The assistant coaches from South High are Brennan L., Chris L., Alvin K., and Jessica O.  They all are there to help students who are struggling with the math problems.

Many students participate in the American Mathematics Competition 8, (AMC 8), MathCounts and Noetic math competitions.  These competitions, especially the AMC 8 and MathCounts are very prestigious, and may get you very good points in your college applications.

A longtime “mathlete” and Math Club President, Ellie H., likes being in Math Club.

“I like Math Club because there are lots of people there to help you learn new things.  It also helps to challenge me. Getting to really understand and learn the different types of ways to solve problems is exciting!” Ellie said.

The club meets every Monday from 3-4 o’clock in room 21.  All students are welcome to come and see what solving math problems is all about.  And who knows, maybe you have a knack for solving them!

For more information, visit

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A Glance Into Visual Arts

By Marina M.

Visual arts is a fun elective for filming and acting.  This elective is held by Mr. Josh Buby in Room 16 for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

Aarushi M. and Olivia M. picked visual arts as their elective and they will tell us why they chose it…

“To be honest I don’t even know why I picked visual arts, but when I got into it, it helps you with overcoming stage fright and it helped me a lot.  I’m so glad I picked this elective,” said Aarushi.

Olivia agrees with Aarushi for choosing an elective on visual arts.

“I love to film.  I want to be an actress when I get older so this can help me,” said Olivia M.

How visual arts works is that Buby gives an assignment of a certain category.  A group of students pick a topic from that category and then make a storyboard, which are different scenes from the film organized in a certain order.  This process takes a month and a half.

After each group is done with there act and film, they each present in front of the whole class.  This gives you confidence to be in front of a crowd.

If you’re interested in this elective, try it out and see how you like it.  Maybe you will really enjoy filming and acting with your friends too.

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Video Games Bring Excitement To Gamers

images (1)

By Harry K.

Many middle schoolers nowadays have some kind of preference for the types of video or computer games they like to play.  There are a large variety to play from role playing games to Candy Crush. t]There are quite a few to play.  Although there many different genres that stick out, sports and shooting games are popular.

Sports games are more family-friendly than shooting games.  Also, there is almost a game for every type of sport.  Whether you like to play soccer or football, there is a game for you.  One of the most known producers for these games is EA Sports, one of their games is Fifa.  When taking a poll of middle schoolers 15 out of 25 of them liked sports games more.   

When speaking to an Dillon M. he told me why they liked sports games, “I like sports games because it is fun to play with your favorite players and favorite teams.”  

Playing with your favorite player or team makes the game more realistic.  In these games it allows you to jump into a world where you are someone else.  From a  world class fencer to a Nascar racer you can be anything!

Even though the majority of those polled liked sports games there was still a fair amount of people who like the shooting games.  Maybe it is the thrill of the action, the adrenaline running through your veins, or the competition of becoming number one.  

“The thrill of the moment is what I most like about these games,” said Elliot L. a sixth grader at RMS.  

Many kids at school have also said similar things where once they play shooting games, being in that moment where you have to fend for your life against the opposing, is the best part. To have the character striving for their life and trying to beat others before they beat you brings that excitement for the gamers.

Both genres of games are made for a certain type of person.  There is whole new world waiting for you.

Editor’s Note: See game ratings for those appropriate for your age.  

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Need A Last-Minute Gift? Make It Yourself

By Marina M.

Are you one of those people who don’t know what to get your friends and family this year?  You have to think of something quick, but you want it to be something thoughtful.  Well these DIYs are great presents for anyone and they are simple and easy to make.

This snow globe cookie jar is super cute to give as a gift.  This is a cute treat to give and you even get to bake some holiday goods.  You will need a thin paint brush, white paint, a clear jar, small plastic trinkets, gift tags, red ribbon, and any baking recipe you would like to put in your jar.Snowglobe

Use your clear jar and paint little white dots all over the paintbrush.  Wait till it dries.

  1. Place your baked treats in the bottom of the jar.
  2. Place your trinkets such as plastic reindeers and plastic forest trees on top of your cookies.
  3. Close the jar and tie the red ribbon.
  4. Put your gift tag and write a little note.
  5. Give your friend a special gift this holiday.

This DIY mint sugar scrub is good for your skin.  You need a few simple ingredients to make a basic sugar scrub, such as coconut oil, sugar, a peppermint oil extract for the scent, and green food coloring for the mint look.  For the packaging get a small jar and a cute Christmas ribbon of your choice.

  1. Microwave the coconut oil in a bowl for about 15-25 seconds
  2. Add sugar
  3. Add the peppermint extract
  4. Add a few drops of green food coloring
  5. Mix all together until you get a moist mint sugar scrub
  6. Put your sugar scrub in your jar
  7. Tie the ribbon around the jar
  8. Wash your skin with body wash
  9. Apply a small amount of sugar scrub on dry skin
  10. Massage in a circular motion
  11. Rinse well
  12. Enjoy your sugar scrub and have nuritent and healthy skin



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Santa Known Around The World

Santa around the world

By Katie S.

In the United States, children recognize ‘Santa Claus’ as the person who puts presents under their Christmas tree. But not everyone around the world has heard of Santa Claus. For example, in Britain there is a Father Christmas, in the Netherlands there is a Sinterklaas, and in France there is a Père Noël.  Each one of these Christmas figures has a story that is similar to but not exactly the same as Santa Claus’s.

Santa Claus, who you’ve probably all heard of, wears a fur-lined red outfit and a red hat. On Christmas Eve, Santa rides a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer to deliver presents to kids around the world. In return children usually leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus, and maybe some carrots for his reindeer. Santa lives in the North Pole, and his toys are made by elves. If you’re on Santa’s nice list you get presents, but if you’re on the naughty list you get coal.

Father Christmas from Britain looks similar to Santa Claus, but is dressed in a fur-lined green robe. He is otherwise the same as Santa Claus in almost every way.  

Sinterklaas is from the Netherlands, and is very different from Santa.  Sinterklaas lives in Spain rather than the North Pole, and leaves presents in kid’s shoes rather than under a Christmas tree. He also distributes presents on December 5th rather than on Christmas Eve. He arrives at the Netherlands on a steam boat, and from there travels around on a white horse called Amerigo.

Père Noël is the French version of Santa Claus. He delivers presents after evening mass on Christmas Eve, and puts treats in kid’s shoes or slippers rather than stockings. Instead of getting coal in their stockings as a punishment for being naughty, children will fear Le Père Fouettard, who follows Père Noël and has whips to beat badly behaved children.

In Nordic countries the original bringer of gifts was the Yule Goat.  But, the goat was later replaced by St. Nicholas, who dresses in grey clothes and a red hat.

Some other names for Santa Claus include: Papa Noel (Latin America), Babbo Natale (Italy),  Christkind (Austria), Ded Moroz (Russia), Hoteiosho (Japan), and  Dun Che Lao Ren (China).

If you want to know the name of Santa Claus in another country, this website lists the Santa Clauses in almost every part of the world:

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Do You Prefer Real Or Fake Trees?

By Katie S.

Many people at Richardson were asked the following questions…. These are the results.

TreesDo you prefer artificial or real Christmas trees?

54% said real. Many people who would rather have a real christmas tree claimed that they smell better and are more festive.  46% said artificial, mainly because they are allergic to real Christmas trees.  Artificial Christmas trees are also easier to maintain and last a long time.

Would you rather travel or stay home for Christmas?

64% said travel. One person who would rather travel said that they would travel only to see family, so that everything is familiar and still nice and cozy like it would be at home.  Many people who chose ‘travel’ also said that staying home would be boring. Only 36% said they would rather stay home. These people claimed that Christmas should be spent at home with your Christmas tree and your family, not in Hawaii or Paris in a hotel room.

Home AloneWhat is your favorite Christmas movie?

The top spot goes to Home Alone.  Out of all of the people interviewed, 42% chose this movie. I also personally recommend you watch it, it’s very funny!  In second place was Elf, with 25% of the votes. Some other movies students chose were How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks, The Night Before Christmas, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Do you agree with these choices?  Whether you have an artificial or real Christmas tree, or are staying home or traveling for Christmas, hopefully you can enjoy watching your favorite Christmas movie and decorate gingerbread houses or Christmas cookies this holiday season. The holidays are coming soon!

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RMS Students Have Talent

By Katie S. and Kristina J.

There are so many talented people at Richardson. So many people play sports, are talented artists, or are very smart. But some people, though, take their talents to the next level.

SevenIMG950447th grader Jamie H. is a very talented pianist. She is currently at level eight (and, if you don’t  know much about piano, reaching level eight is very hard to do) and she participates in many piano competitions. She wins most of them, by the way.  She has been playing piano since age four.

Sixth grader, Shay S., has been in several commercials. He has been in The 2015 Subaru Legacy Commercial, the commercial for Pizza Hut Big Flavor Dipper Pizza, Pizza Hut Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie commercial, and the commercial for Western and Southern Life.  It is really cool to know someone who is in four commercials!IMG950447 (1)

Sixth grader Nicole L. is very famous for her outstanding dancing.  Nicole knew she wanted to dance at age seven, and eventually got Awarded Hollywood Vibes Dancer Of The Year for 2017. Nicole also got interested in modeling and acting. Nicole is in the Youtube Red t.v. show “Hyperlinked” and was in “Dance-off Juniors.” You might also see her in Mackenzie Ziegler’s Music Video “Teamwork.”

Dance 1

Seventh grader Ava R. is an outstanding figure skater, and is a member of the South Bay Figure Skating Club.  She has been skating for a very long time, and has been in many competitions.  Over the years, Ava has won many figure skating competitions, and she says she has received around forty awards.  Her greatest accomplishment is winning a national figure skating competition.  Maybe someday we will even see her in the Winter Olympics!

FullSizeR (1)

Do you have any unique, outstanding talents?  Please tell someone on the journalism staff, and maybe your special talent will be featured in another article. Even better, you can sign up for the Talent Show, which is coming up in March!

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Girl Scouts Earn Silver Awards

By Ellie H.

As the holidays are coming up, we are preparing for big feasts and the sound of silver bells. But, the Girl Scout Troop in eighth grade are looking to forward to something else that’s silver, the Silver Award.

IMG_0649 (1)Celia G. an eighth grader at RMS says, “This award will be a huge milestone in our Girl scout term. It’s something that we can’t wait to accomplish! Having this award would be great for college and a great experience overall.”

This award is given to Girl Scouts who complete a project in their cadet year. This project must involve community service and fifty hours must be dedicated to this project. These girls have decided to focus their project on helping kids in our community.

These Girl Scouts plan on gaining this award by holding a donation for families in need during the holidays in our community. They have a wishlist with things such as nail polish, fidget spinners, princess toys, Nerf guns, and cooking games. These wish lists can be found in Mrs. Arnold’s and Mrs. Pearlman’s rooms.

Allison S. an eighth grader states, “We want to be able to help kids in our community because most of us are privileged and don’t appreciate it. We want the less fortunate to experience the same happiness and joy around this time of year we do.”

So, why pass the opportunity to be another kid’s santa and also help the Girl Scout Troop gain their award? That’s killing two birds with one stone! Be a kind soul this year and give to the less fortunate. Remember when you wanted a princess doll when you were little or that amazing nerf gun? Help make these kids’ dreams come true!

You must hurry if you want to donate. Donations are due this week and the troop will be giving out donuts next week to people who have donated gifts! Good luck to the troop!

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Use The Crosswalks Safely

By Luke C.

Have you ever noticed that some kids’ parents drop off their kids for school in the middle of the street in the morning?  This is dangerous for the kids, who can possibly be hit by an unwary car.

This might sound horrific, but it is true.  Parents are dropping their kids off in the middle of the street, crosswalks, and red zones, risking both the crossing guard and the kids’ lives.  This does not make the crossing guard, Security Guard William Beretta, happy.

“The best way to drop kids off is not in the street, crosswalk, or in red areas,” Beretta says.

Parents are not the only ones being unsafe to get to and from school.  Kids are also getting off on the wrong side of the car or jaywalking, which is the act of crossing a road illegally, risking getting hit by a car.  Many kids do this, and this is hazardous to them.

But how do you get to school without risking your life?  You can first get out of the car on the right (direction) side of the car if you are dropped off and convince your parents to drop you off next to the sidewalks.  If you walk or bike to and from school, you can use the crosswalks and sidewalks and not jaywalk.  If you use the crosswalks, you can also watch out for cars.

Your parents couIMG_0170ld safely and drop you off at the right areas and not in the previously mentioned areas, like the crosswalks.  They can also watch out for kids that are jaywalking to prevent those who jaywalk from being hit by cars.  They can also drop you off in front of the school on Nancy Lee Lane, and not on any other street to prevent us from crossing any streets and risking you getting hit by cars.

“It is safe if you get off on the right side of the car and in the right place.  Not in the crosswalks,” Beretta said.

Vice versa, you and your parents could do the same leaving school. Use the sidewalks, crosswalks, pick up in the right areas.  If you walk or bike from school, you can stay on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

If all of us act safe going to and from school we can help make the school environment more safe for all.

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Snowball Dance To Be Held On Friday, December 15th

Snowball dance

By Emily D.

RMS Leadership will be holding a dance this Friday called the Snowball! The theme is a Winter Wonderland, which is super cool and festive, so if you want to dress to match that would be recommended. To get into the dance you only need to pay $2! There will be a DJ, food, and loads of fun! I encourage you to go, and you should encourage your friends to go with you!

“It’s only two dollars! You can also hang out with your friends and listen to music at the same time!” said Sixth Grader Elliot L.

Others agree that it will be worth the money.

“You make really great memories with your friends!” said Sixth Grader Aarushi M.

You would definitely want to hang out with your friends and make some awesome memories, am I right? In case the cafeteria is getting too loud, sweaty, or you’re just hungry, head out back to get a snack. The food will definitely be amazing! There will be cookies, pizza, and much more.

If you want to request a song, just go up to the front of the cafeteria near the speakers and request a song! Make sure you write it below the person before you so the DJ doesn’t think he already did your song. Also make sure you buy your tickets! Leadership is in front of the cafeteria selling them at lunchtime.  Come join the fun!


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Flutists Perform At Barnes And Noble: RMS Book Fair Night


Photo By Principal Ian Drummond


Jodi C., Hannah W., Siah C., Hinata Y., and Jennifer C. 

Photo By Emily D.


Kate L., Mrs. Stacy Launius, and Mrs. Katie Doupe

Photo By Emily D.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support RMS at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair on December 12th. 

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RMS Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

By Amber K.

Richardson is getting into the holiday spirit!

Look around your classroom! Your classrooms are getting a little festive! Here are a few classrooms that are ready for the holidays!


Ms. Bezich’s classroom has fun and festive decorations all around the room! A bonus is that she has stuffed snowmen in her class! A fun little activity that Mrs. Bezich does is that each of her periods hide an Elf on the Shelf for the next period to find.

Mrs. Case’s room has a Christmas tree with bright lights in the front of the room. She also has mini Christmas trees on her shelves. Her love for flamingos shines through with her cute flamingo ornaments!


In Ms. Markovich’s classroom, it’s snowing! She has snowflakes against the wall and cute tinsel on her desk. There is a cute Santa Claus figure on her desk as well!

Ms. Arnold has Christmas lights all around the classroom. She also has paper snowflakes and paper trees against her walls.

“I think it’s cool how Ms. Arnold likes to have festivities in the classroom. She takes time from her school and job to decorate her classroom,” said Andrew Y.


Many people enjoy having decorations in their rooms to make them get into the holiday spirit. Remember to check out the cool decorations in these rooms!

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Holiday Decorating DIY Style

By Amber K. and Emily D.

DIY Christmas Decor

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! That’s right! It’s the season to decorate your house for the holidays! Here are some cheap DIY Christmas decor ideas!

Homey Gift- Wrap the best present, the door to a warm and cozy home! All you need is ribbon, and you just “wrap” the door. Some wrapping paper can add a cute touch too! Your “Home Sweet Home” is about to get a little sweeter!

Staircase Slide- Penguins are taking a visit at your home! Just get cotton and fake penguins. Glue penguins onto the cotton and lay it out onto your banister and you’re done. Now you can hang out with your penguin friends for the whole holiday season! *Note-This DIY can only be used on two-story houses.

Snowman refrigeratorRefrigerator Snowman- Don’t worry, this snowman will never melt! Cut out some black paper into circles, and stick it onto your fridge. The next step is decorate it with other colorful paper! Stay cool with this snowman!

Wine Glass Snowstorm- Grab your jackets because this DIY is super cool! You only need a candle, fake snow, mini Christmas trees, and a wine glass. Put a little bit of fake snow into it, maybe to fill about half of the glass, and flip it over.  Next, put a candle on the top, and then you are done! Now you can have a little bit of snow in LA!

We hope you learned some new DIYs and we hope you try them out! Happy Holiday!

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How Do You Get In The Holiday Spirit?

By Samara SN. and Kristina J.

Christmas is just around the corner and a lot of people are getting ready to decorate for the season. Now you would think that everyone would be worried about how their house looks on the outside, but you would be surprised on what answers we got from our classmates.

We interviewed some of our classmates on if they listen to Christmas songs around this holiday or not and here is what we found out. Most of the people that we interviewed said that they do listen to Christmas music. Some of the reasons were because they like to get in the Christmas spirit and listening to music is a very helpful factor to that. The people who answered no, said that listen to music could get old and after a while really boring. Also they rather spend their time more usefully and maybe decorate around their house.

We also asked others whChristmas Spiritether they get an artificial tree or if they get a real tree. The votes were really close, but most of the votes were that people get a real tree. The votes were only three off. The people who said that they like real trees, like real trees better because they love the smell of the tree or that is a tradition to always a real tree. The people who said that they like artificial trees better is because they are either allergic to it or a family is allergic to it. I don’t know about you, but I like real trees.

  The next thing that we interviewed people on was decorations. We asked them if they preferred to decorate inside or outside. Most of our classmates answered that they rather decorate inside then out. The reason for this is because it is not that kind of holiday where people decorate the outside of their house. Also, on Christmas people normally stay inside so we enjoy the decorations inside more.   


The last thing we asked others was if they had a special tradition. This is another answer that was close together. They were only three off! Seven people said that they do have a special family tradition. I know I do! My family and I always go up to Big Bear after Christmas. Four other people said that they do not have a tradition. They try not to make it too full out, their Christmas is always simple. The more simple, the less stressful.

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Get Into The Holiday Spirit

By Karina F.

This season is the time to relax, wrap presents, and dance around to all of our favorite Christmas songs. Christmas you can just not deny, is the most wonderful time of the year? Here are some of my all time things to do around the holidays.

One of my favorithot chocolatee things to do around Christmas, is relax, on the couch drink hot cocoa, and watch my  favorite Christmas movie.

Even Amber K. states, “It just makes me feels so warm and cozy, and definitely ready for the holidays! It is honestly the best time to just lay back, and let the Christmas spirit take over you. It makes my day, and gets me into the Christmas mood!”

One of the most common thing, but one of my favorites to around this time of year, is to go Christmas shopping! Buying gifts, and giving to the ones you love, really makes my day and the receiver’s day. Spreading Christmas joy lifts everyone’s head up and get excited about the holidays.

Let’s be real. Baking is life. Literally. Nothing is better than stirring up a pot of holiday cheer, and taking a bite of the most delicious cookies ever! Baking really makes Christmas sweet as ever! Having something sweet during the holidays definitely is a important part of getting ready for Christmas.

I hope you could relate to these Christmas activities and are excited for the holidays. Make sure to smile, relax, and have fun during the holidays.


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Do You Need Ideas For Gift Giving This Season?

GiftsBy Skye R.

For Christmas, how do you know what to buy, and for who? Well, if asking them isn’t your thing and you want to surprise them, then here are some ideas!

If your mom is stressed and you want to help her wind down and relax then a cheap way would be to give her massage coupons. How you make them is little pieces of paper and a marker. Then you write on them: for example, a 20 min massage or foot rub.

For a dad, a nice camping gift would be fun. For example, a Bear Grylls tent or fire starters. I got my dad a fire starter and a pocket knife last year, and now he is even more excited to go camping!

If you have a teen sister (trust me they don’t like anything) it can be tricky to choose an awesome gift that they will love. I got my sister a pair of super soft and comfortable pj’s. The Christmas gift has been taunting her for over a month now!

A super cute idea for Christmas morning is matching family pj’s! Even though they could be pretty expensive, you could use them for several years!

For more holiday ideas, use your creativity! For example, ask whoever you are getting the gift for what they like. And you might be able to DIY it so it could be cheaper! Make sure to get or make your gift soon before it is too late!

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Who Will Spend Their Winter Break in Dubai?

By Ellie H. and Sally M.

The cold and winter break are sneaking into our lives. There are people who want to spend this time at home, with family, gorging on food, and by the warm fireplace. Others, the more adventurous, go seeking for places filled with new experiences and get themselves a little frostbite from going outside. If you are one of these people, I have great places for you!

Yellowstone will answer all your wishes for a winter wonderland. Yellowstone is located in Wyoming and partly in Montana and Idaho. This is a national park filled with amazing geographical features that range from wildlife to erupting geysers. This park definitely changes as winter comes near.

In Yellowstone, temperatures drop to as low as the single digits (Weather Forecast). This changes the whole park. Snow starts to dust the little wild flowers, the back of the buffalo, bears begin to hibernate, steam rises from the lake in the morning, and fog covers the streets.

This amazing scenery really makes you appreciate winter and realize the beauty of nature. They also make a mean hot cocoa!

The wildlife here is an amazing reason why you should visit! Animals such as antelope, buffalo, wolves, bears, moose, elk, bison, otters, and foxes roam and often give the visitors a visit (U.S. National Park Service)! Being close to wildlife is not the only reason why you should spend your winter vacation here.

Yellowstone is also known for being a hot spot. What’s a hot spot? It’s where geysers, hot springs, and fumaroles can be found (Yellowstone National Park).They can be found here because a hot spot is where hot magma can be found closer to Earth’s surface, creating these amazing features (Merriam Webster).

old faithful

So grab some blankets and hot cocoa and watch Old Faithful, their most famous geyser erupt right in front of your eyes! You can find certain times once the geyser erupts at the nearest visitor center to be sure you won’t miss it (Yellowstone National Park).

Spend your winter break a step closer to nature. Spend it gazing at the stars, Spend it face to face with mother nature’s amazing creations. Yellowstone National Park, a place you have to visit at least once in your life.

Another great place to spend your winter break is Dubai. Dubai is a city located in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and gets to around 57-79℉ during winter. It’s a great place to go to go sightseeing, learn about their culture, and stay active.


A must-visit in Dubai during the winter is Burj Khalifa. Not only is it the tallest building in the world, the fog that piles up during the winter makes it seem as if you are standing in a cloud.

Another place to visit for sightseeing is Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. It is a beautiful mosque that offers a tours over an hour long, and is said to be the most photographed mosque in all of Dubai (Wikipedia).

If you also want to learn about Dubai’s history and culture, you should visit Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. It used to be the home of Dubai’s former ruler, but now it serves as a museum of Dubai’s history (Travel Triangle).

However, there are also things you can do in Dubai that will get your adrenaline rushing. What better way to spend your winter break than by free-falling over tree-shaped islands? Well, skydiving over Palm Jumeirah lets you do exactly that!

You can also go skiing at Ski Dubai Snowpark. It is the world’s largest indoor ski resort with 3,000 square meters (over 9800 square feet) that lets you ski, snowboard, zipline, and much more (The Play Mania).

So if you’re feeling adventurous this holiday season, pack up your bags and visit the cultural city of Dubai!

Both of these places are a great place to spend your winter vacation, and who knows? You might start traveling more!

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Why Recycle?

By Luke C.

You probably know about recycling.  It’s the yellow plastic bin in your classrooms, the huge recycling centers you see around town, or maybe even the small triangle on your plastic water bottle.  But why are they there?  What good does recycling do?

Recycling is defined from as “to treat or process used or waste materials so as to make suitable for reuse”.  This means to process used materials to make it able to be used again.  This process is done at recycling centers that do this process.


But what good does it do?  Well, they reduce the amount of materials being used.  According to, recycling is “part of an ethic of resource efficiency – of using products to their fullest potential”.  For example, if we always recycle used paper instead of cutting down trees to make paper, the air will be fresher since there will be more trees.  This will have a positive impact on the environment, since there will be more trees to filter the Carbon Dioxide out of the air.

Another good thing is that it reduces the amount of landfills.  According to, recycling “Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and combustion facilities”.  Landfills are where trash gets dumped into a huge hole in the ground.  When it all fills up, they dig another hole and start all over again.  This is not good for the environment, since they produce methane, which helps to speed up global warming 20 times as much as carbon dioxide and can cause serious health issues.

Recycling can also make you richer.  In California, for each plastic water, glass bottle, or can you recycle, you get five cents.  This might not seem much, but ten thousand of these gets you five hundred dollars.  Plus, each container gets you five cents more than a non-recycled one.

You don’t have to be near a recycling center to do this.  Most homes have a blue trash can that you are supposed to put recyclable materials inside.  This works exactly like a trash can, but that the materials that get put in it get recycled.  At school, instead of putting all of you lunch in the trash, you can sort it out between recycle, compost, and trash.

If we do this, we can help cut down our waste and make the environment more clean.

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Rattlesnake Rewards Store Opens

IMG_1381RMS students may earn Rattlesnake Rewards for Being Safe, Being Responsible, and/or Being Respectful. Rewards are yellow papers written out by adults on campus that may be kept until Tuesdays at lunch.  Tickets may be turned into Room 12 in exchange for prizes.  Students may redeem tickets for the following:

Pencil or eraser (1 Ticket)

Bookmark (2 Tickets)

Popsicle (3 Tickets)Snake gif

Chips (5 Tickets)

Food Certificate (5 Tickets)

Front Of The Line Pass (10 Tickets)

Mile Run (20 Tickets)

Extended Lunch (25 Tickets)

Are you earning Rattlesnake Reward tickets?  Don’t forget to save them to redeem your prizes on Tuesdays. 


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What To Do While Waiting For The Holidays To Arrive

Holidays twinkling lights

By Annabelle H.

December is already here! And we all know that waiting for that special Christmas morning is extremely agonizing, the anticipation rate growing higher and higher each day, making December feel tedious. Yet, I can fix that problem by giving you some time-killing projects and get you in the holiday spirit.

Do a Christmas countdown using advent calendars! Advent calendars are made with little doors/drawers that are labeled with the numbers 1-24. And for each day, you open the door for the corresponding day of December. Like if it’s December 1, you open the first door/drawer labeled one. Some have little treats inside or gift depending on your calendar. You can buy these at stores like Walmart or Target.

Bake Holiday treats, there are plenty you can make around Christmas time. You can incorporate snowmen, gingerbread people, Christmas trees, and many more Christmas themed stuff you can come up with. Look on Pinterest for inspiration or ideas. Maybe even decorate a gingerbread house while you’re at it. If you want, you can buy a kit from Target or Ralphs.

Plan a Christmas party with friends and family, if you’re on break, you’ll have plenty of time to do so. Send out invitations, look up recipes for food and treats, plan out games, and get decorations. It’s not a Christmas party without Christmas decorations. You can even do secret santa. It’s basically a gift exchange, where you pull out a name from a hat or bowl, and you have to buy a present for the person you picked, without them knowing. When the time comes for them to open the present, they have to guess who their present is from.

Decorate your house, on the outside and the inside. On the outside, use fun colored lights and hang em’ on a bush,  house, or a tree if you have one. Invite friends to help you out, it’s always more fun with friends. Use props as well, maybe a reindeer or an inflated snowman, just be festive. For the inside, you can incorporate fun pillows, ornaments, candles, a wreath, fake pine cones, stockings, use whatever you can get your hands on.

Watch Christmas movies! You can dig through streaming services like Netflix or Hulu and find some movies that you might like. And when you do find the perfect movie, drink some hot chocolate! Your Christmas won’t be complete without hot chocolate.

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Disneyland vs. Universal Studios

By Amber K.

“Whoo!” That’s the sound of people screaming on roller coasters. I just love amusement parks because of their rides and parades, and for the thrill. Disneyland is awesome, except Universal is cool, too! Which park do you like better? Let’s see if your choice is similar to the other peers.

I asked twenty-two people if they preferred Disneyland or Universal Studios. Disneyland had thirteen votes, and Universal Studios had nine votes. I was surprised by the results because Universal Studios has the new Harry Potter World.

“I love how Universal Studios has 4D rides, and they are a once in a lifetime experience. It’s so much better than Disneyland because Disneyland is overpriced and too crowded,” said Seventh Grader Dillon M.

Universal Studios

But Sixth Grader Karina F. thinks differently.

“I have loved Disney movies ever since I was little. It feels like I step into a Disney movie every time I go there. It’s always so magical there and I feel like the happiness is just so contagious,” said Karina.

Many people agree with Karina. People say that Disneyland has just always been part of their childhood, and that they love going there. They also say that the 3D and 4D rides are just not as thrilling as a real roller coaster. Another thing that people love is taking pictures with their favorite Disney characters.

Disneyland friends

In conclusion, Disneyland received more votes. But that doesn’t mean you have to go to Disneyland instead of Universal Studios. Everyone has their own interests! So go and have some fun at either one of these entertaining amusement parks!

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Do Playing With Legos Make You Smarter?

By Theodore N.

Parents usually say that studying and going to school will make you smarter, but did you know that playing with Legos makes you smarter too?  With colorful Lego bricks, an adult or child can develop their cognitive thinking, refining of fine motor skills, increase hand-eye coordination, and boost S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, engineering and math) skills.

Children with learning disabilities use Lego Therapy. This form of therapy consists of building with Legos to relieve stress and anxiety.

It is proven that when toddlers play with Legos, they have a bigger brain capacity, than toddlers that did not play with Legos at an early age.


Legos are not only toys, but they can be used as models on a professional level. In fact, MIT engineers use Legos frequently for small sized models.

Legos are also displayed in many museums. For example, the Original Legoland Museum educates visitors on the start of Lego, and how Lego is made. This museum is also is very similar to California’s Legoland, and even has a waterpark!  

Legos are not only a fun childhood toy but now can be used by adults and children alike, for playing and educational purposes.

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DIY Holiday Treats

Snowman cookie

By Emily D.

“Yummy!” my mother says as she takes a bite of my delicious strawberry Santa. Baking around the holidays can always be a hassle, especially for middle schoolers. Now I’m here to help you make some delicious treats for the holiday season!

  • Strawberry Santas? Cuteness overload! This is a super cute treat that only involves three ingredients! The first step is to slice a strawberry in half horizontally. Then cut off the leaves at the top and flip it over. Put a little dot of white icing on the tip of the strawberry and put two dots of black icing at the middle of the top half of the strawberry. Then put white icing to connect the two pieces of strawberry. Then you’re done! Ho-ho-ho!
  • Reindeer treats are essential, am I right? All you need is a brown-frosted cupcake, two mini pretzels, edible eyes, a mini cookie, and an M&M. Put the two mini pretzels at the top of the cupcake angling outward. Put the edible eyes in between them. Then below that put your small cookie and glue on (frost on) the M&M. Then you’re done!
  • Candy canes are probably the most well known Christmas treat, and I can understand why! They are so yummy, and so is this treat. All you need is two candy canes, a marshmallow, and melted chocolate. Break one of the candy canes into small crumbs. Dip the bottom half of the marshmallow into the melted chocolate and put the candy cane crumbs on the chocolate. Then stick the other candy cane through the top and you are done! Enjoy!
  • Come on guys, let’s build a snowman! Better yet, let’s eat a snowman! Even better, let’s eat a melted snowman! This is the cutest cookie ever. All you need is a blob-shaped cookie, a white chocolate Lindor, a black edible marker, a orange Starburst, and three green Starbursts. Mold each of the green Starbursts into balls and the orange Starburst into a cone shape. Use your edible marker to draw a face on the Lindor ball and put the cone on as the nose. Then put the three Starburst balls on the cookie and put the Lindor on the top of the cookie and you have your melted snowman! You can also add stick hands with the black frosting!

I hope you enjoyed these treats! I hope you try them soon.

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DIY Gifts For The Holidays

Christmas red

By Karina F.

The holidays are coming! We have to turn on our thinking minds, thoughtful hearts, and start stepping into the marvelous world of DIY!

Banners! A great way to dress up your room for Christmas is to line your walls with banners. Any string with Christmas charms on it will do! Maybe even get a long line of Christmas tree leaves to hang up along with ornaments on your wall! Christmas banners will definitely make your room awesome and fill you with joy for the holidays!

Christmas is the ultimate season to cuddle up and and chill. Some good ideas to do around the holidays are…

-make cookies

-watch movies

-decorate your room

-winter photoshoot

-dance around while rocking out to your favorite Christmas jam!

-do your nails holiday themed

This season is all about receiving and giving. It can be boring having a gift wrapped with a bow, so some good ideas are to wrap a present with a little note with a candy cane attached. Some other good ideas are to attach a little mint, mini Christmas charm, or a mini mistletoe.

Some good ideas for DIY Christmas gifts are….








-basket of goodies

I hope with these Christmas essentials your holidays will be extra special. Make sure to enjoy your time with your family, laugh and have fun! Merry Christmas!

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Poetry Corner: Fantasy Heart

By Karina F.

Flying away to some magical land

No worries in the way as we hit the sand

Looking this way and that, wandering around

No bells ringing except for the chirping bird sounds

A magical fantasy where everything is alright

Something besides the dark, someplace that is light

As I sit in the sand so close to you

This land was made for us, I for sure knew

Flying away like some type of Peter Pan

Into your smile and heart better than Neverland

Living in your heart is fantasy, and better in a pair

But as we begin to talk I am suddenly there

No one around except for me, you, and the moon

Every time when together, I am there with you

Being with you in the fantasy sight

Laying in your arms in Neverland, I suddenly knew that with you everything would be alright

The sunset and us sitting on the sand

I knew that if I were with you we are together in Neverland

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Rattlesnakes With A Remote: Looking For A Show?

By Dominic B.

Have you ever been trying to find something to watch on television, but just can’t decide? Well, the Richardson students have made it a lot easier.

I have made a top three list based on the students of Richardson’s opinions.

The number three show on the list is Spongebob Squarepants. This cartoon started in 1999 and follows the story of a talking sea sponge under the sea as he works at the Krusty Krab restaurant as a fry cook.


The second show on the list is Stranger Things. Released in 2016 on Netflix, it received a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes on both the first and second season. The first season follows a gang of kids as they search for their missing friend in the small town of Hawkins in the year 1984. Along the way they find monsters, and one strange kid.

Stranger things

The number one spot goes to The Flash. Starting in 2014, they are currently on their fourth season. This show follows the story of Barry Allen, A.K.A. The Flash, a human with the ability to run at impossible speeds chasing super villains in Central City.


The Flash

I hope this list helped you find an entertaining show to watch in your free time!

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Slime For All Styles

Slime supplies

By Karina F.

Slime has been a huge trend lately. Crunchy, butter, gloss, all are so fun to play with! They satisfy your urge to play with something and are so versatile! This article will describe some of the most popular slimes and what they feel like!

Normal Slime- Normal slime is a mix of water, glue, and borax. This slime is super stretchy, clicky and fun to play with.

Fluffy slime- Fluffy slime has a very thick texture and is very stretchy. It is heavy, soft, and makes great bubble pops!

Butter slime- Butter slime is made the same way as normal slime, but with clay added. This gives this slime a spreadable, soft, smooth, and super matte feeling!

Crunchy Slime- Crunchy slime has been really popular! It is a variety of foam beads, styrofoam, regular beads, etc.  These things are added in this slime to give it a nice crunch!

Candle slime- Candle slime is the same as regular slime and made with melted candle wax! It gives it an airy, super light feeling. It also has a soft texture, and smells so good!

Metallic Slime- Metallic slime has a great click and is so mesmerizing to look at! It shines, sparkles, and steals the slime spotlight by using nail pigment to color the slime!

Fishbowl Slime- Fishbowl slime has a very unique feel to it. It includes clear beads that are round and look like glass. They give an awesome crunch and add a lot to any slime!

Cloud Slime- Cloud slime is super soft, breaks apart, and feels just like a soft version of kinetic sand.

Iceberg slime- This slime is not ordinary slime. It is hard on the top and once crunched, it turns into slime.

These are all the trendy slimes lately! I hope you enjoyed this article and get into the slime making mood!

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Rattlesnakes At The Movies: Thor Ragnorak Review


By Andrew Y.  and Dillon M.

Many movies are came out in November but, in my and many other opinions Thor Ragnarok is the best so far.

It is packed with action and excitement that we do not see for most movies for years.

It’s everything you’d expect from a Marvel movie and more.

It’s jam-packed with adventure, a great storyline, and tons of humor, which is Marvel’s forte. It’s perfect for people who love and appreciate all things Marvel.

In this movie Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returned to Asgard after defeating Surtur. It turns out thatLoki , Thor’s brother, had taken the throne and casted their father, Odin, to Earth.

Sadly Odin, which lead to Hela Thor’s older sister to be released from the spell that Odin has put on her take. Asgard fell the the knees of Hela.

As Thor and Loki try to fight back Thor’s beloved hammer(Mjolnir) broke and left them both vulnerable to her attacks.

She sends them to the end of the universe, a planet full of trash that is governed by a person known as the Collector.

Unfortunately when Thor arrived cannibals tried to eat him, but the Valkyrie saves him and captures him to take him to their Grandmaster.

When he saw the Grandmaster, he also sees Loki who got lost in the in the universe when they tried to fight Hela.

As Thor tried to get Loki’s help, he refused. Next he got thrown into a cell, and the only way to get out was to fight the “Champion”.

When Thor was about to fight this Champion he saw that the collector was a Valkyrie from Asgard. The most fierce warriors to fight for Asgard.

As Thor tried to get her to help she refused to go back, because of the horrible memories she had when she last fought.

The person who traumatised her was Hela, before she was cursed. She lost a close friend and decided to run away from Asgard.

After Thor fought the Champion, which was the Hulk, brought Thor back so he wouldn’t be executed.

After everything relaxed, Thor decided that he will go back to Asgard to fight Hela, but he needed a team.

He got the Valkyrie to join them, as well as Loki and the Hulk.

When Thor returned to Asgard, he fought Hela as the rest of the team fought her army of zombie soldiers.

Hela was too powerful and he had to remember who he was, the god of thunder.  

She saw that he was powerful, but she was too. They had an epic battle of both gods fighting back and forth.

The plan was to let the evil force that Thor trapped in the beginning, Ragnarok.  Did he succeed?

Ragnarok was a action packed movie that I liked.

Did you like the movie?

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Help Spread Holiday Cheer


By Karina F.

We all know that Christmas time is about spreading cheer and giving. When you get gifts on Christmas, do you think about all the other people in the world that are not as fortunate as you and don’t get much, or don’t even have food to eat? Here are some great ideas to help spread holiday cheer for everyone near!

  • Presents- If you have any old toys you don’t use anymore, consider donating them to any local charity. You will be helping parents that can’t afford to purchase gifts for their children, and their kids will be very thankful to receive a couple toys for Christmas. You are recycling toys that can make a kid smile wide and make them very happy this holiday season.
  •  Food- Many people can’t afford food, especially around the holidays. Even a giving a
    little bit of food can make someone really happy this holiday season. Donate canned food
    to a local food drive. Even that’s enough to spread holiday cheer this season.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to make less fortunate people happy this season. It’s always important to think about others, and what they might want, besides yourself. Giving to people takes so little time and effort, it can make someone really happy this holiday season!

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Torrance Residents Attend Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot 2017By Luke C.

Thanksgiving Morning, in front of the Sam’s Club in Torrance.  There are thousands of people, all with a white tag in front of their running clothes.  The gun goes off and the runners start their 3-mile run.  This is the Torrance Turkey Trot.

For those of you who do not know about the Turkey Trot, it is an annual 3-mile run on Thanksgiving Morning hosted by the City of Torrance.  The run route is from the Sam’s Club, west on Skypark Drive, left on West 240th Street, then left on Madison Street and then right on Skypark again to the finish line near the Sam’s Club.  After the run, there is a raffle with prizes ranging from gift vouchers to even mountain bikes!  For all participants, there is a free commemorative T-shirt.

The run is currently in its 38th year, and it started in 1979 to honor Harry Sutter, a man who always wanted an annual 3-mile fun run in Torrance.  The city of Torrance soon granted his wish a few years after his death and even named it after him.  To this day, the run’s official name is the 38th Annual Harry Sutter Memorial Turkey Trot Fun Run.

This run is sponsored by companies and organizations like Village Runner, Torrance Refining company, and UFC gym.  Some of them help fund the run, some donated the raffle prizes, and some help out in the pre-run, like DJ Ozzie, who played the music and UFC Gym, who did the stretches.

The 2017 Turkey Trot is already over, but to sign up for next year’s, go to the link below and either sign up online or filling out a form and sending it by mail or turning it at the Torrance Recreational Services building.  If you sign up before October 10, 2018 you have to pay only $20, but after that date, you have to pay $30, and on the day of the trot, you have to pay $35 and there is a chance you might not be able to participate because of the limited slots available.

So thank you to the City of Torrance and all of the sponsors and I hope to see you next year on Thanksgiving morning at the Torrance Turkey Trot!

Turkey Trot 2017For more information, visit

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Student Perspective: Girls Take A Risk, Build Confidence

By Ellie H.

Look around. Now, how many girls do you see? Ok, now girls. All of us want to leave a footprint behind, am I right? All of us want to change the world in our own way. Leave our own impact on everyone’s lives. We have given ourselves a goal to accomplish in the future, and we have imagined our amazing, successful lives. Over and over again.

Whatever our dreams or goals are, all of us won’t be able to make them a reality.

Only one or even none of the girls is this room right now can accomplish their goals. But it’s not our fault. It’s the fault of our parents, the generations before them, and all of society. They are the ones who set certain expectations for us in life and these expectations affect you more than you think. According to a recent study held by Girl Guiding, girls between ages seven and twenty-one had decreasing levels of happiness and self confidence than five years ago due to certain expectations their parents have set for them.

This is causing less girls to find jobs in the STEM field.

This is causing young girls to feel as if they aren’t good enough.

This is causing less women representation in the whole entire world!

Now, I’m not here to place the blame on our parents. No. I’m here to propose a way to fix this. To get all the girls in this room their dream jobs and an equal chance at changing the world. It’s as simple as being more confident when applying for jobs, trying new things, or being not afraid to fail.  Confidence is hard to gain by yourself and as a girl who is afraid to try new things, I understand.

This is why we need to be given more chances to build self confidence or more opportunities to really test ourselves and learn the right way we should be facing our insecurities. It’s the government’s responsibility to provide funding for camps that can increase self confidence in young women, because our role in society is just as important as everyone else’s.

Now speaking of roles in society, what roles do women have? Well, you will find less women in STEM jobs, engineering, WEB developers, and computer research scientists. Why is that? Is it because we aren’t good enough? No. It’s because we are afraid to leap.

To leap and try to grab onto that monkey bar that we don’t know if we can reach. To leap and only find out that we’ll land flat on our stomachs once we can’t grasp that bar. To leap, and end up feeling like a loser once we fall.

This is what many women experience as they want to apply for jobs. They feel as if they aren’t “qualified enough” or “don’t meet the requirements”. Don’t believe me? Well, an HP report actually found out that  men will apply for a job if they meet at least 60% of the qualifications, while women only apply if they meet 100%. Now, this is a huge game changer! If us, women, don’t apply for more jobs, we are actually missing out on many opportunities where we may actually meet all the requirements and just don’t know it! And instead of chasing after our dream jobs, we are chasing an imaginary goal, perfection.

As a girl, I know most of us are taught to be perfect. In magazines, the models are perfect. In Disney movies, princesses are perfect.  We look at all these things society have given us and they all seem to point to one word, perfection. But, what is perfection? Perfection is the condition, state, or quality of  being free from flaws. Does that sound human to you?

So, if we are taught to be perfect all our lives, it makes us afraid to not be perfect. Afraid to be flawed. Afraid to be imperfect. Afraid to be…human.

But as women, we need to start to gain confidence instead of striving for perfection, an imaginary goal. Be able to reach out for that risky monkey bar once in awhile. To be bold, daring, and brave. Instead of restricting ourselves with modesty, with expectations, with the constant fear of failure. Do you know who can help change this mindset? Summer camps

Michael Brandwein, a noted speaker and consultant to the camp profession, said, “What makes camp a special community is its focus on celebrating effort. In this less pressured atmosphere, children learn more readily what positive things to say and to  do when they make mistakes and face challenges.”

So, you’re telling me we have these camps. These camps that promote teamwork, individuality, confidence, and passion. These camps that can transform a young woman into a confident member of society. These camps that can promote girls to change the whole world. But, we restrict them. We only let those who can afford it to realize that confidence is the key to everything, while the ones who can’t afford it can sit at homes with their self confidence shrinking every second that is wasted.

You know what the government is doing? I’ll tell you. They are cutting off an experience from young girls that can transform the way they act, think ,feel, and where they will be in the future. Imagine this, you have dough. That can be bent, be baked, and be manipulated into anything you want. But, if you don’t know how to bake, then you’re stuck with a lifeless, flavorless, and boring piece of dough. But, when given a recipe you can change this boring piece of dough into flavor bursting cakes, cupcakes, pizza, and things with so much potential. So, please.

Please, don’t restrict girls from being more capable than they think they are. Please, don’t take away their potential. Please, don’t restrict them to a boring piece of dough.

By solving this problem, more women will be able to get their dream jobs in the future. Instead of paying attention to impossible goals such as perfection, girls can learn to face their real goals. Girls can learn that confidence is the key to everything and actually be able to change the world. If the government really cares about their citizens, they should make sure that summer camps are affordable for young girls, to help increase their self confidence.

All young girls need are a little stool to help them realize that the jump towards the monkey bar isn’t really that far.

All young girls need is to take a risk in a little while.

All young girls need is confidence and with that, they can accomplish anything they desire.

 So, in the future. We can get our jobs, our amazing, successful lives. Reaching perfection won’t be a goal anymore. Whatever we want to do, can be done.

But for now. Only one girl will walk out of this room to get their dream job. Only one girl can make it to the top. Only one girl can live their amazing life. Only one girl can change the world. So government, are you going to change that?

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What Are You Thankful For This Year?


By Theodore N.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner we all should be thankful and appreciative that we are more fortunate than other people. Some people do not have a roof over their heads and a loving family. I asked the Journalism staff and teachers what are they thankful for, these are my results.


Katie S.-I am thankful for my friends and family and the wonderful teachers at Richardson.

Genesis O.-I am thankful for my family and that I have good health, and everyone supports me.

Alex P.-I am thankful for food.

Luke C.-I am thankful that I am living in a place that is safe and prosperous.

Kristina J.-I am thankful for my friends that I have,without them I wouldn’t be my funny self.

Samara SN.-I am thankful for my parents, my horseback riding teachers, and my friends.

Mery C.-I am thankful for my family and the fact that they are their for everybody who has assisted me in my life.

Jodi Y.-I am thankful for my family and of course my friends. They have always been there for me even when  I was a young child. My mom is the person who helped the most.

Ellie H.-I am very thankful for how my family has raised to be the person I am today. Without my friends and family, I honestly don’t know what I would do.

Sally M.-I am thankful for having such good people in my life. I do not know what I would do without them.

Marina M.-I am very  thankful for my family and friends. Having good health. Able to play sports. Having a house and food and drinks on my table. I do not know what I would do without my friends and family.

Elliot L.-I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for living in a nice place. I’m thankful for my friends too.

Dominic B.-I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my friends, I am thankful for being able to read.

Annabelle H.-I am thankful for my parents. Without them I would not  be playing soccer and have met my best friend. I would not had food water or a house without my parents.

Amber K.-I am thankful for my family,friends and shelter. I am thankful for food and water.

Emily D.-I am grateful that I have food to eat: because people in Africa do not have food to eat.

Karina F.-I am grateful for my amazing family and their support and provides.

Skye R.-I am grateful for where I live and the people around me.

thanks tree


Mr. Medrano-My students who bring joy to the classroom and work so hard every day.

Ms. Arnold-I am thankful for my friends, family and the opportunities I have been afforded.

Mrs. Beck-I am thankful for the awesome creative students I have the chance to teach every day.

Mrs. Bezich-I am thankful for wonderfully talented writers and a safe place to work.

Remember to always be thankful for what you possess.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Open Letter From The Music Department

Music notes 

Hello All,

It is my pleasure to invite you all to the upcoming performances for the Music Department. The music students appreciate you being able to come out and support them.

Performance #1 – Nov. 30th at the Torrance Memorial Holiday Festival 

                              5:30-6:00pm in the giant tent off of Skypark

                              Choir is the only group performing
Performance #2 – Dec. 6th at the Armstrong Theatre for the RMS Winter Concert
                              Jazz Band, Choir, Beginning Band and Advanced Band performing
                              Tickets are required for this event.  Please ask me for information. 
Performance #3 – Dec. 12th at Barnes & Noble for the PTSA Fundraiser
                              6:30pm and 7:15pm upstairs in the Fiction Section
                              RMS Flute Ensemble is the only group performing
Karrie Willett
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Poetry Corner: “What Thanksgiving Stands For”

Thanksgiving turk

By Kristina J.

Trust, what the Pilgrims had so many years ago

Harvest, the settlers learned to grow

America, the land in which we live

Nature and beauty which we live

Kindness, gentle words, thoughtful deeds

Smiles, the sunshine everyone needs

Gratitude…our blessings great and small

Ideas, letting wisdom grow tall

Voices, singing, laughing, always caring

Indians, who taught them about sharing

Neighbors, across the street, over the sea

Giving thanks, to make a better me

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Poetry Corner: “Broken”

By Karina F.

Why did everything have to be

Too beautiful and perfect for me too see

I should’ve known it was coming just as you were about to kneel

That everything was just too perfect to be close to real

I should’ve not even tried

But falling deep into your arms I simply could not resist those eyes

I knew it would not work out but I was enjoying it while it were to last

Just to turn around and stare at my heart shattered like glass

Your smile was contagious you were an disease

For our relationship to be magical then for you to fill with ease

You knew how to treat a women more than enough

So you could walk away and separate our love

It’s been a while now since I have seen you

I don’t know if you have changed and wished I had a clue

But now I am here ready to say goodbye

Remembering our love and those deep blue eyes

Sitting on the hilltop not knowing what to say

Except I love you, and wished it hadn’t turned out this way

It would’ve worked out if you still had cared

But as I look into your eyes I know you are still there


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Poetry Corner: “Seasons”

By Skye R.

As Halloween says goodbye

Lattes go away with the smell of pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving will come by

As fluffy birds soar high in the sky

Winter coats everywhere

While the smell of warm fire fills the air

Feeling the warmth of hot cocoa in your hand

While sitting on the beach for a bonfire in the sand

When Christmas comes by

You open presents from the big guy

As the end of the year says ,“hi”, and goes bye

Snow starts to fall from the sky

As it starts to heat up

It’s finally spring, come outside and wake up!

School comes to an end

With long beach days with your best friend

As the fall starts to come

You look forward to a good school outcome

The seasons are coming far or near

So jump outside, it is time to cheer!

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Poetry Corner: “Within Reach”

By Karina F.

The whole world is in your hands, and dreams within reach

All you have to do is try and believe

A world of harm and a world of beauty

With loving people, rude people, and opportunity

Some days are dark, some days light

But no matter what I will chase my dreams and fight

I will wipe my tears away and never look back

Except to learn and to look back at challenges I lack

Everything is possible as long as you try

I will reach for my dreams and never loose my spry

Your dreams might seem far away, and long out of reach

But the harder you work, they are closer than you think

Keep your chin up, there is nothing to lose

You have everything you need right in front of you

All you need is to be brave and have one big heart

And I promise you, this is just the start


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Student Perspective: Snapchat vs. Instagram

By Kristina J. and Alex P.

Snap vs. InstaWhich do you prefer? Instagram or Snapchat? Twenty people were asked the same exact question. Instagram or Snapchat, and the results were surprising when we compared them to our research.

When we asked twenty people which social media app they prefer, sixteen said they preferred Instagram and only four people said Snapchat. Let’s be honest, when you really think about it then it is not very shocking. But wait until you see what research said!

The results from the research we did were actually kind of interesting, Instagram is used monthly with twenty-three percent of people every month out of everyone who uses social media. But, that is not enough to beat Snapchat! Snapchat is also used on a monthly basis with twenty-four percent of usage each month.

Yes, we know that is not a very big difference. But, you would really think that Instagram would be used on a higher monthly basis especially since almost every time I go to a movie or a landmark like the Hollywood sign, you always see someone recording it for their story on Instagram, or maybe Snapchat. Especially at restaurants or ice cream places, when there ice cream just looks too good to not tell everyone about.

Let us know what your favorite one is. Instagram or Snapchat? We truly think both are great!

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Poll: Which Do You Prefer…Swimming In A Pool Or The Ocean?


By Kristina J.

Pool or Ocean? Which one do you like to swim in the most? Twenty-four people at Richardson were asked the same exact question. When I did some research I realized that the comparisons aren’t as close as I thought they would be.

Out of all twenty-four people who were asked which one they liked better, ten people voted for pools and fourteen people voted for ocean. You would think that more people would vote for pools because when you’re in the pool, you don’t have to stress about a shark coming after you.pool

The ten people who voted pool don’t hate oceans, they just would prefer a pool over an ocean. One person who voted pool said that they dislike the ocean because there is always a piece of seaweed that cuts them.

The fourteen people who voted ocean don’t hate pools, as I said before, they’d rather be in the ocean. SOceanomeone who voted ocean said that they like the ocean better because they like diving through the waves.

When I did the research the results were completely different!The votes for the pool where nine hundred five out of one thousand twenty-two. But, the votes for ocean where three hundred fifteen out of one thousand two hundred twenty. That is a five hundred ninety difference!

It is a little hard to determine whether a pool or an ocean is more popular. But, that doesn’t matter, all that matters is what you like and which one you prefer.  

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Pazaaz Your Room

Fairy light bedroom

By Karina F.

Let’s be real, we are in our rooms almost all the time. If you room doesn’t have sparkle or is super boring, this is the article to read!

Diy Banners! An awesome way to fill up any space on an empty wall is with a decorative banner. Make a banner out of paper in your favorite color, decorate, and you’re done! You’ve got yourself the coolest banner that is truly you!

Fairy Lights! Fairy lights have been huge lately, and I can imagine why! They are perfect to decorate the above of your bed, or anywhere in your room. They really pop and make your room super fun!

 Picture stop! Decorate your wall with your favorite memories! Print out cute pictures of you and your friends or your favorite thing in general, pin them on a line, hang them, and you can think of all those happy memories as soon as you walk into your room!

Sweet Spot! If you have an empty corner in your room and you just don’t know what to do with it, why not make it your relaxing area? Fold a blanket and lay it in the corner along with some pillows! The cutest area to fill up that space!

Tissue Flowers! Attention flower lovers, you are going to like this one! Make tissue paper flowers and hang the from you ceiling, or on the wall!

Marina M. a sixth grader said, “ Adding decor to your room makes it more creative, colorful, and adds a lot!”

I hope this gives you some ideas to decorate your room and make it even more enjoyable. With these ideas and a few days off for Thanksgiving, I hope you make your room your very own, happy place!



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Congratulations To The Students Of The Month

IMG_0784 (1)IMG_0782

We are proud of you! 

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Poetry Corner: “Grow Up”

By Karina F.

The wonderful times and so much to play

As interviews and work stands in our way

All those amazing memories we have stored and kept

Learning our life lessons step by step

No problems, so young, reckless and dumb

Now so independent, and for more success to come

You see the ones we love and ones that always had a special part

Will always own a place in your heart

You learn lessons from your childish deeds

Which now opens a successful path for you to lead

Once a little kid with one big heart, and always to reach

Strive for your goals, things you have learned you can now reteach

The fantasy land when everything is great

Now turns into the real world you must get it straight

Everything happens too fast, so be careful and don’t blink

The days go by so much faster than you think

Be happy, always smile, and enjoy things while they last

Because today is tomorrow’s past

Follow your dreams, never give up

Because in a blink of an eye you’ve already grown up.

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Let’s Go To The Movies

By Katie S.

Many good movies came out this year. If you don’t go to movie theaters a lot, maybe you haven’t seen them yet, but these movies are still definitely worth watching.

Wonder WomanWonder Woman


Rated PG-13. Rotten Tomatoes: 92%. Fantasy/Science fiction film.

If you haven’t already seen it, Wonder Woman is definitely worth watching. When an American pilot arrives on Princess Diana’s (Wonder Woman’s) isolated island, he informs her of the war raging in the outside world. Diana believes the evil god Ares is to blame for the conflict, and with the pilot sets out on a journey to find and defeat him to become Wonder Woman.

Play Trailer on YouTube:

Spider manSpider-Man: Homecoming


Rated PG-13. Rotten Tomatoes: 92%. Fantasy/Science fiction film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a fantastic Marvel movie. Fifteen-year-old Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, has extraordinary capabilities, but is struggling with keeping everything a secret. He is often in way over his head, but still he wants to save everyone he can in order to prove himself worthy of being part of the Avengers, while also keeping up with his live at high school.

Play trailer on YouTube:

ThorThor: Ragnarok


Rated PG-13. Rotten Tomatoes: 93%, Fantasy/ Science fiction film.

In this movie, the main character Thor, the god of thunder, is from Asgard. Once his father dies, his evil sister, the god of death, is unleashed from her prison. Now she is going to take control of Asgard, and probably destroy it and its people in the process. Thor knows he must stop her if his people are to survive. He teams up with the Hulk and several other people to battle his sister and save his race.

Play trailer on YouTube:

Star warsComing Soon!  Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Rated PG-13. Fantasy/Science fiction film.

Many people can’t wait to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is the second movie of a trilogy that began with Star wars: The Force Awakens. With the help of Luke Skywalker, main character Rey develops her newly discovered powers. The resistance, in the meantime, is preparing for battle against the First Order. The First Order are the people that hope to regain control over the galaxy and restore the Old Empire.

Play trailer on YouTube:


Hopefully you have time to enjoy these wonderful movies!

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